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Super Easy Peel and Stick Tile Removal | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #9

Super Easy Peel and Stick Tile Removal | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #9

Hey guys welcome to the homestead and to
our dining room again today we’re gonna be working in the center of the dining
room kind of the middle of the house the plan for today is to finish pulling up
the rest of the old sticky towels and to start replacing the next section of
three-quarter inch OSB flooring to continue putting the new floor down
yesterday while we happen to be working on the kitchen a little bit Sam’s
brother came over and tried to pull up a little bit of tile with us and he had a
genius idea he said if we could get our clothing iron and parchment paper it
would heat up the glue of the stickum dome tiles enough that we could pull
them up a lot easier and I have to say is pretty genius that works really well
so I put the temperature setting on as high as it would go on the iron and gave
it time to heat up believe it or not this is a lot quicker
than it went before I’d say that’s a winner you here is where it started hello we’re out in the outdoor kitchen
now and angela is cutting the two F whores to become the blocking for the
floor framing yes she knows how to use that tool I taught her you well the hardest part of this job was
done and I am super super glad but it’s never easy getting down on the floor and
doing all that blocking especially trying to fit the piece back here on the
living room wall I had to get pretty creative and if I say so myself my idea
actually worked pretty good I’ve never tried pre assembling the pieces like
that before so I got lucky all right well now it’s time to cut insulation and
put it down in between the floor joists and we had a couple of comments our last
video about insulating and not including our water lines with the insulation we
live in the southern part of the US and we don’t have extremely cold winters in
addition we have an insulated crawlspace our underpinning of the house I guess
it’s called underpinning is two and a half inch thick closed cell foam
sandwiched between fiberglass panels we have already done our bathroom and we
did the same kind of insulating steps and we’ve not had any problems with
freezing your issues back there at the end of the house so we’re not too
concerned with this part of the house that being said just because we’re doing
it this way don’t think or assume or just take it for granted that you can do
that same thing on your place if you’re doing a renovation do what you were
comfortable with because it’ll be you doing or paying for the water on repairs
all right let’s get insulating and get this thing done
it’ll be very careful of those will break the tongue off the edge alright I’m gonna help put on the sand
my foot all right so now we need to get the
tongue lined up in that group it’s in so one other thing about the floor if you
notice we staggered the joints or the ends of each plywood OSB board you’re
supposed to do that you’re supposed to do about half a sheet but we didn’t
really want to waste our the only sheet we had here at the house
so we did it a couple of feet off from the ends not perfect but still better
than not staggering at all well that’s it for that piece another day another
sheet of OSP down looks like we got what one maybe two 2:31 oh wow they’ve got
high really quickly I’ll count warning here one here okay I meant to make it to
the wall okay so one and a half to make it to the wall but two or three to
finish the dining room this one faster I think we’re getting the hang of it
definitely helps one out wherever they patched the floor with plywood and you
can just pull it up and not have to worry about all the particle board with
all the staples going through it and there’s a lot of wicker mm-hmm it didn’t
make it a big difference but you think the rest of the floor to the wall the
windows is plywood there’s a small part particle board
marghe I’m always wrong on some level but the secret any of you guys watching
is to just deal with it just know you’re gonna be wrong embrace the wrongness and
it’ll be all right thanks guys for watching with us hope you’ll tune in
next time do you buy hi see I’m like a motivational partner that you’re gonna
be abused pretty nerd deprived apprised okay you you

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  1. The other one that works but more messy but works great is boiling the jug and pouring boiling water over the top of the tiles or lino (score it first) the heat and water gets under the tiles and they come up nicely – blade like you have or a spade from the garden – it would have taken a few just fulls to sort it

  2. great idea even a hot gun would do the same trick keep it up and the remodeling is looking good keep it up and have a great day as well

  3. Well, Brudda Sam, I think I can safely say that you have now almost redeemed yourself from the dump truck incident. Soon you will cross that magic line and Sista Angela will end up owing you. When that not often experienced time of husbandly bliss comes your way, I suggest you propose to bring things back up to even stevens by asking her to bake you at least two completely overstuffed pies of your favorite flavor. And yes, video evidence of such pies much be shared with all current, and in my case, former husbands who happen to be subscribers of this channel so that we too can partake of the momentary joy you will feel until you once again screw up and do something you will totally owe her for. 😀

  4. Just a suggestion but instead of taking all the sticky tiles off couldn't you just take the ones off just on your cut line since you are putting down the new Sub floor. It could save a lot of time.

  5. I love your husband!!……l wish mine would embrace the wrong-ness! 😁 I'm not often wrong…. I'm humble too.😀 I do enjoy your sense of humour AND how well you both work together.

  6. It's pretty cool that you got the iron idea. Worked well, that's good. Who knew we'd end up ironing FLOORS?! Too funny. Love the outtakes at the end. Keep up the good work and good videos. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Thank you all for watching and commenting, it's greatly appreciated!
    Full Reno Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxVjeL1ZEeUpZYLRmwuHwjFSmSJ9Qo8vK
    Our Website, Blog and Online Store: https://greenacrehomestead.com

  8. That really is a lot faster, you've been working so hard on that. Hope you can find other little helpful hacks to make the job easier.:-):-):-)

  9. In my folks mobile, we put insulation all around the skirting. That helped but still had to wrap pipes next to the windward walls. Over here, at "The Southwind", everything is wrapped cuz zero insulation in downstairs walls. In winter, we have to heat the pumphouse :/ or no water in winter. Things are humming along over there…. I can't wait to see the next episode!

  10. Love this channel, you two make laugh, you brighten my day and get anxious to see the next video! Keep up the hard work it's looking really good. God bless this wonderful family and your channel!"♥️🙏

  11. You seem to work so well together….but, I'm sure that's because you 'embrace the wrongness' ..😅, such a cute giggle. Great work, Beth, UK

  12. You need to show your wife how to use a stop block so she doesn’t have to keep measuring for every cut. Or maybe she could look it up and show you 😀

  13. Definitely think i will be doing some blocking too esp around sliding glass doors and edge of wall area. I have a belly wrap under my home. Had weatherization come in bout 6 yrs. Ago.and they did insulation all over. Only thing im doin dif. Is putting down 1 in. real plywood as i hate osb board with a passion. Also painting 1 side with high gloss to keep even more protected so 1/2 in. Boards bottom paint is to ground and other 1/2 in. board is up to kitchen n living rm. N hallway. All screwed down. Lol 1 rm. Done 2 to go but this one is huge. 15×24..uggg.

  14. Just randomly watching your videos! Awesome trick with the iron and parchment paper! I'll be catching up with your other videos! TFS 🙂

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