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Search The Scripture DVD # 41196

Search The Scripture DVD # 41196

– Search the scriptures, you
know, when you have a problem, always remember Jesus
reported to you in Mark 13, hey, behold, I’ve
foretold you all things. I mean, you got it, you
have the word, search it. And when you search it, I don’t
care what your problem is, you’re gonna find
the answer there, and it’s not gonna be
some two bit answer, you’re gonna be traveling
uptown with the four bit class, you’re gonna be up there where
the best advice in the world is given by your Father, and all you have to do
is search the scriptures. Now, that takes a
little getting used to, it takes a little investigation. As a matter of fact, the word search in
the Greek is ereunao, it’s spelled ereunao, and the na comes heavy
with the old following. And it means investigate,
so anything you do, you should investigate, check
it over first, plan it out, don’t just go pushing
off into the dark. Know what you’re doing,
having made your plans, and that goes on your job,
in your life, anywhere, investigate, search,
know what you’re doing. And you’re know gonna
have too many surprises, this old world will
give you a few anyway, but if you have God’s word
to search, to lead you, to guide you, you’re
gonna find those answers. Open your Bibles if
you would to 1 Peter 1, 1 Peter 1. We’re going to see what
the word has to offer us. In advice on searching the word, let’s pick it up if we
may with 1 Peter 1:7. And bear in mind, we’re
searching, we’re asking, we’re investigating, and
verse seven of 1 Peter reads, “That the trial of your
faith,” what does that mean? That means you’re gonna
be tried a little bit, but hey, you can cut it. You know why you can cut it? ‘Cause you’re a child of God. “The trial of your faith, “being much more precious
than of gold that perisheth, “though it be tried with fire, “might be found unto
praise and honor and glory “at the appearing
of Jesus Christ.” That’s what you’re
concerned with at the appearing of Jesus Christ that you’re one of His
elect, that you served Him, that you know how it
was going down, why? You searched the scripture, it foretold you exactly
how it’s going down, there’s no surprises for
God’s elect, no big surprises, because you have been
foretold, that’s the rewards, and that’s why it’s so precious to search the word
of God, your Father. It’s the letter
He’s written to you whereby you’re never
caught up short, you’re always prepared. Verse eight, “Whom
having not seen,” you haven’t seen Him physically, not having seen Him,
you still love Him, “In whom, though now you
see Him not, yet believing,” you believe Him, “Ye rejoice with joy unspeakable
and full of glory,” why? Because you know He’s real, why? He’s touched you
with the Holy Spirit. You’ve tried it in your trials
and you know it’s true, why? You’ve searched the scripture and you’ve found
it always correct. If you ever find it wrong,
guess who messed up? You did in your study
and your research, go back and do it again. Our Father knows
exactly what He’s doing, and He will always steer
you in the right direction, but I want you to know that
the Father really loves you because a lot of people
observed His miracles when He parted the Red
Sea, when He fed them, when He had the pillar
of fire at night and the cloud by day, you
haven’t seen any of that, and yet you believe, and He
really loves you for that, ’cause that’s the
trying your faith to know that you do believe,
and that in searching, you have been successful. Verse nine, “Receiving
the end of your faith,” that’s what’s due, “Even the
salvation of your souls,” that’s it gets
you, eternal life, life forever with family, and no one there to offend. God, what a blessing
it’s going to be, no sickness, no illness,
with Him forever. Verse 10, “For of
which salvation the
prophets have inquired “and searched diligently,”
they search for it. “Who prophesied of the grace
that should come unto you.” What is that telling you? Think about it, it’s telling
you back in the old prophets, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah,
the minor prophets, you were foretold these things,
they told you how to search, how to search the scriptures,
the promise of His coming, therefore you know who He
was, you know who He is, and you’re not gonna be
deceived by the fake, you’re going to worship
the Lord, your Savior, and you’re gonna be
with Him forever, why? Because you’ve
searched the scripture. Verse 11, why we came
here, searching what? “Or what manner of time
the spirit of Christ “which was in them did signify, “when it testified beforehand,” that means before it happened, “The sufferings of Christ, “and the glory that
should follow.” In other words, in Psalms 22, we have the actual crucifixion,
how it came to pass, what He would even say
while nailed to the cross, what the Roman soldiers
would be doing, gambling for His clothing
at the foot of the cross, written 1,000 years
before the fact. Think about it, God
put that for you so you wouldn’t be a
doubter so you would know beyond a doubt the prophets
were right on, why? They simply repeated
God’s voice, it was your Father that was
telling you, signifying what? Giving you the signal whereby
you would know beyond a doubt. Verse 12, “Unto whom
it was revealed, “that not unto themselves, “but unto us that did
minister the things, “which are now reported
unto you by them “that have preached
the gospel unto you “with the Holy Spirit
sent down from heaven, “which things the angels
desire to look into.” Even they stooped
