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Spiritual Hindrances Blocking Your Healing | Becky Dvorak | Something More

Spiritual Hindrances Blocking Your Healing | Becky Dvorak | Something More

[Music] [Music] DC: Hello everyone and
welcome to “Something More.” I’m Donna Chavis and I am
here with a guest that has been with us a couple of
times. So please welcome back to “Something More,”
Becky Dvorak. Hi Becky.
[Giggles] BD: Hi. It’s nice to be
here with you again, Donna. DC: Oh, we
always love having you. Now, for those that may
not know you or have seen you before, you are a
healing evangelist. Tell me a little bit
about your ministry. BD: Well, I am what you say,
a healing evangelist with, with the prophetess
anointing as well. And I travel around the
world and I do healing conferences and
healing seminars. And, ah, one of the things,
the mandate from God that He put on me is to
train the Body of Christ how to heal them self, not just to lay hands on
them and see them healed but also to train them
so they know how to heal themselves in the
Name of Jesus and, how to pray for
other people as well. And I do, I see
the blind see, the deaf hear,
the mute speak, the paralytics walk,
cancerous tumors gone. I just received a
testimony yesterday of a woman that, that she
put what I taught her into practice and,
and she, and, I prayed with her.
This is over the Internet. I prayed with her and I
said, “Now you say this.” And she did and she kept
saying it over herself. And that night, in one night.
This is a recent testimony. that very night a protruding
cancerous tumor disappeared. So, it works! DC: Wow! Wow. I love that
about your ministry and your teaching because
you can’t always go. BD: No, you can’t. DC: Becky, you
can’t always go. Some people may not be
able to get to a minister or a healing evangelist
and you teach people, what is the old
saying? You know, “Give a man a fish and
he’ll eat for a day but teach him to fish and he’ll
eat for a lifetime.” BD: Absolutely. DC: So, I know that it’s
not very spiritual but, BD: It is spiritual! DC: But. Yeah. But
that’s true with what you do, BD: Because that’s what Jesus
did; He made disciples. DC: I can pray for you now,
I’m going to pray for you, or I can teach you to pray
and then you’ve got that. You are so gifted at that. And that’s one of the
reasons I like your resources so much because it’s not
just you, you, you. No, you are sharing,
imparting, and transferring that gifting to other people,
because everybody can’t get to someone
else, can they? BD: No. But you can get to
your next-door neighbor and I can’t. DC: Yes! BD: But, they can’t. DC: Yes. Exactly. Oh, my
goodness, healing. Just, just so many things
as you mentioned and so much more that we
definitely don’t have time to talk about. But
what do you think are some of the most
common hindrances to us actually seeing
manifestations of healing? BD: Well, there are
some; there’s many. But the most common
ones that I see is, number one, a lack of
teaching in the Body of Christ concerning healing.
Hosea 4:6 tells us that, “My people perish for
lack of knowledge.” And in this situation, a
lack of knowledge that they can be healed in
the Name of Jesus, by His redemptive
blood. And it’s one of those, it’s one of those
doctrines that the enemy fears, he fears.
And there’s so much division right now in the Body of
Christ because of it. I always tell people in
seminars it’s as if, it’s as if the healing message has been
thrown into a back closet. There’s a locked door with
an armed guard and don’t you dare go
near that door. But if so, that’s I think,
the number one reason for hindrances as far
as blocking healing. Another one is, we
speak wrong confessions. We don’t know
how to speak. The Bible teaches us
in Proverbs 18:21 that there’s the “Power of life
and death in every word that we speak.” We are
constantly prophesying either life or we’re prophesying
death into a situation and there is a time that we need
to know how to speak death into a situation and for
an example someone has a cancerous tumor
growing in their body. DC: Yes. Yes. BD: They’ve been
diagnosed with cancer. Well, we have to use
that power of death in our words and we need to, and
we need to combat it with the spoken power of
the Word and say, “In Jesus Name, I renounce
that spirit of death. I renounce that cancer.
I command every, every cancerous cell and tumor
to dry up at the seed and to, and to detach itself from the
root and be eliminated from this body.”
But then you can’t stop there. No, I mean it’s like taking
chemo or radiation and everything dies and so you
have to know how to use the creative, the life giving
power of the tongue, and then, you then, you
prophesy, into your body, and I’m telling you
this works. It does. It might sound “ookey,” but
it’s serious. It works. That’s how God creates,
and He created us in His image. DC: Yes. BD: And so, then we, after
we renounce the death and the cancer or whatever the
issue is, then we have to speak life into our body
in Jesus Name. “I released the Spirit of
life to flow in my body. I command my cells to be
recreated and they are cancer free. They’re
cancer proof. They function 100 percent in Jesus Name.”
