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Sharing your screen with Clevershare – Kent School of Architecture and Planning Tech

Sharing your screen with Clevershare – Kent School of Architecture and Planning Tech

*Music* Hi and welcome to the KSATech YouTube channel.
In today’s tutorial, we will be covering the ways to get the most out of our new large
display screens, which feature great improvements from our previous screens, in this video we’ll
cover the flagship Clevershare system. This is a system that will allow you to wirelessly
share the screen of up to 4 devices simultaneously. These 4 devices can be a mix of PC, Mac, iPhone
and Android systems. Laptops with the Clevershare app installed will even be able to control
their device using the screen as if their laptop had a touch screen. Due to limitations
within the Apple and Android systems this is sadly not possible for mobile devices.
First of all to use the screens full features you have to turn them on, this differs depending
on the teaching space. In the critspace you do this by using the buttons on this panel
here. It’s important to use this panel here because if you turn it on using a different
method you will find that many basic features don’t work such as the Mouse and Keyboard.
The reason for this is the panel allows use of the Mouse and Keyboard to switch between
the built in PC and an external laptop when plugged in. If the panel is off it will disable
mouse and keyboard input. By default when the screen is switched on it will use the
Windows PC which can be switched to by pressing the PC button. You can also switch over to
the LUX mode by selecting the AUX button. For those screens without a wall panel such
as those in Studio B you can turn them on using the button in the bottom right hand
corner of the screen bezel. To switch inputs you can simply swipe up from the bottom of
the screen to switch modes. This video will be split into two parts. Installing
and Configuring the Clevershare app and connecting to the screen and interfacing with the screen
using the clevershare system. This video will be covering connecting with
the screen, accepting connections and managing multi device and full screen view.
Once this is set up you can then enter the code that is displayed on the top right of
the LUX system on screen. Please note that you can’t see this code while using the
Windows mode so you’ll need to switch to LUX mode to get the code displayed on screen.
This code can also be collapsed into a small button by tapping on the code on screen and
selecting Minimized. To prevent abuse of the system we have made is nessecary to approve
the devices to connect before they are allowed to display anything. When a device connects
you will see a pop up briefly appear allowing you to allow or deny users from connecting
to the screen. If for some reason you miss the pop up you can also approve the device
by tapping on the code and selecting “View device list” from the menu. You can then
use the tick or cross to approve or deny the device from here. As you connect devices they
will automatically share the screen space. You can make one particular screen full screen
by selecting the full screen icon at the top of its window. You can go back to multi-screen
mode by selecting the button in the bottom left of the screen. Of course while streaming
you can at any time enter basic annotation mode and annotate over the content being shown.
Those are all the features of the Clevertouch screen that I want to show you today. I will
have links in the description to the download locations for the Clevershare app. As well
as a link to the tutorial on how to install and configure the Clevershare app.
Remember that while your phone is connected all content that is shows on screen will be
displayed so you should take care not to display sensitive content. You should also remember
at the end of your session to shut the screen down, to do this just press the power off
button. Its important to understand that this doesn’t shut the PC down and you will still
need to log out to protect your account. For Studio B you can shut down the screen
by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds then clicking OK on the dialogue
that appears. So thanks for watching this tutorial. Feel
free to check our other videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you
can keep up with videos as they are released. We hope to see you soon but until then. Have
a good day!

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