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Self-protecting data – Encryptics (01-14-20)

Self-protecting data – Encryptics (01-14-20)

(smooth music) – Encryptics has taken the
data security war to a new level by weaponizing data to be self-aware to the point that it is only
available and functional when the right conditions
are met, and no longer. Encryptics CEO, Elliot Lewis
has worked as a security chief for the government,
Microsoft, Cisco, and Dell, and he and his team are making data the new intelligent frontline of security. – Data can check for literally
anything you want it to, and then follow your instructions if it doesn’t find what
you’re looking for. It may say, “I will only open up
on this particular person, With this particular device in
these particular locations, and if it does not see that, it will keep itself
safe, if not self-delete. – In addition to standard data security, this also adds a new layer of
protection against ransomware. – If data arrives on a machine and it does not see
anti-ransomware technology on that machine, it will stay encrypted
and/or delete itself and not allow itself to be there. – It also ties in extremely well with location specific data
privacy laws, like GDPR. – For a European resident, they must know where
all their data went to. And also, they must know
that they have the ability to pull their data back upon request if they don’t want their
data used that way. It can adjust itself
to any kind of security or issues you need to, and you can change the policy on your data even though you’ve already sent it, even though it’s already out there, because you can update it on the fly. – For more information,
visit Encryptics.com.

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