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Spring 2019 Market Introductions – Lighting, Mirrors and Accent Furniture

Spring 2019 Market Introductions – Lighting, Mirrors and Accent Furniture

Hello, everyone, I’m Jeni Canaan, Vice President
of Merchandising and Product Development here at Surya. Once again I have the pleasure of
introducing you to Surya’s newest accessories offering for spring ’19. Here, we’ll take a look at our new lighting,
mirrors and accent furniture. Surya’s Lighting category has grown to include
more than 800 designs across table, floor and ceiling lighting. Let’s get started with a debut of wall sconces:
a tailored offering of truly unique designs. They come in multiple finishes and were designed
to compliment our existing lighting and mirror options. The Ogee wall sconce is an updated version
of a traditional French shape featuring gracefully curved lines. It has a softened antique finish which allows
this design to work well with many color schemes and other metal accents. The Edmund wall sconces were inspired by Victorian
era gas lamps. They come in both a weathered, oil-rubbed
bronze and a traditional bronze finish and convey a relaxed, simple sophistication. And lastly, meet Evie, which features a cluster
of handmade glass ornaments that hang beautifully on a gilded gold plate. Evie is a truly opulent design. Our ceiling lighting was introduced just a
year ago and is already becoming a go-to resource for our customers. The Roxy ceiling lights come in antique silver
or gold finish. This light features an impressive laser-carved
design that wraps around a linen shade. We love the larger scale of these lights and
think they are the perfect statement piece. The Novara collection is innovative and fresh. These ceiling lights feature geometric, metal
bodies which create reflective planes and edges that provide a stunning visual impact. The Mist collection features large, distressed,
handmade glass orbs that come in three color ways. These are a great option when looking for
a substantial pendant to hang individually or in multiples. Nothing creates impact and dimension in a
room like the lighting from a table lamp. We have a great new selection of table lamps
for this spring. Here’s a few from the lineup that we’re really
excited about. The Moonstruck table lamp features softened
tones in an updated classic shape. This larger table lamp comes in three color
ways and makes a grand statement. It’s sitting on our new, hand-crafted Suki
accent table, which features a gold, woven, leaflike design. The Scabbos table lamp creates a lot of visual
interest in a room, featuring a natural stone body and an oil-rubbed base with a rectangular,
tan linen shade. The Glacia table lamp features a textured
glass body with hand-finished jute accents and tan linen shade. The Azure table lamp, which is named for its
color, which is a hue halfway between blue and cyan, is featured here. It has an art glass body and is topped with
a slate shade. Here we have two lamps from the Braelynn collection,
which takes your traditional base style and gives it a geometric twist. It’s shown here in a dark wood finish but
these lamps also come in a beautiful, satin gold finish. The Iverness table lamp features a uniquely
styled body that combines a base of natural concrete topped with a nest of golden, woven
wire to create a grounded yet airy feel. The Emes mirror features an organically inspired
frame shape that surrounds a beveled mirror. This unique mirror comes in a dark, polished
metal finish. The stunning, hand-painted Freda mirror features
a sunburst of golden rays that creates an instant focal point for any room. The Alasdair mirror features a rustic design
in a hand painted and weathered mixed metal finish. The open-frame mesh detail gives this large
scale circular mirror a uniquely fresh look. The Brevard mirror features natural fibers
pulled over a light metal frame to create a casual yet refined statement piece. So we’ve seen a few of the new products for
spring ’19 but there’s so much more. Surya introduces hundreds of accessories each
season. Thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you next

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