I mean. So yes, you have to, have to
use both. DC: Yes. That’s a phrase I
learned from you. Renounce and Replace. BD: Yes. DC: Renounce this and
replace it with this. BD: Yes. DC: Oh, that is so good! Now you also say there
are spiritual hindrances. BD: There are and, and
the more and more I, I do more and more
conferences and seminars with the body of Christ,
and I teach them how to heal and how to how to
believe God and overcome the spirit of death
and all of that. But there are demonic
influences that are oppressing God’s
people and they’re even possessing other
people but they’re great oppressors, and they’re
demonic spirits and one is a spirit of death. DC: Hmm. BD: And the
spirit of death is, it’s not to be confused
with biblical death you know, like, like we
read in Ecclesiastes, DC: There’s a time to die.
There’s a time, yeah. Yeah. BD: It’s not that.
That’s an appointed time when we have
fulfilled our destiny and our calling in
life and, and we’ve reached our arena of
influence in life and we’ve fulfilled
everything and we live to a ripe old age and God
just takes our breath away we don’t, we don’t die
in pain and suffering. DC: Let me stop you
right there you’re saying, okay, this is
what it is not. When we come
back from break, I want to talk
about what it is. Okay, so let’s take a
little break right here we’re going to be back
with more from Becky Dvorak in just a moment
so please stay with us. [Music] [Music] DC” Welcome back
everyone to “Something More.” We are here with Becky
Dvorak and we are talking about spiritual hindrances
that keep us from experiencing a manifestation
of healing. Becky, you had begun to tell us about the
spirit of death. Now, it’s not the, not the,
the biblical death that, that it talks
about when we say in a time to live, a time
to die. It’s not, you’re not talking about that. What
are you talking about? BD: The spirit of death
that I’m speaking about is premature death,
and premature death, it’s usually very tragic
in nature and it can be very sudden. Some of the
signs of premature death that, that, you’re
being attacked by, by the spirit of death
would be a sudden diagnosis of an incurable
or a rare disease or you have sickness and disease
that keeps reoccurring in your body over and over. You just can’t seem
to get rid of it. Or, you have one sickness
and you get over that one and another one comes. It’s
some, there’s something spiritual going on in there. And I’ve found it’s
usually a spirit of death. How about
suicidal thoughts? DC: Ohhh. BD: Or people that have,
that are being tormented with terroristic and
murderous type of thoughts against other people, even
desiring to abort your baby. That’s the spirit of death
or someone trying to convince another person
to abort their child. They have a spirit of
death on them that’s operating through them. DC: All right. And what about, you said,
something that goes hand in hand with the spirit of
death is, fear. BD: Fear! Fear is very
powerful, and you know how like how John the Baptist was
the forerunner to Jesus? DC: Hmm-mm. BD: Well, I have found
that a spirit of fear is a forerunner to the spirit
of death. First, first the enemy Satan,
he lies, you know. And it gets deep
into our, into our, into our thoughts and we
start to dwell on these negative, fearful thoughts
about death and then we start speaking them and
then before you know it, we’re not doing this,
we’re not doing that, we do this, we do that,
because you know that might, that
might cause cancer. This might do this. I’m not talking about
being irresponsible but I’m wracking about it
becomes such a fear. It’s controlling. And
so, I have found that fear a spirit of fear and God
calls it a spirit of fear. It’s an actual spirit. It’s demonic and
it controls people. And I have found over and
over and over again that somewhere the spirit of fear
was first, came first to the person before they received
that spirit of death. DC: And that’s a
tormenting spirit isn’t it? BD: It is a very
tormenting spirit, very much so, yeah. I can understand how that
would be a hindrance to us receiving a manifestation
of our healing, getting us sidetracked, drawing
our attention somewhere else,
making us fear. Oh, that’s strong.
That is so strong. What about a
familiar spirit? BD: Okay. This is something that
I’ve been teaching people at the seminars and I have
found its very eye opening for God’s people
to talk about, about these demonic
influences that are pressing God’s people. And
one is a familiar spirit. Now, how do I describe
a familiar spirit? A familiar spirit when
it comes to sickness It, it’s, it’s a family
member. The sickness, the spirit behind it has
become closer than a family member,
closer than a spouse, closer than a best friend. And, and how do people
know if they have a familiar spirit and they need to renounce
it and get it off of them? Well, what do they
talk about? Can they actually talk about something
without bringing up their sickness and the disease
attacking them? Do they know how
to talk without it? Do they know how
to live and move? Do, I mean it’s
so controlling, this familiar spirit, when
it comes to sickness and disease, it controls
their every move. They don’t do this.
