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Stunning Pasadena Condo on “Millionaire’s Row”

Stunning Pasadena Condo on “Millionaire’s Row”

– How many times have you
seen a Pasadena home or condo that’s described as stunning, when it’s actually
pretty average? (laughs) Well, you’re in for a treat today, because I’m selling a
condo on South Orange Grove that’s actually stunning,
and it’s going on the market for under a million dollars,
which I won’t be surprised if it gets snatched up quickly,
and at the end of the video, I’ll tell you a secret about the owner, and that’ll probably make it more clear about why this condo is so beautiful. But for now, let’s just go take a look. (upbeat music) Welcome to 776 South
Orange Grove, Unit 10. Come on in. So this is a really cool space, because it’s one of the
contemporary style units, and you step into this soaring living room where it’s got 12-foot ceiling, and it’s got this big mirror
to reflect the space here to make it even bigger. We have hardwood floors, gas fireplace. It’s such a cool entertainment space. What’s really awesome is
that the living room leads out to the patio area, and
out in this patio area, as you can see, this is
like a private sanctuary when you come from a day of work. It’s so private that you can
have your cup of tea tonight or wine (laughs), well not tonight, but when you buy the house, (laughs) then you can sit here and
unwind at the end of the day. This is really my favorite
space over on this side because as we go up to
the dining room area, if you have guests, this is
a great space to entertain, and it looks out to this
space that’s, you know, indoor/outdoor flow that goes beautifully. One of the coolest features that this condo has is the fountain. So as we’re sitting here
at the end of the day, waiting for your barbecue, you can listen to the water feature (water feature bubbles) entertain your guests, and waiting for the dinner to get ready. So these are all the
really really cool features that you don’t really see in
any other condos in the area. Now, the kitchen was
updated three years ago. The kitchen has quartz countertop. The white cabinets, these are all new, and top-of-the-line kitchen
appliances from KitchenAid. Here is another breakfast nook
area where you can look out, listen to the water feature, and all three doors are connected, so you really get that
indoor/outdoor flow, which makes the condo bigger than it is. So this is also really cool. You see how this is
actually a live plant here. It’s surviving because we’ve
got this beautiful skylight that’s just showered with
light inside the unit. To my right is the master bedroom. It’s such a cool space. You’ve got skylight right here, the space where you
have TV, gas fireplace, and multiple closets
for all of your items. Here is the master bathroom, and when you’re in this
bathroom it just feels like you’re in a four-season
resort, you know? It’s just so luxurious, and the owners certainly
did not spare any expenses, and there’s also a skylight
in the bathroom as well. This den and wet bar space could be your second area of entertainment. We’ve got the wet bar and
the floor-to-ceiling windows. At the end of the day, you
know, before going to bed, you can actually watch TV, unwind, and then there’s a second
bedroom en suite on this side which is away from the master bedroom. The owners are using it
as their office right now, but if you look, if I were to open the window, (water feature bubbling) again, how awesome is
that to be able to work while hearing the water
feature in the background. It’s just so amazing. Where else can you get something like this in modern living of Pasadena and with such a thick touch of nature? (water feature bubbles) (window glides) The bathroom is also updated. As you can see, ample
space for closet storage, and it’s all organized, and the bathroom was also
updated three years ago. Let’s go check downstairs. So here we’ve got a powder
room that’s just tucked away and on the downstairs level, so then when guests are
entertaining, if anyone needed to use the bathroom, then here it is, and it is away from the main area. This is where the laundry
and more closet space for storage. Now this is another cool feature. Usually if you don’t have a private garage on Orange Grove, which is common, most condos here don’t have
their own private garage, but for something like this where there are actually two spaces just right outside your front door, so it’s almost like you’re
coming home, parked your car, and then coming to your
home from the front door. So walking out of the patio, now let’s go check out
the spa and the pool. You know, you feel like you’re in a park when you’re going through this deck, and a bridge to come up here, looking out to this
beautiful water feature. You really don’t feel like
you’re on Orange Grove anymore. So you’ve got the spa here
and pool on the other side. When you’re hanging out
here and you look up to these beautiful red pinewood trees, it’s almost like you’re
in the middle of Sequoia. You see, this is what’s
so cool about this place. It’s like so tucked away
and yet it’s so accessible to modern living. On the other side is just a swimming pool, and it’s got similar kind of features. So earlier I mentioned
that I would share a secret about the owner with you. Well, he’s actually an
incredible fashion designer, and he’s so artistic that
he wants to make sure that he can continuously
be inspired by his space, and that’s why he designed
this place so beautifully. So if you’re interested in
checking out this place, please call, text, or email me. I will love to share this
modern, livable art with you. (upbeat music)

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  1. Excellent video and excellent presentation. Ms. Lin, your sellers should be absolutely delighted with this well done presentation.

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