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Students have designs on careers in architecture

Students have designs on careers in architecture

We’ve been running an end-of-year show
for our CIAT accredited programmes now for over eight or nine years. It’s based around
the CIAT students’ major projects. As you can see by the number of people who
are here it’s an opportunity at the end of the year to showcase their work where
employers, friends, families come in and we have a lot of support with
professional bodies as well as the employers who have come tonight looking first hand at what we’re producing. Virtually every student who is displaying
tonight at the end-of-year show has already secured employment. Having that very
practical, real industry experience but also forming networks so once people are
graduating that they can feel that they can reach out to certain
organisations and sea of opportunities. Willmott Dixon have a strong ethos around next generation and supporting skills within the construction industry and our
management trainee programmes and apprenticeships are driven specifically
for that. They introduced employers and companies to us throughout the year so
every two weeks they have someone new come out either CIAT or a different
company or independent companies and that really helped us see what the
industry was doing currently. I’ve always had a passion for architecture. I would
love to have an impact on the built environment be it within design where my passion really does lie but also how it affects our community in terms of
planning and master planning and just seeing how buildings really affect us on
a day to day basis and how our designs as designers really can impact
somebody’s well-being.

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