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Solar Water Fountain Pump Kit for Outdoor Ponds, Patio and Aquariums – Review

Solar Water Fountain Pump Kit for Outdoor Ponds, Patio and Aquariums – Review

I am going to review a special product in
this video. All might like to have an outdoor pond or
pool in their house and it might certainly need a pump to filter the water or to create
a fountain. So for such people solar unit like the pump
I am going to show could solve the mystery they might be getting lost into. I have here a solar fountain pump though little
expensive but shows good result and adds lot of beauty to ponds or pools. So without any delay let’s gets started. I have now unboxed the whole thing to a plastic
tub and now I am going to fill some water in it and show you how it works. There you go, now you have a small water fountain
for ponds and pools. If you want to buy this product check the
links in the description and it could help me as well. Now I am also going to unbox many aquarium
products and ornamental fish on my channel so make sure you subscribe it. Moving on I have installed this solar water
fountain in my outdoor lotus aquarium I built especially for growing lotus and breeding
small freshwater fishes. Though it has some algae bloom problem due
to direct sunlight and less water movement but these issues can be solved in a similar
manner as that of a pond or pool. I have also put some barley straw to remove
algae, all of such problems and how to build a lotus
aquarium will be discussed in later videos so make sure you subscribe
Now I have the solar pump on this lotus aquarium and it looks really good. You can also have more water movement in such
set up my adding an aeration filter also connected to the solar panel like this fountain. Just you need to think it in a different angle
and you could make a better lotus aquarium than this one. Also converting this set up to an aquaponics
could also help to get more good results as it will help to clear water, adds up water
movement and also helps to exchange good minerals for both fish and plant grow so it’s a win-win
situation but the set up needs to go through many testing and must require good materials
for proper working. If you could further extend your imagination
then you could also run all of the pumps to run the aquariums and aquaponics using a solar
panel. By making the aquarium and plant growing cabinets
like the Telecom BTS with a solar panel on the top. You can add batteries too to run the system
24 by 7. Also you can convert the normal filter to
solar enabled filter by changing the mains connection to solar connectors and multi pin
connectors are also available on the online shop so go ahead and check them out in the
description too along with solar panels and batteries. I will be also converting this lotus aquarium
to aquaponics that will be running on solar panels. I will make a video when I complete it. Meanwhile you can check my other videos on
my channel or check my other channels on which I upload videos. Thanks for watching so far I will bring another
great video very soon till then bye and take care.

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  1. Hello Ill see you have some lotus, I know that this comment don't would be here, but I just get a pump because my lotus i think is dying, the leafs have some grayish color, i don t know what to do ๐Ÿ™ I think that maybe have to be some water moving around… help. …

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