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we have a new solar light it’s made by
Adison and its motion sensor super-bright LED wall light with a
remote control I’ve never had a remote controlled solar light before so this
should be really convenient so it comes with the instructions the
remote control and the light and then the hardware to install the light I’m
gonna put this on the side of my deck in the backyard. I used to have a solar
light there but I moved that one into the garden to help keep deer away so the
area back here stays very dark and a motion light of course is a great
security and safety feature. Here’s the remote control there are three
brightness levels to choose from three modes. Mode one is continuously on but
with the motion sensor detection that goes to a bright light when when there’s
motion Mode 2 is off until it senses motion and
then it turns on with the bright light and then there’s mode three for no
motion detection that just stays on and the remote control is said to work from
a distance of up to ten meters this has 68 bright LED lights and it will fully
charge in 6 to 8 hours and provide 30 to 40 hours of light okay I’ve got the remote and I’m going
to turn it on hey there it goes these are motion
detection so allow it to turn off okay so it’s on dim mode so Caius walk over and
we’ll see what happens. There it goes an intruder okay go ahead Caius. There you go
that went from dim to bright okay so wait for it to go off. Okay, now walk over
to the deck and see what happens yes it went on! Yes It went on! Another intruder here
comes an intruder yes it went on so it’s really great having the light there on
the deck dimmer dimmer and I don’t know how all the cameras freaking that
out but I got quite a bit dimmer and then I’m going to hit the brightness
level to go up all right I think that there is a monster over there! over there
oh well if the monster comes over here the light will come on. Right? wait! But
you know there’s really no monster! you

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  1. Can you please tell me what size batteries are in the lights and can you turn the lights off and on by the remote control, meaning if I want to shut the lights off permanently, can I do that from the remote control or do I have to push the button on the light first.

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