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Simple Wooden Lamp DIY

Simple Wooden Lamp DIY

I always wanted to build a lamp but I
had no real idea and now I had. I make a quick sketch what’s in my head and let’s
go! First I use my pencil and ruler to measure the right distance to cut my
board. Then I use clamps to hold this piece of wood that acts as a guideline
for the saw. I just borrowed this saw from a neighbor and it’s also the first time
I’m using this kind of tool. But it went quite good I think. I use the same
technique as before to cut some squares from the sliced wood. I was measuring the
distance from my saw blade to the edge of the saw and added the dimensions my
final peace should be and this is where I always put the mark on the wood. Now I
cut them all and find the center of every piece. Here you can see I made one
piece more than I needed but it was only to select the best of four and now I predrill them all. This way my holesaw has a guideline and every piece is the same in
the end. I’m using a holesaw that fits the measurements of my socket for the lamp
and I also use these two clamps to hold it in place while I’m drilling the hole. This kind of also don’t has that much depth and this is why I came up with the
idea to use smaller pieces and just glue them together later.
All holes drilled now and a final check if my socket will fit in there. Now it’s
time to glue them together. I just used ordinary wood glue for this. I remove the
excess glue and then clamp them together. Then I just needed to wait for the glue
to dry and I could unpack my final glued up piece. Then I started sanding the
piece and I started with 80 grit sandpaper and slowly moved up to 240
grit I wanted the surface to be as flat as possible
and as smooth as possible. Here you can also see that I put every piece in a other
direction while gluing up and this way I got a little pattern. The final sanding with 240 grit I’m
doing the hand because I thought I have more control. Now it just needed a little
hole for my cable to come through and I just covered it with some adhesive tape
and this way the drilled hole will be very nice and clean. Now a little
satisfying moment for me. So now that it all is smooth I can finally add the
first coat of color. I had the feeling I was standing two hours in that store to
choose the right color and I came home with this walnut color and I still think
it’s a little bit too dark maybe, what do you think? I let the color dry for a
little while and then again sanded it. This time I’m only using a very fine
sandpaper so that it don’t take off too much of the first coating. Then I
added the second coat and after some more time to let it dry it’s already
time to assemble everything. First I added the cable and then connected the
cable to the socket. It was very comfortable to make because the socket
was just a click system so very fast and easy. I bought this little piece of felt and
just cut it to size. It will close the bottom of my lamp. When I started
building I was a little unsure if maybe the lamp will fall over or something
like that but the center of gravity was very down at the bottom. So it stands
real great. All work done and now I can finally proudly present my homemade
lamp. What do you think I could have made better? [Subscribe]

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