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Stunning Elegant Glam Mirror Candle Holder Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

Stunning Elegant Glam Mirror Candle Holder Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter tonight’s craft is something I came up with while I was
laying if I literally had just gotten in bed I was about to fall asleep
and this idea popped into my brain I knew if I didn’t get up right that
second and get it done and put it together that it might get lost in the
clutter that’s floating around here so I jumped up got it kind of haphazardly put
together because I was going to be leaving for vacation and I finally have
gotten to put together the real way the right way and did a tutorial so I can
show you how I made it I got this inspiration from the background of
somebody’s shop with me at I think it was Burlington Coat Factory within their
decor section and absolutely loved it and knew it was something I needed to
recreate and something that I wanted to be able to recreate for you guys because
I think you might really like it it’s a mirrored candle holder a little bit more
modern gold modern glam and you can glam it up more by adding the crystal as
you’ll see like I did or leaving the crystal off which all that’s explained
in my tutorial but anyway I would really love to hear from you guys if you liked
it better with without how you would change it up how you might modify it for
your taste I get so many great ideas from you guys and it really inspires me
to hear some of the comments that you have to say even ones that aren’t the
most favorable but I do love to hear them if you’d like to join our glue dot
family we would absolutely love to have you you can do that by hitting the
subscribe button right down below here and there is a bell next to it that if
you hit that Bell will inform you every time I upload a new video also if you
share these videos that really really helps my channel to grow also it’s super
exciting for me because I I can build and grow on it and then I feel really
inspired and motivated to make more videos for you guys so I think that’s
about everything I think all that’s left is the tutorial so let’s get to it all right I’ve got to do this and show
you guys so these are the mirrors I already took some of them apart these
are the frames are gonna be using the mirrors from and I’m gonna be real with
you here I have watched several crafters use these for projects and they use a
whole bunch of them and they just oh so nicely seem to just peel them away from
their their foundation here they’re backing and I that’s not as easy as
they’re making it seem so I don’t know if these crafters are just not showing
you so that you feel like it’s just a breeze or what I’m gonna show it to you
real time now I had one that came off really easily but the other ones I got
it was a struggle so I’m gonna show you guys so you’re gonna take it all apart
so you just have this and then you’re gonna push on these pieces from the back
of course that one comes off easily because I’m recording but they don’t all
come off that easily I have some of them I mean you can see I’ve got the backing
stuck on um I really struggled so anyway that one came off really nicely but I
want you guys to know that if you’re struggling with them don’t I mean just
go with it I don’t know what to tell you they don’t all come off of course this
one’s coming off easily I really thought I was gonna show you one that I had to
struggle on but it seems like these all came off pretty nicely what I had to do
on this one I had my exacto knife handy this one’s just really being a pain and
you got to be super careful to not cut yourselves but kind of slicing away and
I know your guys are cringing because this is so dangerous but um I don’t know
I feel like I don’t know if it’s just the frames that I got or if these
crafters like I said are just not showing you the beastly part of
of the projects but for the sake of I want you guys to know what it takes to
do these projects so that’s why I’m showing you this so hopefully they’ll
come off super easily for you you need to remove the mirrors from four frames
for this project so I hope you guys have an easy time with it and I hope they’re
all really easy ones the project is worth it in the end so stick with it
don’t get discouraged if some of them are really hard to get off okay okay so
we’re gonna be making our mirrors into these square boxes a set of four and
I’ve tried multiple ways to try and find the easiest way for you guys so the
easiest way that I have found is for the initial side of the to start your box
you don’t want them overlapping what you want is you want the corners to actually
meet so this is what we’re working on getting so you’re gonna have these
corners meet but not overlap and create your 90 degree angle and then you’re
gonna take your glue and run it a nice thick line of glue in there and let that
hold your pieces together you’re going to let that cool off and once that gets
cool enough to stand up we’ll be attaching the next piece so I’ve got
this piece standing up now it’s cool enough that the glues not going to drip
down and then you’re going to take your next piece line it up again the same way
you lined up the other ones but this time instead of picking it up we’re
going to put a big bead of glue like a lot of glue in that corner so that it
will drip down and fill in that gap and then that way you can make sure that
everything is lined up while it’s standing up and using your table for a
little bit of assistance then as soon as that cools it’s right
now it’s I put the glue at the top and it’s dripping and working its way down
and to fill in that corner as soon as it cools enough I’ll flip over the or I’ll
actually be able to lift the piece up and then I can fill in that other
section and put extra glue for support for that okay now that it’s cool enough
to pick up you can see that I only have the glue that dripped down and it’s only
dripped down partially but now we’re able to actually pick up and fill in
that rest of the side there to support the other piece the other the other half
of the piece I should say be real generous with your glue because this is
what’s going to support and hold your cube together so you want to make sure
there’s enough in there because there’s really nothing else in there that’s
gonna be other than the glue that’s holding this cube in the cube shape once
that has cooled off you’re gonna stand your piece up again and we’re gonna be
putting our last section on so this one’s a bit trickier because you have to
align it from both sides they’re gonna align the one side first don’t try and
