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Stylish & Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows & Patio Doors – Pella® 350 Series

Stylish & Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows & Patio Doors – Pella® 350 Series

Pella 350 Series has been purposefully
designed to give you a more beautiful looking product and a more premium look for your home,
inside and out. Gone are the unsightly corner welds
you see on many other vinyl window and door manufacturer’s products. Our exclusive
SmoothSeam welded corners are virtually invisible, yet strong and
durable — a feature that gives your home a more distinctive look than a typical
vinyl window or patio door. And we’ve added a robust frame profile that features a beveled edge, reminiscent
of that found on wood windows and patio doors. With Pella 350 Series vinyl windows and
patio doors, you have added design options to give
your home more style. Choose a dual color frame to blend
beautifully with your home inside and out. Your window or patio
door can be white on the interior and brown
on the exterior. The Pella DuraColor exterior finish protects the vinyl from softening or
fading caused by exposure to sunlight. In fact, this finish exceeds industry
standards for fade-resistance on brown exteriors, and you have the
option of grilles-between-the-glass that make glass cleaning easy. Or
simulated-divided-light grilles that create the realistic look of individual
window panes. Most vinyl windows and patio doors only
offer color matched hardware Pella 350 Series vinyl product are
available with today’s most popular metal hardware finishes. On Pella 350 Series patio doors you have the choice of shades or blinds
permanently sealed between the panes of insulating glass, where they stay protected from dust, allergens and damage. In fact, patio doors with ordinary room-side blinds, accumulate two hundred times more
of certain airborne allergens than Pella 350
Series vinyl patio doors with shades- or blinds-between-the-glass. So you’ll breathe healthier air inside your
home. When you choose shades- or blinds-between-the-glass energy-efficient Low-E insulating double
pane glass comes standard. This is a feature exclusive to Pella.

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