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Simple inverter circuit diagram using 1 transistor running fluorescent lamp

Simple inverter circuit diagram using 1 transistor running fluorescent lamp

Hello friends That is the fluorescent circuit As I’ve described in previous videos It is also a simple inverter circuit It has enough power to run 20w or 25w bulbs Even if the bulb is broken Compact But this time I have optimized the parameters And used to run fluorescent gut Not hot and without any problems If you do not understand, You can see the previous tutorial. Here, I have tried the circuit for a very long time I gave it a try to record the song with the guitar I will give the winding parameters are primary 0.45mm (32turn) The rolls were 0.23 (21turn), and the secondary was 0.23mm There are circuit diagrams in the video The boards can resize wires However, only slightly change, and change the size of the wire is larger, If you do it right Surely the circuit will run okay, And does not cause any noise The circuit will consume 092A while running The D718 will not be hot. Not hot R2,2k and C333j Not hot fluorescent 20w You can use 20w or 25w for this circuit So there is no reason for it to fail I tried more than 1 session to record the song

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  1. have you wound your own. very large transformers? or toroid's? I have questions! I hope you can help. how is the maximum capacity of the core calculated. how to calculate the capabilities of the core. from its size. how to well I guess I just need to tell you what I'm wanting to do. I want to build a center tapped transformer/toroid. for a push pull boost stage. to boost from 24v to around 175v. whatever rectified 120vAC is. I found a driver board for a spwm inverter driver. for the output stage of a 2500watt plus inverter project. if the videos were in English. they would be the best I have seen. but 2ns best ain't bad. have a great day.

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