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Start of crocheting round using T-shirt yarn, video 1

Start of crocheting round using T-shirt yarn, video 1

This video is hopefully a better version
about starting to crochet round using t-shirt yarn, so starting, and the old
video was made very quickly when someone just asked me a question in a Facebook
group. So you need t-shirt yarn. I’ve cut this myself but you can buy it and then
some sort of, this is cotton, something that you are going to crochet it
together with. So we start by making a stitch, there, and then here’s the start of
the t-shirt yarn and I have cut it sort of tapered in. Then you start
crocheting around the t-shirt yarn, the cotton yarn goes under the t-shirt yarn
and you need to make the first single crochet close to the tip of the t-shirt
yarn. This isn’t actually close enough, I’ll move it, can be easier to do it that
way. There. So that’s one single crochet using then American term, it’s double
crochet in British terms. Then you chain one and go round it again, one single
crochet and so on, you make a bit of these until you can go around, until it’s
big enough so you can go around. Like this here and now I’ll twist this
round. I need to get to the stitches on top of it there, like this here. I have
the same stitch there and then I will put this t-shirt yarn here, on top of it
and insert the hook under the chain stitch like, that and go and get
the yarn and make a single crochet so that the t-shirt yarn stays in between.
Then again, single crochet, hook into the next gap, single crochet and so on. This
actually was a little bit too loose so I pulled it a bit. This is how you continue.
You could, as I said earlier, you could have two chain stitches so you won’t
need too many stitches all the time, it stays together with a bit less. There and
this is just how you continue the whole drug or whatever you are doing. Like this
here and always into the next gap, like this here.

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  1. Очень интересно,жаль,не знаю.языка,чтобы поблагодарить!

  2. Veary nice making your biginigbut my question 1 what is the number of kurushia& next crochet woolen &what is otherwise name plz Rieply me.

  3. I wonder if it is possible to make this crochet rug technique in rectangular format. I really liked this video, thank you.

  4. спасибо за видио.давно такие связала-подставки для цветочных горшков

  5. Espectacular..me haz dado una idea genial para hacer. dinero …yo amo el crochet así que será fácil para mí muuuchas gracias por tu idea y por compartirla .un saludo desde.🇨🇱

  6. Yo ya había echo tapetes pero solo con las tiras pero creo con esta idea quedan mejor terminados

  7. Por favor traduz esse vídeo para a língua portuguesa,adorei esse trabalho e sou iniciante!😍

  8. A perfect video. The pace you take this is just right. Very easy to follow, and a wonderful idea. Thank you so much!

  9. but my doormat taking shape like a basket …i couldn't understand that where is the problem…..plz help

  10. Супер!!Классная идея!Обязательно воспользуюсь! Спасибо огромное!!

  11. Чудненькая идейка и уже кое-что своё в голове родилось где применить! Всем интересных идей подключайте фантазию и вяжите!!

  12. I have never seen this method, but I’m going to try it. Thank you! Maybe I’ll post it on my channel and add the link to this video where I learnt it from!

  13. What kind of crochet projects are you making using this video? This is my most popular video and I would love to know 😊. Did you also use the second video that continues from this one https://youtu.be/NscbsKrdlIw ?

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