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Sistema Easy Eggs Microwave Cooker Gadget Review

Sistema Easy Eggs Microwave Cooker Gadget Review

Hey what’s going on welcome to the 9malls review of the easy eggs made in New Zealand sistema Phthalate and BPA free to go
so these products I don’t know why but egg cookers always get a lot of reviews
on this channel that’s not reviewing another one this time a product made in
New Zealand I think this is my first product ever made in New Zealand alright
so let’s open it up see what this thing looks like says open it has a little
lock the logo Systema little steam vent right here you can open it up and look
at that so yeah it’s just a plastic container let me see here crack a room
temperature a stir and add a splash of milk season with salt and pepper mix in
your choice of toppings cook for 40 seconds take out and whisk then cook for
a further 40 to 60 seconds with vent open microwave times may vary
alright so oh yeah here we go this is the vent you push it open and it
vent so that’s really cool that’s like next-level microwave a cooker and I’m
not just saying that I’ve reviewed some pretty bad egg cookers on this channel
this actually might be the most advanced little plastic microwave egg cooker all
right so I got my egg I’m gonna crack it in here and here we go it’s ready to go
let’s cook it alright so got some pepper a little bit of salt and see crushed red
pepper let’s just put a couple mushrooms in there all right now mix it up I just
look liquid that’s been with microwave 40 seconds and it got a little bit of
liquid inside the microwave not too bad okay and so my 40 seconds it’s almost
completely cooked so it says cook 40 seconds and take out a whisk then cook
for a further 40 to 60 seconds I don’t think it needs much more than that
so I’m just gonna put in a couple more seconds because it already looks
completely cooked and I don’t want to overcook it and have rubbery eggs
alright so I put it in another 10 seconds gonna open it up with the vent
open here and yeah it’s completely cooked alright so here we go the taste
test it’s completely cooked my microwave is definitely more powerful than the
ones that they’re using this in this example so it didn’t take nearly as much
time and yeah that egg was cooked pretty well tastes pretty good there is a
slight mess that I’m gonna have to clean up this this dish right here and also
the microwave got a little bit of liquid on the glass you know spinning carousel
but it did make a good egg and I like the design of this thing I’ve reviewed
other plastic egg cookers and I like the option of having a vent it locks into
place nice good quality plastic BPA and Phthalate
free it says so personally I’m not gonna cook eggs in the microwave with plastic
containers I don’t think you know cook nice right get a nice ceramic pan cook
it on your stovetop there’s just as much cleanup because you have to clean this
up if you get a nice nonstick ceramic pan it’s almost less cleanup than this
so for those of you that need a product like this yeah this is a good product
for what it for what it is the easy eggs made New Zealand sistema works great so I do
recommend it but just as advice I’d say just get a nice ceramic pan nonstick
ceramic pan and use that instead so thanks for watching my videos if you
like and please subscribe if you want to support my content go to
patreon.com/scishow also you can shop the products that i review on my channel
i’m a new Amazon shop and that’s all in the description you can check it out
there so thanks for watching once again and until next time I’ll see you later

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  1. I want to buy an Arctic air personal cooler but I want to see some reviews first! Please review an Arctic air personal cooler!

  2. Einen Tip von mir, niemals mit metall in Plastikschüsseln oder Beschichtetes Kochgeschirr gehen. Das gibt jedesmal feine Kratzer wo sich mit der Zeit die oberste Beschichtung löst und unansehnlich wird. Holz oder Plastik utensilien nutzen dann Bleibt es lange schön und es gibt keine Beschichtung oder Plastik im Essen 🙂

  3. Purchased this about two months ago from Amazon. Absolutely love it. I make omelettes with it, but you can also steam vegetables and do other things as well..

  4. did mine in a small coffee cup..expresso size. one egg cling film over the top, pierce the top. 40 secs and beautiful poached egg

  5. You did not open the vent for the first forty seconds, which is why your eggs cooked so quickly and some boiled over into your microwave.

  6. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Sistema Libertad on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/sistema-libertad-review/ Thanks, Trenton.

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