They don’t do that. Everything they do is
centered around that sickness and disease,
that sickness and disease, has been put on a throne
in their life and it’s time to dethrone it. And
then what’s behind it is a familiar spirit. It’s closer
to you than a family member. DC: Wow. I, would you take
a moment right now, I just feel like there’s
so many people that are identifying with this, you
know, as you speak about people that are so
consumed with this. Would you take a moment
for the people that are watching and pray and
renounce what you were just talking about? Fear.
Death. Familiar spirits. Let’s just stop right here
for a minute if you would just minister to
those for just a moment. BD: Okay. Well, right now
in Jesus Name, I renounce that
spirit of death. That is, that has latched
on to you in Jesus Name. I command it off of
you in Jesus Name! In the Name of Jesus, I
command it to release its tentacles around you
in the Name of Jesus. And by the Word of God
we decree a separation! We cut it off from you in
the Name of Jesus and in its place, we release
the Spirit of life to flow into your body, in
the Name of Jesus. We renounce the, the
spirit of fear that has also attached itself
to you in Jesus Name. God has not given you
the spirit of fear. That is from the enemy. And so we also decree, we
cut it off from you in the Name of Jesus, because
He has given you love, and power, and a
sound mind, and that spirit of fear is stealing
those, those spiritual gifts from God from you in
the Name of Jesus. And they’re also opening
up the door for that spirit of death to come
in and wreak havoc in your physical body.
And I also renounce the familiarity,
that familiar spirit of that sickness and
disease over you in Jesus Name We, you do
not want to be familiar with a demon. You
don’t want to be constantly conversing with a demon,
talking to yourself, talking to that disease,
talking to other people. It’s time to dethrone that
familiar spirit in your life in Jesus Name. You just
say in Jesus Name, I renounce you, and I
command you out and away from me in
Jesus Name! Amen! DC: Amen! Amen! Oh Becky, that is strong. So, so, important for us
to know that there are, these, these spiritual
influences, hindrances that keep us from seeing
manifestations in our healing. So, let’s get those out of
the way, recognize them. [Music] Renounce them and
get them out of the way. Thank you for that. We’re going to be back
with more from Becky in just a moment. So
please don’t go away. [Music] [Music] DC: Welcome back everyone to “Something More.” I’m here with Becky
Dvorak and Becky, we’re talking about
spiritual hindrances to our healing.
Tell us why is that so important that we
learn this? That we get this knowledge, that we
grab hold of this. Why is that so,
so important? BD: Well, because we
want to break free from anything that’s blocking
or hindering our healing. We want to receive all
that God has for us. But there are things
because we live in a fallen world, that there
are things that we don’t even realize, we
don’t understand, what is actually blocking
our healings from manifesting. And so,
it’s very important to examine some of these. DC: Sure, sure. And one of those that,
that you teach and talk about is something
that, yes, even, even believers or religious
people sometimes don’t want to hear about. But
there are religious spirits. BD: There is. And a religious
spirit is a very messy spirit. It’s a very controlling
spirit and you’ll; how do people know
if they, if they have a religious spirit that
suppressing them, that’s controlling them?
How do we know that? Well, it’s pretty easy
because we have believers and then we have;
amongst those believers, we have two categories.
The believing believers and the unbelieving believers. Believing believers,
meaning those that, that believe in the power
of the Holy Spirit. They, they believe in, in
healing and deliverances and the gifts of the
Holy Spirit. And the unbelieving believers,
that, they have salvation and they’re satisfied
with it. You know life. Yes, they stop there. They don’t want
anything more. They deny the power
of the Holy Spirit. They deny that He’s even
in existence today or in operating in
our lives today. And, and, what
they don’t realize, it’s the Holy Spirit
that’s living inside of us! When we, when we ask Jesus
to forgive us and to be our Savior, it’s
the Holy Spirit, right, that comes and
resides within us because Jesus is sitting at the
right hand of the Father DC: Yes, praying. BD: Interceding for us. And when He ascended
into Heaven He said, “It’s better that I go up
because the Comforter will come and that’s
the Holy Spirit.” But how do we know if
a religious spirit is, is hindering us? I remember as a young Mama
and this was so long ago and it’s almost
embarrassing for me to even say this because of
what I now walk in today. But I had no
idea when when, when I was a
young, a young mom, a young wife, a
young mother, and, and I
received the Lord, I didn’t know that I had
a religious spirit and, and I remember I was at
this time in my life I was pregnant with
our third child. And I remember there were
some complications and they thought he was going
to be born prematurely. And I remember
sitting or, not sitting, kneeling on my living room
floor begging God not to take my baby. I said,
“I’ll do anything, I’ll do
this; I’ll do that.” I mean,
it was ridiculous. I was bargaining with God, DC: Yes. BD: Don’t do this.