down to have a peek, even they are happy because
you have chosen properly. The angels in heaven rejoice,
and many might say well, how do they know? You know what, who
are the angels? I mean, where were you
before you come to the flesh? Were you rejoicing also? Don’t know, search
the scriptures. Job 38 would declare you were
laughing and shouting for joy, because all souls come from
God, all souls belong to God, Ezekiel 18:4. Verse 13, “Wherefore gird
up the loins of your mind,” now absorb that, what
does gird up mean? It means tighten your belt and
get it set, that means focus, focus your mind, don’t be wandering about like
a reed shaken in the wind, focus, gird up your mind. “Be sober,” that means
sincere in English, “and hope to the
end for the grace “that is to be brought upon you “at the revelation
of Jesus Christ.” At His appearing, what was the
revelation of Christ? Well, He gave it to
you in Matthew 24, He gave it to you in Mark 13, He gave it to you in Luke 21
of what He expects of you, how when you’re delivered
up you’re not to premeditate what you will say before Him, but you will speak
what the Holy Spirit gives you at that
moment, it’s written, search the scriptures,
He will reveal it to you, He already has in His Sermon
on the Mount, and many things, and that’s what He expects
of you, are you up to it? Of course you are, you
can’t hardly wait, why? Because that would
mean His return is right around the corner, and God’s elect
are ready for it. So verse 14, “As
obedient children, “not fashioning
yourselves according to “the former lusts
in your ignorance,” when we really didn’t
know any better, we might’ve even been
out rolling Easter
eggs or something, those fertility eggs
and quick like a bunny on the day of resurrection when we’re supposed
to be worshiping the resurrection
of Jesus Christ. Could be there, okay? Verse 15, “But as He which
hath called you is holy, “so be ye holy in all
manner of conversations.” Nobody’s perfect, and our
very best is as filthy rags compared to His holiness, okay? But at least when you try, He loves you for
it, He really does, He expects you to do
things that are holy in connection with His word,
that’s why you search it, not doing acts of heathenism, which are practiced in the
world by many churches today. Well, does that condemn them? No, that alone will not condemn
them, but if you were there, wouldn’t it embarrass
you just a little bit if Father was watching? And He is, think about it. But at the same time,
don’t get huffy, because but by the
grace of God there go I. What breaks that pattern? Searching the scriptures,
studying the word of God, being sincere in
following His advice, not the advice of the
traditions of men. Verse 16, “Because
it is written,” that’s why you
search, it is written, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” Do your best, and repent
when you do fall short. Love your Father, you want
Him to be proud of you, because you wanna serve Him, and you know what
happens when you do? He blesses you, He
really does, why? He loves you, 17, “And if ye call on the Father, “who without respect
of persons judgeth “according to every man’s work,” what you’ve done, how
much you’ve searched, what you know, and from
those that know much, He expects much, and so forth. “Pass the time of your
sojourning here in fear.” I would rather translate
it reverence, okay? Revering Him, loving
Him, following Him, the word will
translate either way. And verse 18, “For
as much as you know “that ye were not redeemed
with corruptible things, “as silver and gold, “from your vain conversations “received by traditions
from your fathers,” that’s to say traditions of men, your salvation did
not come from there. But, verse 19, “But with the precious
blood of Christ, “as of a lamb without
blemish and without spot, “who verily was foreordained,”
what does that mean? Foreordained? From before, not
just a happenstance, but from before the
foundation of the world, “But was manifest in
these last times for you.” In other words, it
was foreordained in
the first earth age that these events
would come to pass exactly as they’re written now. Well, how do you know that? Searching the scripture,
that’s exactly what it said. That particular word world
probably eon, meaning time, that time, this time, and
we still got one more to go, but this same old world. And we need to be
getting used to it, it’s gonna be rejuvenated, that
means made back right again, and all the pollution done
away with and destroyed. And when was that? It was foreordained,
God told us before. When you read the word
in the Greek foundation, you’re talking about the
katabole in the Greek. Now, that’s not deep, friend, all that means is the
overthrow of Satan in the first earth
age, all right? You with Companion Bibles, your appendix 146
teaches you all about it, so that you’re not caught short. It’s called searching
the scripture so that you are informed, you take the blinders of this
6,000 year period, so called, off and look at the
beauty of God’s creation, both that that was foreordained,
that is to say from before. Let’s go back to John, some
of the teachings of Christ. I wanna go to John 5. Some of the teachings of Christ, Christ was being
dressed down here, He was talking to a
group, unlike you, they didn’t believe Him. I mean, He had just healed
a man on the sabbath, and they were very upset. Just so you know what kinda
people we’re dealing with here, they were so upset because He
healed a man on the sabbath they wanted to kill Him, does that kinda
