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Suzani and Ikat Pillows from HoonArts Fair Trade

Suzani and Ikat Pillows from HoonArts Fair Trade

Here’s another pillow cover combination
Ikat and Suzani. These are a couple of pillow covers from
a different artist and group called Ozara. They focus on very elaborate
embroidery work… He wrote back and said oh well the round pillows are not
decorative those are for forming flatbread. Traditionally Suzani refers to a
wall-sized tapestry,but Americans don’t typically decorate their walls with
small size tapestries so what they’ve done is they’ve taken the technique and
created modern products to appeal to modern buyers. Suzani comes from
the Persian word suzan which means needle so Suzani
refers to the large wall hangings and it also refers to the hand-made embroidery
technique the needle and thread embroidery technique.
Pretty much everybody in Central Asia uses the ikats made in Margilan, Uzbekistan.
They used to do ikat weaving in other parts of Central Asia including the Khujand area
skilled died off, but in Margilan it’s still a very
strong local craft so the ikats that are combined with the
Suzani embroidery is one of the unique
techniques that Armugon handicrafts uses.
All of our textile work is done by women mostly in remote rural villages the two main
textile groups that I work with are both reviving the traditional textile work
because during the Soviet period it was not encouraged and in fact it was
actually repressed and to bring it into the modern world they had to literally
search out the grandma and great grandmas who knew how to do the really intricate
beautiful embroidery and patchwork and bring them in to work with younger women.
Now these are a couple of pillow covers from a different artisan group called Ozara and
they focused their work on on the very elaborate
embroidery work very colorful and the Ozara group is the handicraft arm of the
National Association of Businesswomen of Tajikistan which is an organization that does
lots of work in different fields with women and entrepreneurship and they have a very
important presence in the country. Hoonarts is actually the fusion of the Tajik
word hoonar which means art or craft and the English
word arts and the name was selected to represent the fusion of the Tajik and American art which
reflects our mission which is to create a sustainable
market for handicrafts from Central Asia in the U.S.

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