do both just get it in the general position and then again a really good
glob of glue and really let that in fact even a couple of squirts in there just
to really let that glue drip down and hopefully reach us far down as it can to
hold most of that piece in line make some adjustments to just to make sure
because once it’s glued it’s glued and try to start now at this point
well that’s starting to cool but hasn’t fully cool to line up your other corners
I can’t really turn it to show you because it’s it needs to cool off still
right now but I put in a glue that I’m looking at the inside it
looks like it has reached almost the bottom at this point but we will be
turning it over after it cools just to make sure that there’s enough on every
corner so I’m going to go ahead and do this corner now and hopefully that’s
just dripping right down in the seam where I need it to okay so I’m flipping
it over it’s cool enough now and anywhere that I need I’m actually
putting a bunch of extra glue just to make sure that it has some support and we’ll let that cool in the meantime
what we’re gonna do we have these little square mirrors here and we’re gonna be
using those as end caps to finish off and have our ends look nice and clean
and finished so prep your pieces have two for each one so you’re going to need
four of the mirror squares now why I say prep your mirror squares is because I’ve
noticed that when you purchase these some are a little narrower and longer
and some are actually a little more square so try to find the most squared
off pieces because those are going to be what will fit the best on the ends of
your cubes to glue the mirror squares on as endcaps I’m going to be using the
e6000 and letting that dry because I feel like it has a little more you have
a little more control with it you can if you feel more comfortable using the glue
gun that’s fine I just feel like it’s gonna be easier for me to use my e6000
and then just let it sit on there and dry for a bit so I’m putting it on the
mirror itself on the back of my little mirror square and then I’m just gonna
place it on there and you’re going to be doing this on the taller you’re taller
mirror cubes not your shorter ones so you want to do it on the ends of your
tall ones alright glue dots now that the hard part
is over we get to do the fun and the easy part
the hardest part about this is making these cubes and getting them to be
square and so now what we’re going to be doing is starting to assemble our piece
and I have as those of you who have been following for a long time know I always
clean my pieces whatever is going to be glued I clean with alcohol first and I
made using the e6000 and my hot glue gun to
attach these pieces together here so the first piece that’s going to go on we’re
going to be now using our candlestick and we’re going to be gluing one of the
long pieces on top and centering it so it looks like it’s only going to need
glue on these side pieces and halfway across the other pieces there so not on
all of it I’m going to use the e6000 on this surface which is going to have the
most touching and then I’m just going to use a little bit of the hot glue just to
hold things in place just a dab of hot glue to hold things in place so they
don’t slide around try and get this centered okay looks pretty good to me
now that we have this piece attached like that the next thing we’re gonna do
is put our side columns on and those are gonna go right there one on each side
with these I’m going to be putting the glue directly on to the base of here
because I don’t want to have glue showing so I think the easiest way is to
go with glue directly on to this cube piece and I’m going to do I think three
sides with the e6000 and one side with the hot glue Lea we’re gonna be putting
this top piece on so we’re making a giant rectangle last thing we’re gonna
do is right here in the center on the top we’re gonna be gluing our tea light now would be the time to make sure you
don’t have any fingerprints or anything under there that might be showing
through the tea light you and we’re gonna let this dry now for
those of you that like a lot of bling and like things a little more sparkly
and fancy there is an option with this I purchased these on Amazon and I’ll leave
the link below and they are the chandelier crystals if it’s a little too
long this way but if you leave one crystal and the teardrop at the bottom
it’s the perfect length to add into the center of our candle piece here and I
also feel like it really ties the crystal bottom part of this together
having the crystal in there it just kind of finishes it off for me
if that’s not what you like don’t add that piece on it’s all about making it
your own for those of you that do want to add that extra bling piece on there
I’m going to show you real quickly how to do that because we’ve put also the
hot glue and the e6000 I’m able to turn the piece upside down so that we can
work on this inside part which is where we’re going to be hanging the crystal
from now another youtuber another amazing crafter what she uses is these
little beads that are the alphabet beads that you can purchase also from Dollar
Tree and you take one of those beads and I’m actually you can spray paint it
silver I’m actually just gonna use some silver nail polish because I want it to
dry quickly and I think it’ll be a lot easier than going out right now and
spray-painting one single bead so here’s the little bead I’m and what we’re gonna
do is spray paint it or use nail polish make it silver and then we will be
passing the crystal little jump ring through this hole and we’ll be gluing
this to the inside of our piece so you okay I’m going to let that dry then on
this one side here that I did not paint I’m gonna be putting the glue and
attaching it to the inside inside center of my mirror and remember this is upside
down so when it goes right side up this will be then dangling but right now this
is upside down so if you liked this project
give me a thumbs up also let me know what you think about it but more so
importantly I would really love to know do me the favor please let me know your
biggest crafting challenge in the comments I’m working on I have a little
plan in mind and I would really like to know what your biggest crafting
challenge is so if you could do that that would be fantastic and please
please please share the love and share the video if you know someone who might
like watching some of the DIYs that I do it would be really awesome if you could
share the video and it really does help out my channel so it would be fabulous
ok let’s get on and show you what this looks like all stylized

