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Shakes & Fidget – A(r)mor tragend am Valentinstag #360 SFGame

Shakes & Fidget – A(r)mor tragend am Valentinstag #360 SFGame

hello and welcome to a new round shakes and fidget so we have the valentine warm congratulations to all the world in hot and yes today There are of course pad to find the what can be found in only one year namely today where is here and that floss can nettle pattinson on the valentine’s Day encounter in the island scapa scapa it’s me have otherwise always I believe there was yes or something like that said so briefly considered but yes here must I this my berzerk definitely nor are the other servers am I have not so far on my mainstay I have already naturally Found So yes island scapa as well always think there definitely looks if you have it I pad as client reminder again all right otherwise I wanted you definitely also once again point out has somehow happened to be on the drives unwesen German server 31 EUR and there already relatively established since the means you have me just a fresh created level 1 then can account ye like course with us in the Report guild for we have in fact now as a program with us, we have just once so that the chosen had so now that all inactive from the guild has slowly but surely out can even order new fresh wind ins in the guild comes to the guilds live a little spice indeed has nothing to do the knights hall or so but the just really just here yes really applies to live a little bit on the old server before all hire promote here in the guild yes so who has interest can arrange safe or at my best Report and then we will because you Invite team accordingly yes some even made advertising here the guild has so much more do his heavy times like these where the off more than is rocky and tough old how close because you have to look somewhere is yes and therefore must remain one there of course, the certain measures seize for themselves and also which applies accordingly what good to do so old I have because there is no longer met but what is that for a Christian EUR my god and 64 million credit I normally do this as so as than normal hits and that was a step been oh green neune that’s really really annoying thing I say yes pity jam put on the that would as well use its own and its but can as you can see times be me again we do not need much more then we will also soon be the next opponent take yes that is of course, very nice and I am me in any case already on it when it has come because yes it will probably probably not very long take, well, what else do we have so beautiful is the start we would have times another wing drank here once turn over let’s see if we somehow what you we get there three okay yes they have it not too long have lasted even equal one drinks I nursed bit had me had considered my time long if I no more potions to buy because in the end it is that’s what you Since then soak buys I’d think I ever mentioned my free-to-play tactics more or less but my tactics so it’s just so it pursue not just a few people very many really are really just very few people who has this tactic follow that they do not buy drinks because the principle is, the whole beverages are only temporarily so you are Although well represented in a leaderboard but characterized in principle are the temporary skills ye by and that procured the pods subsequently seen on life pretty expensive So yes, the cost or even relatively much gold I have to say and these are all wasted money points ye have temporarily what it but in principle What you permanently it remains the quasi wasted in the trough, and but which actually in skate points invest so this is actually a thing yes because I’ve already often times thoughtless made it that easy to let time be the soak and yes of course it is then yes relatively far behind in the hall of honor guilds battles are also natural not so nice and the dungeons we do not need just starting that since then no longer coming this is clearly but I think in the long term seen this could of course genuine yes I really tell me in this building to put so if one course permanent bought another compared the gamblers the other tactic then use the course Never as much as in the soak the can naturally make good the then again clearly because you have so must there shut we know that the best hand has so hand by hand raises yes so I’d say for the fourth play player because I would actually apply because as free to play game you still have that thing so you need just still drank wing to have the top beverage and yes this I would have just actually it’s better to prefer all three beverages have the same or none of them so but such a medium-ding from here somehow the men tribute ranking endurance and maybe a lucky day or something So that knows not that I can somehow do not support either full potential and then the dungeons by washing in the time or just do not so and so yes I would as free to play games anyway prefer to buy any drink, and to keep to take only the potions then if you sometimes a wing drank for free and to otherwise have so yes I would you recommend in any case apropos we let’s see if we here somehow can tip a few quests that we perhaps here already that the pad otherwise get but I have to pressed or I forget that after course of the day again I island Ischia always say I always call it the paper but that does nothing works yes I know that now again nothing who is will work out but scarpa scapa they do not notice human or was there nor anything else that somehow scarpia was so cleaver or later is recognized and I what I to definitely thought best we get this is not so is indeed rare but does not mean that the quest rarely is but it may be if I not get if I get the quest that I do not necessarily pad So by getting yes may be that one as well as a bit of reinfeldt of a place but somehow yes I will but not all the time my treibsand let it rest because they are me now a bit worth something somehow he does not want to All right then we have times cleaver know because I look at the running of the day times how that behaves here with the island but I hope I do not forget the merely needs because on definitely think about it dwells so on other twelve warendorf’s first time well so far that it is today have been I hope you get the pad is decay have not otherwise you still want one nice day many thanks for watching party on and Until next time

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  1. Ich wäre bereit mir nen Char auf deinem Server zu machen,und dank eurer Boni würde ich auch sehr schnell aufsteigen,spiele täglich 300 ALU also wäre ich sehr schnell für euch von nutzen. Würde mich freuen,mit dir zusammen zu spielen Dorzer ^^ aber weiss nicht ob das Ok ist für die Leitung bei euch. Aber ich sags mal so,lieber nen low Level Char der täglich am Level Ups ballern ist,als einen hohen Spieler der inaktiv ist.
    Deshalb die Frage an dich,könntest du mal nachfragen ob ihr nen frischen 300 Char aufnehmen würdet? mit Eurer Boni würde ich wahnsinnig schnell aufsteigen.
    Ich selbst kann ja nicht anfragen,da ich ja nen Char auf mindestens Stufe 10 bräuchte ^^

  2. Die Gildenleader+Offiziere sehen das aber nicht so gerne wenn viele keine Tränke haben. In jeder Gildenbeschreibung kann man lesen das Tränke erforderlich sind. 😀

  3. Oh man.. ich würde mich gerne bei euch bewerben (lvl 366 kundschafter), aber … ich möchte eigentlich meiner Gilde treu bleiben xD argh

  4. du bist nun erstmal auf der verlassenen Insel Scarpa für 1 Monat. Nur du und ein Riesengroßes Banner wo darauf geschrieben ist ''Insel Scarpa''. Damit auch du es richtig sagen kannst. 🙂 Viel Glück. Halt die Ohren steif

  5. "Schlag den Dorzer" 181 Level Unterschied
    wenn ich dich eingeholt habe kann ich auf welt 31 einen hoch ziehen und rh punkte geben ;)))

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