As if He was the one. And yet, I fully loved the
Lord and I was growing in my faith, but it was
something that I didn’t realize, that I had a
misconception of God. I didn’t understand the
Word like I understand it today and I’m not saying I
know all things because I don’t know. But I’m learning. DC: It’s what you started
with today was a lack of knowledge. BD: Yes. A lack of
knowledge in that area. DC: And the enemy
wants to keep us there. I loved what you said,
it scares him to death to think that we’re going
to gain the knowledge to conquer him. Yeah. BD: Hmm. Yes. DC: So, you were
praying and, and, BD: And, And, God didn’t
take my baby or any of that. And He understood
where I was coming from. He knew that this young
Mama does not understand about how great He is
or anything like that. But a religious spirit. I run into them in the
healing ministry and all the time and they’re
the leaders that, they are against everything
you do. I mean, they don’t; it’s as if they don’t
want the people healed. You know we don’t
talk about that. How about this one? Someone, someone starts
moaning about their back and they say, “Oh my
aching back and oh,” and you, and you offer
to pray for them. “I believe in healing. Can I
pray for you?” “Well, we don’t
believe in that. My church doesn’t
lead that way.” DC: Oh no, oh my. BD: “No, no, no.” And
they, and so, they curse themselves they hang
on to the, DC: Right. BD: On to the aching back. It’s a religious
spirit and it hinders, it’s wrong beliefs. It’s
a wrong view of God. It’s a very legalistic
view and it’s also a very misinformed view. DC: Yes. BD: They don’t understand that
the Holy Spirit is for today. A religious spirit will,
will reject the power of the Holy Spirit.
They’ll, they’ll reject praying in tongues.
[Speaks in Tongues]. They reject all of that.
They’re against it. DC: Yeah. Yeah. And that hinders
obviously a manifestation of our healing which we’re
so desperately needing and wanting and asking for. BD: Especially when it comes
to the Holy Spirit. DC: Yes! Yes. BD: Because it
is the creative, explosive, miracle
working power of God. And if you want to
walk in the miraculous, if you desire to be
healed, you need to align yourself as a, as a
believer in Jesus. You need to align
yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit. DC: Mmm-mm. You
know what? In about 60 seconds will you tell
me about an orphaned spirit. Because I’ve heard
that term before. What is an orphan spirit and how
does that hinder us? Just in a few
seconds here. BD: An orphan
spirit, they, they. You don’t necessarily have
to be orphaned physically but someone with
an orphan spirit, they oftentimes didn’t
have a father figure in their life, or you know a
parental loving giving, parental father
figure in their life, DC: Yes. Yes. BD: So, they have a very
hard time receiving the blessings of God.
They have a hard time. DC: As the Father. Yes. BD: As the Father
and, and they’re, as being someone that
had a children’s home, I saw how an orphaned
spirit worked all the time. I saw it every day, DC: I’m sure, I’m sure. BD: And they play games,
are very manipulative. They try to do things to get other
people to reject them. They always think
someone’s out to get them. DC: Yes. BD: And they’re
going to reject them, etc. But an orphan spirit
hinders us from receiving the blessings, especially
healing from God because they don’t believe
they’re good enough. And you know what?
No one’s good enough. DC: Exactly, exactly. BD: It’s Jesus. That’s, that’s
more than good enough. DC: Will you pray against
an orphaned spirit right now? BD: Okay. DC: So, people can
experience and break off that and experience
the love of the Father, the blessings
of the Father. BD: Right now,
in Jesus Name, I renounce that orphan
spirit that is oppressing you or possessing you, in
the Name of Jesus. I pray, Holy Spirit, that you will
hover over these individuals right now and that they
will sense your love. And they will be open to
receiving your love and seeing you in a
whole new way. That you are loving, and
your love is unconditional. It’s not based
upon behavior, what they did today,
what they did yesterday, or what they didn’t
do in Jesus Name. But it’s based
upon You, Father, and that they will learn
to see that You are good and loving and kind to
them and You have the best in Your mind for them and
that they will receive all that You have
in Jesus Name, amen. [Music] DC: Once again, we never
have enough time with you, Becky.
[Laughter] So, we could keep you
all day, but this is the end of the program
for this time but please be sure to join us next time
for “Something More.” [Music]>>: Call now and get Becky
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