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Soul Lamp Checking

Soul Lamp Checking

Video series of Solar Student Ambassador Workshop Solar Lamp Check Our lamp is now assembled. The last phase of the lamp is to put it in the packaging box. Before that, we need to inspect the lamp for ensuring that the lamp has been assembled properly or not. Let us start inspecting the lamp. We will check the switch first. If you will press the switch once, the LED will light in the low mode If you will press it twice, the lamp will light in the high mode. The light intensity is more in this mode. If you will press the switch thrice, the lamp will be switched off. Here you will see the DC socket should be in the same alignment with the base bottom. The DC socket is used to charge the battery through the solar panel. We insert the DC wire of the solar panel to DC socket to charge the lamps. We keep this panel in the sunlight For more information
Visit: www.soulsiitb.in | www.solarstudents.org

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