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Slimming Undergarments | Shapewear

Slimming Undergarments | Shapewear

Hey awesome ones are you still hiding
under over sized clothes or maybe just black clothing. Hey I was doing that too
and I did it for a long long time and then I discovered some slimming ideas
and I thought to myself you know what I’m going to do a few videos on how to
work your clothing for slimming and trimming and it really really helped me.
But I thought I’d start this one well let’s just start with the undergarments
what lies underneath and it all starts in just a few seconds. So I’ve got a
whole basket full of things to show you. I’m so excited and there’s all kinds of
things if your body shape has changed let’s say since you were in your 20s. Now
for most of us yeah that’s what’s happening and if you’re still wearing…
let me see if I can get these in the the photograph over here a little bit or in
the video I should say. If you’re wearing sort of skimpy little underwear like
this and maybe a bra that’s too small for you you’re going to get that muffin
top. You’re going to get a few things that no wonder you’re hiding under the
oversized clothes. Hey we’re a little curvier now and let’s see what we can do
about those curves. So these undergarments they really
helped me get support and structure for my body type. Now and I don’t have to
resort to wearing like muumuu dresses and hiding underneath everything. I can
wear something a little bit slimmer because I’m wearing these and it just
helps me with my look to feel and look more youthful. Now first of all what I’m
going to do is show you two kinds of clips of me and yeah I’m kind of brave
to do this but I really want to show you the difference that undergarments make.
So let’s take a look right here…… and as you can see I’m in my little
black dress and one of the photos has me with the slimming undergarments and the
other one does not. And just in case you think I’m breathing in no I’m not
breathing in. I’m trying to do the same kind of breaths for both of them. But
let’s just take a look. I’m going to get to this in a minute and what a bra can
do for you and you can see that under my arms there’s little rolls here. I
don’t have them with the other bra that’s kind of bringing everything in
also you can see my tummy here. If I’m wearing those kind of skimpy bikini you
know underwear what I’m going to have is I’m going to have some well let’s call
it the old muffin top here and I’m not going to have it if I’m wearing
something that’s not uncomfortable but basically bringing me in a little bit
more a little bit of shapewear and yeah. In the two outfits you can really really
see the difference. Alright so let’s start with some shapewear and it’s all
about the shape all about the shape. These look like ugly granny panties but you
know what these actually work. And I’m wearing the black pair underneath me
right now but I wanted to show you some of my top items that I really really
love. I found something that doesn’t roll down. I found this out the hard
way. I went to a gala and I was wearing those briefs and when I was standing up
and sitting down and dancing oh my gosh I got the dreaded roll down. Started
rolling down underneath my dress and then of course my waist was like three
times wider which is not what you want with shapewear. So I found something that
I think is better for a lot of those times when you’re doing a lot of moving
around and I hope you can see this. It’s the one piece…Bill can everybody see
that?… Okay alright, awesome and the one piece that I have here I absolutely love
it because it has a cut out for my own bra. So I don’t need to
worry about Oh the waist is too short or I can just sort of put my own bra in
there and then the rest of it just sort of flows down. And that brings me to my
next item which is the bra with side panels.
So most bras just have a very small little side panel like this and we’re
all used to that. However if you find the right bra like I did to kinda…well you
know what I’m talking about, that underarm stuff. You’re going to find
something that’s on the market that has a wider kind of side panel like this. Now
let’s just take a look at them if I can do this side-by-side. I can make this
happen absolutely. So you can see the difference here between the…Bill can you
see the difference there between the two? All right this is just not hiding
anything and this one has a much nicer side panel. Now you can get that in a
regular bra, you can also find something in a you know something like this which
is…a let me go over here…sports bra. Which again has the wider panels on the
side. Now the other thing that you need to do is you make…you’ve got to make
sure that you get measured as well around the…well right around here and a
lot of times we think well I know I’m a 34b. Well hey guess what? You’re probably
not a 34B anymore. I found out like I was a 38 and I went
whoa, but now I don’t have those kind of muffin tops around my bra at the back and
y’all know what I’m talking about. So find yourself a good a lingerie store
even Victoria’s Secret just say to them look I really need a bra with panels to
hide this kind of something-something here. I also want to be measured to
make sure that my circumference is right, the cup size is right and they will take
the time to do this. And you’re going to spend at least an hour or so but at the
end you get yourself a great bra that’s going to
make you look slimmer make you feel more confident and hey it fits. Now what I’m
going to do is I’m going to make sure that I link a lot of the shapewear and
the products that I’m talking about below. And we make a little bit of
Commission on that and it really helps us to keep making these videos so thanks
