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Second-Hand Furniture | Budget Home Tour

Second-Hand Furniture | Budget Home Tour

Hello guys, my name is Tegan and today I
want to show you our secondhand furniture, which is basically all of our
furniture. There are several reasons why my husband like to further by secondhand
furniture rather than brand new. Number one you save money. Secondhand is always cheaper than brand new.
Number two, you can buy more unique pieces. Not necessarily one-of-a-kind
antiques but furniture that says something about you rather than when you shop.
Number three you can afford higher quality, solid rather than ply-board
pieces. This third point is what we really try to focus more on nowadays. So,
quality over quantity in all aspects of life I guess.
And number four, you reduce
landfill by buying less into consumer culture.
Our shoe cabinet is actually a
wine cabinet. I saw this idea on pinterest and I bloody loved it! I grew
up never wearing shoes inside the house so there must always be somewhere to
store shoes at the door. You can find wine cabinets much cheaper than this but
I took a long time to find something that would fit in this awkward space for
our front entrance and now that is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
It’s very solid and I think it’s probably the highest quality piece we own. We brought it home hanging out the boot of a car! I thought i was going
to lose it on the freeway but you gotta do what you gotta do!
This plant stand was
$12 at a trash and treasure market. I had literally been looking for one like it
for years but athefew I’d come across were always more than $100. When
I bought it and was carrying it around the market, one lady accosted me and
seemed to be very upset that I’d found at first. She was like, “where did you get
that?!” “what are you gonna do with it?!”
and I was like,
“I’m gonna put a plant in it?” I swear she nearly ripped it out of my
hands This entertainment unit was probably a
little more than i originally wanted to pay, but we really love the design. All we
had to do was drill a hole in the back for the DVD player and the appletv
chords. And it’s got plenty of room for all our
DVDs, our cds and a few other bits and pieces as well.
We have pretty much decided that we are never ever going to buy a new couch or lounge suite again, so
long as we have our cat Selene. The only piece of furniture we’ve bought
brand-new was a Fantastic Furniture couch, it wasn’t amazing quality but it
looked alright and it did the job. Then Selene arrived on the scene and she
thought it belonged to her. I tried everything to stop her scratching it;
wrapping it up in tin foil and sticky tape, buying her all the different kinds cat
scratchers but she basically destroyed it within 18 months. We purchased this
leather suite for a great price and around the same time I invested in the
cheapest cardboard cat scratchers from Kmart which Selene loves! We don’t expect it to stay in pristine condition forever because Selene does still like to sleep
on them but at only $250, we don’t really mind so much
This rug, while not secondhand,
was ex-floor stock which is another great thing to look for
instead of buying brand new. Before I met Adi, I planned to keep a Jungle Python as a pet. I arranged for my wildlife keeper license and I bought
this converted kitchen cabinet from eBay as a terrarium. Then almost immediately
after that I met Adi and he flipped out when he saw the, what i thought was an
obviously fake snake, so it’s been empty ever since. I don’t really want to get
rid of it. We use it for book storage and I keep my
records in here as well. We’ve thought about keeping frogs or stick-insects in
here but I’m not so keen. I’m not sure really how I feel about keeping a snake
in such a captive environment anymore either. This is the second dining table we’ve
bought a couple. When we first moved in together we used my old IKEA desk as a dining table for months.
Then we bought
a small round 4 seater on ebay and once we moved into this house we sold
that one to someone who was going to refurbish it, because we want to tell me
bigger for this space honestly I think we paid a little too
much for it, especially since it’s just from Fantastic Furniture but it has been
serving us very well. I searched for ebay for our master bed suite for
months and eventually won the bidding on this one for what I think was a great
price. It’s natural, solid oak and I love the paneling on the side of the drawers.
The model came with wooden handles for all the drawers but the previous owners
never installed them and we think it looks great without them too!
We were a bit disappointed with this purchase, it’s a fantastic furniture brand again
and while I knew this when we bought it the photos did not indicate the poor
condition of the wood and I couldn’t leave it there because I’d already
organized for my father to bring his ute up to the city to help us collect it. It has however been very useful when
family come to stay. And finally, not really a furniture item i guess but a
large household piece nonetheless Our aquarium which is way too expensive for us to buy brand new. This was another ‘hanging out the boot on the freeway’
scenario which in hindsight was not the smartest idea. But it survived and even
though we’ve only had varying success with the aqua garden and not very much
success with fish, I think it’s a great addition to our
home. Not just with the peaceful vibe it creates but the cupboards below act as
bonus extra storage too. Thanks for watching guys, let me know if you enjoyed
this video and whether or not you buy secondhand furniture and, if so, what is
your favorite piece?
See you next time Bye!