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  8. This project is the best! I can't wait to try and duplicate it. I love the extra addition.
    My challengers are:
    1. Finding DT products
    2. Glueing corners to make squares
    3. Leveling & Centering glass pieces while attaching them with E6000

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  18. Hello Miss. Elaine it's nice to meet you here. I stumbled across your channel and I must say your Glam mirror candle holder turned out so beautiful and pretty. I love it with the hanging crystal. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video of yours and also to mention Beverly's Design Time… xoxoxo…

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  24. That is so beautiful, you did a awesome job but a bit to fragile for my hands . Thank you so much , it was amazing watching you put it together. You really do such beautiful work. God Bless you and yours 🙂

  25. one thing i have found that helps my candle sticks to adhere because they are so smooth on the ends is i take a emery boardor a 4 way filing block sometimes both and i rough it up and if you do that it will adhere a little more sturdier. I also use micro-bling at any joining pieces for heavier pieces the first one i didn't but the more recent one I did both and believe me it didn't slip slide or move and because i used the micro-bling around the joint i didn't have to check because i wrapped it around the joint and let it all dry so i could sleep lol . otherwise im up all night checking . just a few tips to help others

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  30. Instead of scraping it off why not soak it in some soapy water that way the paper should come off the back of the mirror easy

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  32. I will try and find those mirror frames at by local dollar store or craft store in that will try to recreate your candle holder I liked it very much

  33. Since it seems that the frames are no longer available could you please give me the sizes of the mirror pieces so I can look for them someplace else? I love the candleholder & would love to make it! Such a great idea!!!!!

  34. Nice project honey! THANKS! You're so sweet!
    Suggestion: In the beginning in order to get the mirrors off of the frame maybe heating or freezing before trying to pop them off will make it easier…

  35. Gorgeous they are very pretty and different I love them. Challenges I have with my crafts are finding materials, we don't have dollarama, Dollar tree, Dollar Store, Michaells or any such stores. Walmart we do have, but for example, the tower candle holder you get for $1.00 it costs here $9.97. Online almost the same, Bling wrap $4.99 but shipping $7.40. We can't find the tear drops you used or most of the gems. mirrors are also difficult in a variety of shapes and sizes. Other than that, is gluing the gems since we can't find the sheets with glue we use single gems so imagine how long it takes to finish a project and most of the time they fell off. Thanks for your concern.

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