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Studio Apartment Tour: Home Office Decor Details

Studio Apartment Tour: Home Office Decor Details

My work space is more romantic than my bedroom
area. I mean, is it so much to ask to feel a little
romanced by your home office? If you’re feeling like your work area is
a bit “blah” and unin – hi Helo! – If you’re feeling like your work area
is a bit “blah” and uninspiring, then try adding a little romance in your decor. You may find that it makes you feel a little
more enthusiastic about sitting at your desk. I’m gonna show you all the things in my
work space that make it inspiring and productive for me, and also show you the things that
I don’t think really work and I kind of want to improve. When I started decorating my apartment, I
made the conscious decision to create a romantic workspace for myself, where work doesn’t
necessarily feel like work – more like a courtship with creativity. Now, if you want to see my full studio apartment
tour, watch this video. I’ll link to it in the description. I talk about my home office in that video
too, but in this video we’re just going to dive deeper into those little pretty details. So let’s go ahead and get this home office
tour started. So here’s my home office area in all its
somewhat over the top romantic glory. I can tell you right off the bat why this
space is so inspiring to me overall, and that’s because it’s filled with little bits of
drama and beauty that are not really typical to a home office setting. For one thing, there’s an immediate dramatic
statement with these ornate wall panels that go all the way to the ceiling. I think when you make the decision to go all
the way with a certain dramatic style choice, that immediately makes a workspace feel more
conducive to creativity. Because the strong visual statement, at least
for me, centers me. These wall panels are kind of an anchor for
the space, a hero piece if you will. And believe it or not – if you watched my
full studio apartment tour video you already know this – but believe it or not, these wall
panels are from the Container Store. Yep, the place where you buy plastic tubs
and storage containers – that’s where I got these pretty things. $9.99 for a package of 4 panels. A lot of you asked for the link to these things
in the studio tour video, and unfortunately, the Container Store no longer sells them. I got these years ago and I’ve hung onto
them from apartment to apartment. But if you’re really interested in doing
something like this, I recommend just doing a google search for “hanging wall panels”
and see what comes up. They’re a nice alternative to wallpaper
for when you want to cover a full wall with a pattern. Another way that I make my office area feel
like an inspiring, creative space is in something as simple as my chair selection. I got this cream leather chair from Pier 1
after years of using simple, black desk chairs, and it makes such a huge difference. It’s super comfy, for one thing, and it’s
also just more visually appealing to me than a corporate looking desk chair. Anything that reminds me of a fluorescently
lit corporate office pretty much kills creativity for me. Why not make a home office feel, well, homey? And cozy? And pretty? That, to me, creates a better environment
for productivity than anything you can find in a corporate office. And as if I’m not shunning the corporate
setting enough in my home office, I also have this sexy little lace thing on my chair, just
for that added touch of romance. That’s another little tip I have if you
want to add a pop of personality to a chair – try draping a pretty scarf, shawl, or kimono
you might find in your closet on the back of it. My chair still looks pretty if you take the
lace away, but it kind of feels like a big lump of cream to me, so I find that the lace
just adds some texture and a little bit of the witchy vibe that I always welcome into
my apartment. Another really nice feature in this nook area
I use for my workspace is the fact that I have these large mirrors on my closet doors. They make this area look way bigger than it
actually is, which is really nice. It’s funny because one of the the most common
questions I’ve gotten from you guys in response to my full apartment tour is: why didn’t
I put my bed in this nook area and use this as my bedroom? There’s a closet there and everything, and
it would mean my bed would have its own little private space. Well, I actually considered that when I first
moved in. But there are a couple reasons why I didn’t
do it. Mainly, I feel very passionate about keeping
my work area separated from my cozy, relaxing areas in the apartment. And if my bed were in this nook area, that
means my workspace would be right next to my living room area. When I’m chilling on my couch watching Netflix,
I don’t want work creeping directly over my shoulder. That’s just not a good mindset choice in
my book. Also, when I walk into my apartment after
work every day, the last thing I want to feel is that I’m walking into another office. I’m the office manager at a digital marketing
and design company, and I spend all day in an office. When I come home, I want to feel like I’m
entering a cozy, relaxing retreat. Not another office. So that’s why my bed isn’t in here. Ok, onward and upward! You’ll see I have a little mirror here and
that’s because my desk is also my vanity. I do my hair and makeup here every morning
to get ready for work. I have my makeup drawer right here. Remember how I mentioned at the beginning
of this video that there were some things I wanted to improve in here? Well, my drawer situation is really what needs
some improvement. My makeup drawer is vaguely organized but
I think it leaves something to be desired in terms of being aesthetically pleasing. And then the drawer below it is my ultimate
shame. My dirty little secret that for some reason
I feel comfortable sharing with you, dear viewer. I honestly have nothing to say to defend myself,
other than… we all have our junk drawers right? Anyway, over here I have my little journal
and planner collection. If you watched my full apartment tour video,
