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SPLID – a spoon with a lid #SPLID #spicejars #storeandserve #kitchenware Early Video Paul Mathis

SPLID – a spoon with a lid #SPLID #spicejars #storeandserve #kitchenware Early Video Paul Mathis

hi my name is Paul Mathis my passion in
life is caring for the environment great food
creative innovation and of course drinking coffee I have been in
hospitality for over 25 years a long time and a sure way to see many
innovations our local cafes are a great way for all of us to enjoy our leisure
time with friends or just alone with our much-loved daily ritual coffee but with
all the care taken to mitigate health risks associated with serving food one
major food group has so far been largely overlooked sugar salt and pepper let’s
look at the humble sugar bowl often left exposed in glass or ceramic bowls or
cafe style jars with open cylindrical tubes sugar is one of those foods we
simply forget how many times people use it throughout a day sugar is often
spoiled by customers who double-dip with wet teaspoons sometimes even after the
teaspoon has been in their mouth I often wondered whether sugar could be served
in a better way other than those little paper sachets
yet still be used safely by multiple people without the risk of contamination
that’s where I came up with the idea of SPLID SPLID is a uniquely designed
custom jar with a lid and a spoon attached for easy use with the help of an
industrial designer and a specialized plastics firm I developed two versions
of SPLID a simple lift-off model and a more secure twist-off airtight model
SPLID needs to be many things and needed to appeal to both the home and
commercial sector it had to be visually balanced and functional lightweight and
easy to use versatile enough to be used with lots of different foods food safe
dishwasher proof and BPA-free spices seeds nuts grains coffee tea sugar
pepper in fact anything that is dry and shelf stable can be stored in jars with
a SPLID longer term storage solutions for foods
such as spices can be better stored in jars with a SPLID when a recipes call
for the metric teaspoon will always be there leaving no doubt about how much curry
was used so if you believe in what I’m doing please help support a local
project and keep this idea and my passion moving forward thank you for
your support Kickstarter https://splid.com.au

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