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Study Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen

Study Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen

– What have I heard about Denmark?
– A good country. – People smile at you in the street.
– It’s cold. Maybe viking. Nice people. Studying landscape architecture
at the University of Copenhagen – – has been one of the best decisions
of my life. I get to do my hobby every day. It’s super relevant
for our future environment – – with special focus on how to re-design
the city for future climate change. Landscape architects design, create
and manage the outdoor environment – – in a way that is truly sustainable. There is a lot of group work. You work with
a lot of people as you will further on. It’s a very international programme.
Half Danish students and half foreign. This is the end
of the presentation of a project – – where our students
have worked at a scale of 1:1. Normally landscape architects work
at a distance from the site. They visit the site, but work at computer
screens or with models and sketches. So they’ve been building
and involving local people. They are now celebrating
the project with the local people. There’s a lot you can do
in your spare time. Students from my school
built this amazing roof-top garden. A strawberry garden
on a rooftop on the campus. Our students work as planners as well
as traditional landscape architects. We have everything
from garden design to regional planning. Everybody knows Copenhagen is a lovely
place, especially for landscape architects. Just walking around the city inspires you. There’s a lot of interesting stuff
going on in Copenhagen. My advice to new students
is to come here with an open mind. Be ready to go out and work in the urban
realms and to get their hands dirty. But also ready to spend long nights
in the studio, drawing up plans.

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