you know that I confess to having a pretty severe addiction to journals and planners
and really any pretty paper products. Right here I have my failed attempt at bullet
journaling. It was a noble attempt, but failed nonetheless. Is there anyone out there watching this who
shares this journal habit? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to commiserate
with you. Maybe we can form a support group or something. Anyway, I have some things I keep on my desk
that just bring me little bursts of happiness when I look at them. One of them is this crystal I got at a little
local mom and pop’s store in my home town, Snoqualmie, WA. I like having a little piece of home right
here, and I also like having something sparkly and pretty in my line of vision while I’m
writing or editing videos. It’s just a small inspiration source, which
is another tip I have for you if you, if your workspace is feeling “blah”: have something
visually appealing and meaningful right next to your computer. It may not seem like much, but when I’m
trying to channel some nice creativity energy, I’ll take whatever shred of inspiration
I can get. I also have these little post-it notes with
a message from my boyrfriend. He’s very sweet and thoughtful – he wrote
these for me one morning when I was about to have a really busy, stressful day and left
them for me to find when I got home after that day. I love having them here to ground me and remind
me that my boyfriend is pretty effing awesome. Aside from these little personal touches,
I have my desk lamp from Target with its exposed Edison bulb – I have this thing with Edison
bulbs, my whole apartment is littered with them. I have some faux greenery here, it’s also
from Target. All of my plants and flowers in this apartment
are faux because I’m not emotionally equipped to handle death of any kind in my apartment. I have a cute tissue box that goes over the
regular tissue box because I’m a big believer in covering the normal tissue box packaging
with a nice, stylish one. It’s one of those tiny details that makes
a big difference visually. My map of Manhattan is here – I lived in New
York for 6 years so having this map is a nice reminder of that experience. This is my keyboard, which has sadly been
collecting dust because I never play anymore. I used to be obsessed with writing and recording
music, but I just haven’t had it in me for a while. So my keyboard is being reduced to a piece
of decor and nothing more, which I guess is fine for now. The last song I learned is still sitting here
– it’s a gorgeous song from the anime One Piece. Do I have any fellow One Piece fans? Make yourselves known in the comments – I’d
love to geek out with you! So this thing over here, as you can see, it’s
missing its outlet cover, and that’s because this drama queen up here broke it. For those of you who saw my full apartment
tour video, you know this is my great aunt Flo, who was a singer, dancer, and actress
in the 1930’s. But what I didn’t tell you is that I think
her spirit straight up lives with me in here, and there was a time where she kept falling
down. I’d hang her up again, and then she’d
fall back down a day later. Typical dramatic actress. The last time she fell, she broke that outlet
cover, so I guess that was her goal all along? Anway, I also have this mercury glass lamp
from Target, and the rug in here is also from Target. All the rugs in my apartment are from Target
actually. My apartment really is a testament to the
fact that you can make a space feel inviting and stylish by shopping at attainable stores
like Target. I feel like as long as you’re living in
an apartment, a lot of the decor and furniture you buy can be on the cheaper side. I’m saving most of my investment purchases
for when I’m living somewhere more permanent, you know? So I think at this point I’ve shown you
just about every detail in my little workspace, so I’m going to get back on camera and close
this baby out. So there you have it. That’s my little romantic work space. The decor in here, for the most part, makes
me feel inspired, productive, focused, and most importantly, kind of wooed by my work. Just because it’s a place for work, doesn’t
mean it has to feel cold and corporate. Every girl deserves a home office that makes
her feel special. For more interior styling inspiration, follow
me on Instagram @moda.misfit, and – hello! – be sure to subscribe and hit the bell if
you want to be notified when a new episode of Living Pretty goes up every week. Happy styling, my friend. And remember, your apartment is destined to
be pretty and you’re pretty powerful.

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  1. The sort of black trellis behind the flower pic at beginning, I've got some of that! Exactly the same, on a white door & I've newly ordered some (plastic) ivy to hang on it, though generally I don't 'do' imitation greenery. Coincidence!

  2. Love all of your videos, they all come across so peaceful and relaxing and you definitely have a voice for video/podcasts etc. Your apartment is so beautiful and you have such an eye for arrangement and decorating. I look forward to your next one.

  3. Haha, I am sitting at the dining room table because I can't stand my cluttered office. Plus it is a dark space. I need windows on a sunny day! I am taking notes and love what you have done with your office space. Perhaps after the move you can help me set up my new office.

  4. I'm a new recent subscriber to your channel and I love your apartment and aesthetic! 💚
    Your office is beautiful, romantic and calming. The office chair idea to cover it with a pretty shawl is nice but the leg color of the chair was putting me off with the red wood color. 😝
    If you paint the legs black it would look more cohesive with the rest of your office space.
    I'll look forward to seeing more of your videos and home decor styling tips and tricks 😀
    Barbara from Minnesota

  5. I also have a journal addiction tried bullets got as far as you did also buy way too many planners/calendars which stress me out! Whhyyyy I do not know. Love your style

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