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Summer & Spring  Fun Day Trips on a Travel Budget for Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Summer & Spring Fun Day Trips on a Travel Budget for Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones, I’m Heather and I’m
Bill. And when the weather gets warmer we really love to take a few day trips and
so what we decided to do was to share six of the ones that we absolutely love
to do and they all start in just a few seconds. So if you remember our fun list
and we love…I love the fun list…we usually do it in twelve month intervals
and we make sure we’re…you know you scheduled your oil changes right. Just
got that done. You schedule the dentist’s appointment. I just got that done. Got
tires done. What about the taxes? Taxes don’t even talk about that. With all of these
things that we have to do it’s really a good idea to write down some fun things.
So we thought with the warmer weather here we would share with you six of our
favorites that we like to do. And maybe you’ve got like a limited budget or
maybe you have limited time and these six jaunts they just really work into that
kind of scheduling. Right I think its perfect. Absolutely so anyway let’s get on with
the video and after you go on these little day trips they kind of feel like
a mini vacation don’t they. I love it. Come on let’s get on with it.
So our first fun trip would be to feel like you’re at a resort. And did you
know that in many of the major cities maybe even some of the towns too, some of
the hotels and motels allow you to take a day pass to go to the pool. And you know what it’s like what Heather says. It’s just it’s perfect. And
you know what? We usually go when it’s about 80 degrees. We do too. It’s just to
maximize it. You are out by a pool so you want to use it.
You know that you’ve got maybe a little bit of time so what we usually do is we
just speed up all the videos we have to do. All the podcasts…everything and make
sure we’ve got some time at least a few hours to relax and enjoy and we
get there…we probably get their about… what time do you think we usually get there?
Well you have to get there early and when I say early…for me and Heather that’s
probably around 10 a.m. Yeah because you want to get your spot so to speak. We’ve been there before…
it is like okay we’re standing this whole time. This isn’t gonna work out so
well. So there’s a little tip. That’s a great tip Bill. And the other thing you…..
it’s so wonderful when you get these lounge chairs because you start to feel
that grumblings and you’ve been swimming and enjoying yourself and the hotel we
like is right beside the lake. Oh it’s right beside a major lake and you can
just look out…there’s actually a little airport, you can watch the planes coming
in and landing and taking off. It’s just… it’s just awesome. Again it’s like being
at a resort and we just kind of you know go swimming and then fill the grumblings
in our tummy and we sort of say to each other you know time to have lunch and a
lot of times there’s a barbecue there. Yeah depending on where you go…the type
of hotel, a lot of them are of course rooftop. That’s what you want to look for.
You want to look for something of course that’s outside preferably if you can,
because then you’re getting the fresh air, you’re getting the benefit of
the pool. Make sure as Heather said that they have some type of food service
there and you can eat near the pool. That’s always nice too. I don’t know
if Heather was going to mention this but look for someplace where there could be
shade too. oh yeah because we we always …and sometimes they’ve got an indoor and
an outdoor pool and they’ve got the indoor part where they usually have the
hot tub. Sure and you can sort of stay indoors or
sometimes they have shaded areas but the other thing I like to order and I think
you do to are pina coladas. You know Heather…if you close your eyes
and you’re sipping on that pina colada…
absolutely…you’re down south somewhere, wherever you like to go, that’s where you
are until you open your eyes. I hope this first one is something that maybe
you haven’t thought about and it’s one of our favorite ones. Heather did you, did you
tell them about the cost or was I just not paying attention. Well the cost
isn’t as much as it would be for a room obvious for the day. So what does it
cost us? Honestly I think it’s going to be about a quarter of what they cost in the
hotel. And so for us, each of us was $45. Yeah and you know what? For a whole day
I thought it was beautiful. I mean obviously that doesn’t include food but
you get to use the pool and just relax, talk. It’s $45 it’s like the
price of admission to one of the amusement parks these days. So let’s get
to number two. So number two we just talked about hot tubs and one of the
things we love to do for a day and again make sure that your schedule is clear
for this sort of thing, is go to a day spa. And the day spa that we love it’s
got an indoor pool, it’s got everything kind of like what we just
mentioned except it’s got the benefit of the spa. So we get our massages and we
usually get those couple massages. You know in that fireplace room and he just
likes to get that rough kind of what do they call it…deep-tissue. Yeah I mean
everybody’s different you know whatever type of massage you want to get. Yeah and
also sometimes I take my daughters to…… I thought you were gonna say dog. Just going to say I take my daughters
and get their nails done or you know they get their massages and it’s just a
wonderful time but make sure you have a light lunch. Another key point for this
day trip. Have a light lunch because you don’t want to be…you know let’s say
you’re lying down for massage there’s nothing worse than being stuffed.