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  1. That's super smart !!!!!!!! Using a wine rack as holding shoes ! I love your floors πŸ™‚
    Also those look like cute couches !
    Lol the cat inside the shelve cute bed !!!

  2. How peaceful your home looks, the second hand furniture gives it a much more warm attractive atmosphere. We have a lot of furniture bought from the local auction house. We generally put in low bids and occasionally get lucky. We love that often it is locally made and seems to suit our house better that way.
    I love your shoe cupboard too – genius!

  3. I have another thing you might like to try to prevent your cat from scratching furniture. We have a deaf cat that does what she wants to and she scratches the furniture sometimes and we let her know it isnt okay but we decided to buy a cinammon spray for cats and we sprayed the furniture and she doesnt like the smell so she doesnt scratch it. I don't know if you have a Petsmart or PetCo like we do in America but if not then check online and find cinammon cat spray. πŸ™‚

  4. And on another note, I like buying secondhand things but especially clothing. I have learned about the horrible conditions the people in other countries such as Bangladesh have to face to make our clothes and they are barely paid anything. I love buying clothes that others have owned so that at least I won't be supporting what name brand companies do to these poor people.

  5. That wine cabinet is lovely and that is a great idea! Congratulations on almost being debt free. Sometime in early next year do you want to do a collab on something (my thesis will be over then)?

  6. I love love loved this!!! So many great ideas – especially the wine rack turned shoe rack. Pinterest is amazing for handy ideas πŸ™‚
    That plant holder is so beautiful too! Funny about that woman too!
    Loved all your pieces. Adds so much more character to your house and you have a story behind everything <3 x

  7. Loved ur couch. I bought 2 seater and 3 seater fabric sofa set from super amart in 400 last year and paid 250 for dining set. It's dark brown table and 6 piece chair which has leather look on it .looks classy.I thought it was good deal . If u check in dealsdirect u can find good rugs . I buy my rug from there.

  8. You've done a good job. I've just finished furnishing my pops house, I bought second hand and I refurbished it and it looks great. it's better quality and much cheaper. I got 2 lamps worth $300 each for only $25 each. All together I payed under $2400 including all the decorative accessories.

    Living room
    2 Ikea ektorp sofas with new covers $285
    Coffee table $0
    Side table $50
    Ektorp arm chair $85
    Large rug $130
    Tv unit $80
    Large tv $250
    Large wall clock $65
    Artificial plants $50
    Lamps $65

    Dining table $100
    4 dining chairs $250 which were worth $200 each
    Buffet and hutch $80
    Large rug $50
    2 bar stools $40

    Queen patted bed frame $100
    Brand new mattress $255
    Bedside tables $30
    Lamps $50
    And curtains all around the house $150

  9. Nice collection, well done it looks great.

    We like to find second hand furniture in charity shops or we buy reduced stock, it looks so much better and has more character when you mix n match.

  10. All of the furniture in my house, minus a few sets of see through plastic drawers, are used. Most of the belongings and about half of my clothes are used as well

  11. Some great finds there! However, I'm SO pleased you didn't go with the snake idea. That sort of space would be like a living hell for a creature like that.

  12. My favorite piece of second-hand furniture is a barristers bookcase made by Globe Wernicke. It is golden oak with five glass-fronted shelves that lift up then slide back into the cabinet and, something I've never seen before, a decorative piece at the top as well as a base on the bottom. I purchased it in the early 70's for $300 at a small antique shop. The owner said the two items that make this piece especially valuable are: (1) It has the original glass and (2) the original label that looks like this, except with different numbers that apparently designate the style of cabinet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-7WIaqEYirSS_iwcvIGHqW3WAjwprM7W/view?usp=sharing

    I was just looking for a bookcase when I came across this so many years ago and had no idea of its background. The pieces are handmade as they are very rough-looking in the back and have a chalk markings on each piece for the order in which to assemble. I sold some other antique items 20 years ago; the dealers always looked longingly at the bookcase and stated that was the most valuable piece I own. I still enjoy it to this day!! Recent searches for Wernicke barrister bookshelves without the added detail sell for as much as $1,200.

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