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Sustainable Lamps Are Literally Grown From Mushrooms | Mashable

Sustainable Lamps Are Literally Grown From Mushrooms | Mashable

So I grow lamps from mushroom mycelium. Mycelium is basically the root structure of mushrooms. It’s rapidly regenerative. It’s basically nature’s glue. It’s a bunch of thread like hypha that bind and digest to natural substrates and cling on. When I was first researching this project, I came across Ecovative’s material. They’re a bio-materials company in upstate New York that actually manufacture the mushroom material. I took a look at this material and knew I
needed to work with it. The process includes taking natural byproduct from the agricultural industry, which is crop waste. It’s corn stock, seed husk. It’s all chopped up and it’s injected with liquid mushroom mycelium. So you have this mulch like material. I create custom, either 3D printed molds or custom molds to actually grow the lamp shades. So you’re hand packing this material into these molds and then it’s growing. It’s rapidly regenerative, so it doesn’t take a 100 years to reach maturity. Depending on the size of each lamp, it will grow about four to seven days. And then the next step is demolding it and letting it slowly dry and then heat it. People are asking questions like “Can I eat it?” and Um… Yes, you could. It would not test good at all. But that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve here. Something so natural you could eat it. We’re trying to really scale production to
make it more accessible for everyone. And really, you know, create an awareness. And to try to challenge and change people’s ideas of what our objects are made from. And get us a little more connected to our things.

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  1. What about the health? spores? posible problems with allergic ppl. Would it rot easily? how does it behave with high humidityor does it heat up easily?(depending on the type of light bulb it could get dangerous) ..

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