Yeah just eat like fruit, some vegetables and dips, maybe some
iced tea or something. I mean they do have that. They’ve got like a fruit bar
there where you can get the smoothie. You know that is……and the steam
room…yeah I love it. It’s all stuff you just can’t get at home or most of us
can’t anyways and and I know that a lot of the viewers here are over 50 so you
might actually want to check with your doctor for how long you can stay in a
steam room if you feel yourself you know your blood pressure is getting higher or
something along those lines get out. Because you know it’s not a it’s not a
long-term thing you just sort of get in there and you sweat and then yet you get
out again right. And if you’re enjoying this type of video and you’re not a
subscriber don’t forget to subscribe to us and if you’re on youtube there is
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Welcome to the community. And all of you other ones that have been with us
since day one or for a long time you know we love you guys you’re just so
amazing. So let’s go on to number three. And number three is we start scouring
the Internet we scour the newspapers you know you get those kind of local
newspaper over to the door and we’re looking for festivals. Yeah that’s a good
idea. What are some of our favorite festivals? Well we’ve been to the Jazz
Festival and we love that jazz festival. We get a little kooky…what?….kooky…oh I though you said
cookie. We wear our goofy hats and sunglasses and you know we just… it’s one of those situations where you
dance like nobody’s watching right? I have to make sure nobody’s watching. And
and there’s all kinds of amazing singers there like this is usually local talent
the bands. I mean you’re getting everything. It’s not just jazz – you’re
getting 50s music…I mean that’s what we we go to see but it could be a
blues festival, it could be you know a dog festival. Dog festival. There you can bring your own dog. Yeah you bring your own dog and Hurricane
absolutely loves it and it’s kind of a good thing you gotta watch out for some
of the big dogs as Hurricane’s very protective, but you know all these dogs
doing their tricks and grabbing the frisbees and that’s a lot of fun. The
other one I like to go to is the food truck festival. That’s really good –
yeah and what are some of the things that you like to eat when you go to the
food truck festival? Pretty well everything. I love
trying new foods and it always takes Heather to say no Bill I think you’re
gonna like this. I’m like no no I’m not gonna like that I can’t even
pronounce it. You like sushi. Well yeah Oh once I try these I go…you know what…I
like this. What about that big watermelon drink that I got. Right right you had
your cowboy hat on and your sunglasses and it was just so sunny and
hot. And it was made out of watermelon like the inside of the watermelon they
made it into this smoothie kind of drink and it was absolutely…it was so incredible
and refreshing and good for you and I think what I like to do…I think Bill’s
right…is a look at one of these trucks and at this truck festival they must
have 30…40 trucks there. Yeah, yeah and I might say you know what I’ve never tried
a diglydoo or whatever they’re calling some of these things and
and we’ll just try it out and we’re going to love it or we’re gonna hate it but at least we
know. Maybe it’s a kind of spicy thing that we’re going to go…okay we’re not
gonna go to that restaurant you know for a dinner because that’s really a little
too spicy and or maybe we’ll call them and see if they’ve got a mild version.
All of these festivals that you can find and a lot of them are like a day trip
where you actually have to go…remember the medieval festival? Yeah the medieval
festival. It was fun too and we had to go a little bit out of town but it still
was a day trip. And just to sum up on this one it doesn’t have to be a big
city that’s putting these on it could be a very small town and sometimes those
are wonderful. So that’s…so why don’t we hop onto number four now. Let’s do it.
