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SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (A) | 23 February 2020 | BY Fr. George Fernandes MSFS |

SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (A) | 23 February 2020 | BY Fr. George Fernandes MSFS |

Lev: 19: 1-2,17-18 1Cor 3: 16-23 Mt: 5: 38-48
My dear brothers and sisters Peace of god be with you all,
Today we are in the 7th Sunday of ordinary time. All the readings of today invite us to love
and to be like God in holiness. It is a difficult and challenging task to
love everyone equally. Even a mother, who is referred to be the best
example of exhibiting unfathomable love to her children, cannot love her relatives, friends,
neighbors equally. But god showed his unbiased love by sending
his only son for the redemption of whole humanity. Therefore my dear friends love is one but
on earth we humans grade this love in different ways. But for God love is one and indivisible. God shows his love equally to rich and poor,
bad or good, locals or aliens. In the first reading 19; 17 God says you shall
not anyone hate in your heart. Heart is said to be centre of human life,
it is a one of the vital organs and brain also is considered to be a vital organ. It is the brain that which collects data,
analyses organizes and shows the reality to us even emotions are done in the same way
in brain but heart is considered to be the one from where emotions originate. Because it is the heart that supplies oxygenated
blood to brain. Brain needs sufficient oxygen for its function,
for its vital activity. If heart fails to supply the required blood
to brain, damages take place in brain which may lead to serious problem to the health
of the person. Therefore what goes from heart provides life
and growth. Therefore, let us love everyone from our heart,
because it gives life and growth. The bond we make with heart cannot be broken
because they are bonded strongly that’s why God says do not hate anyone in your heart. Love your neighbor as yourself. In the 2nd reading, st. Paul stresses that
we are the temple of God because God’s spirit dwells in us. If each person is temple of god, we can experience
the presence of god in each of us, which in returns invites each one to love the rest
of people whomsoever we may come into contact with in life. But, loving everyone equally is a very difficult
task. Even though we resemble god we exhibit bad
character which hurts the feeling of others. In that case how can we love our neighbors
and our enemies with an undivided heart? Jesus has given us an answer to this question
through his way of life. He has shown a great love to those who hated
him and those who crucified him on the cross. Even on the cross he had a humble and gentle,
loving and affectionate heart to forgive them and called them to be like him so that we
may inherit the kingdom of god and be part of it as members in his heavenly abodes. Friends, love does not only mean just providing
what others want from us or supporting them even if they commit any wrong doings. So loving others imply that we must possess
courage and confidence to correct them when necessary. So that, they may not commit any wrong doings
and destroy the harmony and growth of oneself and others. In Jn: 2: 15 Jesus chased the money lenders
in the temple in order to drive out those defiled the holiness of temple and those who
changed the temple of God into market place. Here Jesus corrected them by driving them
out of the temple, so that they may abandon their evil ways and comes closer to god. Sometimes we notice parents take the same
step towards their children in order that they may amend their lives and live according
to norms of the society to bring harmony, peace and growth. If the parents do not take any effort to correct
the children or rather want to please them by allowing them to do as they want, the children
will spoil their lives as well as parents might fail in their duties and responsibilities. Parents or friends or whoever it may be who
really love others will correct when the loved ones commit wrongs. It shows their true love and support, care
and concern. So my dear brothers and sisters let us love
one another because it promotes growth and harmony in oneself, others and the whole world. So let us understand that the love is most
powerful weapon in the world. It can be used or misused or abused. But true love is used for a positive purpose
and growth. Let us pray that we may love one another as
God loved us in Christ. May Christ’s love enrich and transform ourselves
to transform others. May God be a source of Grace and strength
in this Journey. Live Jesus. Amen.

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