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Alright, so we’re going to unwrap everything here… We have some decorative items here. These are all trays And they’re going to be on the coffee table. This is a nice vase… I don’t know why I bought a vase but I did! Here’s to hoping that I display more flowers in my home *ahhhhhh* Ok, you can’t put water in here, there’s a hole underneath o_o it’s just an ornament So here’s another tray, I obviously bought too many trays This is really pretty, with a nice gold colour… and a mirror! This is a plastic divider that I’m going to put in my walk-in wardrobe and I’m going to use it to divide my clutches Well, here is *ooh nice* Can you see the bottom? It’s cork with gold glitter okay this is a pen/pencil holder, and here is a matching tape dispenser It’s a matching stapler, and they’re all acrylic with gold details This is a set of measuring cups, they are in gold… I saw them sell in Ikea, these metal ones and it’s really expensive for Ikea pricing and like, Zara Home and everywhere, these are actually very expensive but I don’t remember (how much). They were quite cheap compared to Ikea and Zara Home They were quite cheap so I bought them I will share the link (it’s below, see #12) This is another tray, this is really nice This is a terrazzo tray Nellie (@nellielim) was the one who introduced me to this [terrazzo] and she likes to say it like that *terrazzo* and… we have some coasters here nice, hexagonal ones They’re supposed to be marble but they don’t look like marble Actually they do… Probably just not enough grains? Ooooh, this one’s got nice grains Super love it! This is a set of real, stone, terrazzo coasters Look at that! It’s really really pretty It’s black, white, and pink *forgive my overreaction, I was startled LOL* Got a set of acrylic boxes for tissue paper And here I’ve got more acrylic organizers for my make up and skincare which I already have a bunch in my room but I didn’t have enough so I got another one Fake marble tray They’re not real, they’re like plastic But like kinda have a marbling effect on them They’re for me to put my soap and stuff in the toilet Because it keeps getting wet, and it’s a good way to organise *klutz* lol 8) Ok so I got a couple of glass bottles It’s for me to pour in reed diffuser… things. and they’ve got this really pretty flowery things as your reed diffuser sticks It’s just like a few cents per piece So just stick that in there… So these are actually, I believe, a copy of the Muji soap bottles, I think. They’re all over Taobao actually. They’re like $2.50 a piece, I think? This is a hanger holder for the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, which I have but I have nowhere to put So what you do is, You drill this into like, maybe the side of the (vanity) table? and you can hook the hairdryer here and the different attachments here and you can put other things on here This is gonna be very useful for my vanity! I think that’s it for decorative and random items So these are just some of
the things that we just unboxed… I will be styling them and putting them around the house and possibly even ordering more stuff on Taobao If you guys like this video, please remember to
comment, like, and subscribe and let me know in the comments what sort of videos
you would like to see me put up! See you guys next time! Bye!

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  1. Hi, any further video clip of your house tour after the clip 3 months' ago. Would like to see it after your final shipment and organization

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