So number four are… let’s… what are they going to be called…farm markets like the
farmer…oh farmers market. That’s what it is and right about now when the weather
is warmer there are all these farmers markets. And they…these guys they start at
three o’clock in the morning…well yeah… time to get their stuff…to get to where
they’re going and setting up. And a lot of them are local like they’re
in your city. You just have to look for them and these are hard-working farmers
or hard-working family entrepreneurs that are baking pies or you know picking
their fruit or their vegetables or maybe they’ve got…some of them have eggs some of
them have honey there’s all types of cheeses that you can…it’s just a
smorgasbord and they also have the indoor farmers market you know. I was gonna say
that you know depending on the weather or the time of year I guess…
there’s the indoor/outdoor. And well one thing I love about it is tasting…tasting
new food and again…especially the pasta ones… it’s Heather saying Bill you should try
this sauce and that pasta, she doesn’t sound like that I think I just raised
my voice there…but I say I don’t want to try it….. try it Bill you’ll love it. Yeah it
is just amazing. And the other good thing that we…you know it’s a long day
sometimes and you’re you’re running around and you’re getting these
vegetables and you’re getting this cheese that you’ve never tried and
you’re maybe getting a pie or some baked goods. There’s amazing baked goods
there but the other thing you’re doing that we do anyway…I mean I guess I’m
really getting hungry…..I need something to eat but anyway we will get
maybe the cabbage rolls or the pierogies or and a salad and we bring it all home.
And fresh bread and then we get home and it’s just like oh yeah dig
into this and we’ve just…we’ve got like two or three days of food with the
leftovers. Right oh yeah for sure. And talking about working off all of
that food let’s get to number five which is doing some exercise for a day trip.
What’s your favorite exercise and vehicle to get around in? Well I love
bike riding. Yeah and Bill…Bill has taught me to be a bike rider and his way
of bike riding in the beginning was way different than my bike riding. And oh by
the way we have a video on that so we’re just gonna put it up there or
there somewhere and you can see our bike riding video. On that one we…the
first time I saw Bill ride a bike he was going fast….I’m like hello down there.
And then I thought wow this is just not for me I’ve got to take it leisurely.
I’ve got to look at everything. I’m like a browser I’m looking at all the trees
and the birds. Oh there’s a bird over there. I’m also on my way to a
destination…usually it’s a coffee shop. You know Heather jokes but it is kind of true.
I love the destination bike rides too. Sometimes we’ll just go for a ride
early in the morning. We’ll stop at the coffee shop have a little danish or
something and then decide how do we feel…..do we want to continue on to another location so it’s nice to kind of have that
place to go to. And then the other place to go to and there’s a lot of great
parks that have forested area…is to go for a little hike. And we also did a
video on getting into nature and enjoy nature and again I’m gonna put that up
there for you. We like to do some hiking and I mean when you…there’s
something about getting out in nature isn’t there….oh I love it…
You’re breathing in that fresh air and remember the time I think we
drove for like a half a day to get there but we found this waterfall that was it
was only a hundred miles away we could get there in no time and we took all four
kids remember. I’m blocking it out. Hopefully you can find a waterfall or some
wonderful whatever close to you and then the third part of this one would be
walking. Yeah and we’re walkers. You know what? The best thing you can do for
yourself is walk. After this video we’re gonna go out for a nice leisurely walk.
It’s a beautiful day out there but we wanted to make sure we got our video
done for you guys. Oh can I…just before I go on to the next one Heather a little
tip here for the bike ride. You may not be really close to paths whether
they be paved bike paths…try get yourself some type of carrier to put on
to your vehicle to get to a place. I don’t always like riding right
in the city. It’s kind of dangerous and for hiking well obviously you’re
probably going to drive there or take transit and then hopefully you can park
nearby. So a little bit of tips like that. All right that sounds good. For the
walking don’t forget to wear your Fitbit. I’ll be wearing my Fitbit today and if
I’m at 999 steps we’re gonna keep on walking…all these fireworks and
everything on the watch and I really enjoy that. All
right so we’re at number six already. Wow where does time go. So at number six we’re
going to suggest that you find yourself a boat cruise and these boat cruises you
can find them on the lake, you can find them you know on a river cruise, on an ocean.