a lot if you do buy through the links. But one thing I’m not going to do is I’m not going to link any bras because I really encourage you to go out and get
the fittings. I would rather have you get the right thing than us just link to
something that’s going to be totally wrong for you. So make sure you look
after yourself and get that done. So let’s talk about the briefs and I’m not
going to keep it pretty. All right Bill I kind of feel sorry for you behind the
camera here because of my granny panties. And yeah you know sometimes I might
might wear a pair like this under a high-rise jeans and I’ll show you that
in a minute or under a control top kind of pair of tights and again I’ll show
you that in a minute, but yeah for the most part I’m wearing the granny panties
and what I love about these…I don’t know if you can see them okay but they’re
very very lightweight and they also are light enough and seamless enough to wear
underneath some of that shapewear that I showed you. So they don’t have their own
roll sort of speak they also have a nice cotton gusset in them as well so you can
get these in all different colors. I really like the beige because they go
with everything. But you know we’ve we’ve got to…when our
shape starts to change…these high rises just help to tuck everything in. They
also help us with our muffin top and I gotta tell you you know I’m 64 years old
right now and I was a former model and for me
confidence is the key. I know that. I’m not going to be as slim as I was
when I was modeling and I gotta tell you when I was modeling I was bulimic. So
don’t want to go back there. I want to stay healthy. I want to stay kind of
youth fulfilling and I want to look good and all of this shapewear and
undergarments they really really help with that. So stay healthy and let’s get
to the next one. And hey if you’re kind of liking these videos I would love you
to subscribe to the channel and come on back by clicking on the bell that way
you’ll be notified whenever the videos are out. I got about three more bonus
ones for you. I thought I’d finished the script and then I went no I can add some
more to it. And the number one thing you’ve heard me talk about this before
is the lightweight camisole. I’ll try to put this up here…hopefully you can see
it…look at how thin this is and I’ve got these in all different…as a matter of
fact I’m wearing one underneath this right now and it helps to keep me slim and also if I
get the dreaded role down in my top I’m covered there. But yeah these are made by
jockey and again we’ll put the links below.
They are absolutely fabulous. You don’t even know you’re wearing them. I wear
them underneath something when I’m bike riding for goodness sakes and you know
it’s really really nice. So that’s one. The other one is for fall or winter or
spring. Get yourself a pair of tights that are higher wasted or maybe a
control top and you know don’t go for anything in the bikini kind of look you
can also do this…maybe you want a black pair of hose but pantyhose so this will
really help you with that. And of course this one was another one that I thought
I would add and it is the high rise jeans. I think it says right on there
the high rise and it’s also stretchy they’re so fantastic. I absolutely love
them, but as you can see with the high rise I don’t know if you can tell here
I’ll kind of move up a bit, but it’s keeping my my tummy and everything
pushed in. So if I did want to wear a pair of those kind of slinky underwear
if you know what I mean I got myself covered with this. You know I do these
kind of videos…… i’m kinda showing things that I really
wouldn’t…I’m trying to be brave for all of you but you are my virtual friends
and I just I love it when you have comments and you’re talking to me about…..
Hey you know what? If you’ve got some other ideas for slimming please put them
in the comments. Let’s all share this and let’s help each other be confident and
feel youthful and absolutely awesome. There’s somebody else who’s a virtual
friend to a lot of you and I’m gonna bring him out in just a second. So here
he is. Our little Hurricane. Hey Hurricane. And when Hurricane comes on the scene I’m reminded to talk to you
about upcoming videos. Frst of all we are so inspired that a lot of you are
going to our new second….sorry did I wake you up? Going to our new second channel
and that’s over at awesome over…er… Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration
hey we’re talking about tech gadgets, we’re talking about exercise,
food and even some travel in there as well some places that we’ve been that we
really want you to take along and share with. And on this our Beauty Channel I’m
trying out some new skincare and I’m not just sort of slapping it…I’m trying it
on for a long time see if it’ll work and then I want to really share it with you.
So that’s coming up, but I want to talk to you about something. You know we are
almost at 70,000 subscribers and I…you know for Bill and I…I don’t know and
little Hurricane probably as well…it means so much to us. You know
when I started this beauty channel a lot of people were saying…it was about two
years ago…they were like are you kidding me like that’s just for 20 year olds.
Nobody wants to learn about makeup from an older woman. Well guess what? You’re
all proving them wrong because I feel that people are the same age want to
learn from somebody at the same age and we just…let’s face it we don’t have the
same skin as a lot of 20 year olds so thank you so much from the bottom of my
heart for being here…for subscribing. You know
you’re getting products I really really appreciate it and I’m planning to be
here for a long long time. So in the meantime and until we meet again,
you are the awesome ones. You are the awesome ones. Thank you!

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