I mean if you’re lucky enough to be living near the ocean but there everywhere…
the river cruise that’s excellent. And a lot of them are just run by maybe
local people and or maybe you know you like fishing, we just enjoy
the cruises and sometimes these cruises like again I’m going to show this to you
because we did this too. I’m gonna put it up there. A sunset cruise. Yeah very nice.
And we just…and they had dancing and they had remember the buffet? Yeah Oh
wonderful. I mean you think to yourself okay boat
food right but it was really really good. Yeah they really do a good number on that. They out did
themselves on that one. And again we pick a beautiful day. We
were going to go on my actual birthday and it was raining all day and we just
looked at each other…like that was what the forecast was and we just looked at
each other and we saw that the next day was going to be beautiful and we
actually booked it the next day morning. Because you don’t want to go on a sunset
cruise and all you’re doing is getting drenched. I mean…it’s kind of
when you buy your tickets you’re stuck with the tickets. Yeah if you can do that
if you can book it almost last minute or day before that’s the best. Sometimes you
can’t because you’ve got to make sure you get in. Yeah so you know watch that
though make sure you know the weather is not going to be thunderstorms you want
to make it fun. And I love…I don’t know about you, I love the water.
By the way let us know in the comments what you like to do for a day trip because
we’re always looking for new things to do. Absolutely I mean there are certain
things that are specific to your area where you live in the world. Maybe
there’s scenic caves and it makes for a great day trip. Yeah tell us about that
I’d love to hear that. And the festivals too. I mean there’s probably some festivals out
there that you know we might never thought about and you might say oh I should try
this and maybe we’ll put it on another video.
Sure. So the one thing about traveling to a lot of these little day trip places is
you can’t bring your dogs….except for the dog festival. You know what when we
go hiking you gotta watch out for those little predator animals right,
because look at Hurricane. He’s the size of a gopher. And the heat too. Sometimes
you know…I know our dog doesn’t do well when it’s really really hot out if he’s
out for a long time. So we want to enjoy ourselves. Some me time and you
know there’s Bill and Hurricane time later and also Heather, Bill and Hurricane time…..
well the one thing about Bill is that he loves this dog and he does most of the
walks. He absolutely loves him. But wait a second where is the dog? Let’s
bring in the cuteness factor now. So now it’s time for the cutest factor. Our
little Hurricane and when Hurricane comes on to the scene he reminds us to
talk to you about upcoming videos. Let’s talk about some of the Tuesday
videos that we have coming up. One of them is with one of the natural wonders
of the world. So where are we going Bill? That sounds like Niagara Falls to me. So
we can’t wait until you tag along with us to Niagara Falls and there’s another
place really close by there……. Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s just beautiful.
It’s this little quaint town with horse and buggy rides and theater
and I can’t wait to show you that one. And talking about wonders of the world
there’s a man-made wonder of the world and it’s called the Eiffel Tower. So
we’re going to Paris? I think the only Eiffel Tower would
be a Paris. So we can’t wait to show you that video and it’s probably going
to be…..we’re going to London too. On the same trip. So we can’t wait for you guys to
tag along with us with that. But I haven’t forgotten about beauty and
fashion which is on a Friday. And for beauty and fashion we’re going to talk
about you know what kind of makeup to take on those trips
and how to pack it securely all that sort of thing. And it’s…oh and I’m…Bill
can’t wait for me to do this one. I’m going to be showing shape wear. Kind of puts me in a different light when you see me…oh yeah you wear that under there….. but anyway and undergarments. I’m going to be bringing that out for you and there’s a lot of other
reviews of makeup coming up so don’t forget all of those on the Friday. The one thing I always say is we only have so many summers and one of the
reasons that I say that is because I’ve been self-employed since I was 18 years
old and so many times I get so busy in the summertime working working working
and I had this deadline and then it would be September and I would go oh man
I just really missed the summer. I didn’t really do anything and I mean these
little day trips you can fit them in you certainly can. You can fit in six of them
and so just make sure now when we look when I look back in September it’s like
that was fun I really enjoyed that. Good point. I think the little thing that
I want to say to you just before we end this video is go ahead and eat more ice
cream. Go ahead and listen to the music and dance like no one is watching and
above all keep it awesome keep. Keep it awesome.

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