answer your wondering who we’re talking about, and what vein of
thought they might have? And He begins to teach them then concerning the fact that
they’re not believers. They haven’t searched
the scripture. Let’s pick it up with verse 24, Christ talking to this group. He had just told this man
at the pool that, you know, it rained and he
got all excited, and whoever was first in
the water got the healing, nobody else did. And Jesus walked up to the man and said well,
what are you doing? Well, I’m here for a
healing, but I’m paralyzed, and I don’t have a man to carry me down into
the waters first. And Jesus said well,
get up from there, and take your bed, and walk
outta here, and he did. And this is what
upset these people, and he begins talking
to them in 24, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, “he that heareth my word, and
believeth on Him that sent me, “hath everlasting life, “and shall not come
into condemnation, “but is passed from
death unto life.” God is the God of the
living, not the dead. Nobody’s dead in our Father. “Verily, verily, I say,” that’s
truly, truly I say unto you, “The hour is coming, and now is, “when the dead shall hear
the voice of the Son of God, “and they that hear shall live.” Do you know where Christ went
while He was yet in the tomb? He went to those that
had passed on before and had not had the
advantage of Christ’s blood for salvation, and
He preached to them. It is recorded in that
book we just left, 1 Peter 3:18 and 19, He freed a lot of ’em, they
chose Him, and they overcame. That’s why you know, why? You’ve searched the scriptures, you know what He’s
talking about, “For as the Father
hath life in Himself, “so hath He given to the Son
to have life in Himself.” In other words,
Emmanuel God with us, if you’ve seen the Son,
you’ve seen the Father. “And hath given Him
authority to execute,” that means bring it to pass, “Judgment also, because
He is the Son of man.” He is the Son of God only
begotten in man form, meaning flesh, the word logos became
flesh and walked among us. “Marvel not at this,” don’t
let it get you all shook up, “For the hour is coming in
which all that are in the graves “shall hear His voice.” Simply, again, talking about
those that had passed on but had not, all the way
back to the time of Noah, had not had the opportunity to hear the message
of salvation, why? Because Christ hadn’t paid the
price yet, but He’s going to. “And shall come
forth,” verse 29, “They that have done good,
unto the resurrection of life, “and they that have done evil, “unto the resurrection
of damnation.” If you go against
Christ, if you hate Him, if you’re a Christ hater, if you want God’s name
removed from your vocabulary, you’re flirting
with big trouble, you’re flirting with damnation. Christians get on little kicks because they commit
a little sin, and you should worry
about going to hell, but it’s people that hate Christ
that He’s talking to here, something really serious. In your case, you repent. Well, how many times? Christ said seven times
70 if it takes it, you’re not that bad, all right? I don’t think, anyway. Verse 30, “I can of mine
own self do nothing, “as I hear, I judge, and
my judgment is just,” I’m always fair, and God
is, you can count on it. “Because I seek
not mine own will, “but the will of the
Father which hath sent me.” It’s God’s overall plan
that was foreordained in the first earth age,
it’s gotta go by that, that’s why you can count on it. “If I bear witness of myself,
my witness is not true.” If God didn’t sent
me, I would be a fake. God sent Him, He was the only begotten
that virgin conceived. “There is another that
beareth witness of me,” talking about John
the Baptist here now, “And I know that the witness “which he witnesseth
of me is true.” It’s absolute. Verse 33, “You sent unto John,” “and he bare witness
unto the truth.” He bear witness
that I was coming, and His instructions
were repent. “But I receive not
testimony from him, “but these things I say,
that you may be saved.” “He was a burning
and a shining light,” mark that in your mind, light
means it destroys darkness, meaning lies, “And ye
were willing for a season “to rejoice in His light.” Old John brought a good message, he baptized a lot of
people in the Jordan, okay? “But I have a greater
witness than that of John, “for the works which the
Father hath given me to finish, “the same works that I
do, bear witness of me, “that the Father hath sent me.” You know when you raise
someone from the dead, and when you heal certain people that’ve been
paralyzed from birth, and when you give
sight to someone that’s been blind from birth, there’s gotta be
something going on, it’s not some religion
like passing the plate or something like that, we’re
talking about the real thing, that’s a sign and a
symbol from Almighty God that He can cut
it, He can do it. It’s credentials,
in other words. “And the Father Himself
which hath sent me “hath borne witness of me. “Ye have neither heard
His voice at any time, “nor seen His shape,” but why? Through the prophets of course. “And ye have not His
word abiding in you,” He’s talking now to those that
wanna kill Him, all right? “For whom He hath sent,
Him you believe not.” You don’t believe me, you wanna kill me
for doing good works. That’s somebody with a
little bit of a twisted mind, you don’t wanna ever get in
that position, my friend. “Search the scriptures,”
this is why we came here, you wanna know the truth? Search the scriptures. “For in them you think
you have eternal life, “and they are they
which testify of me.” In other words, in
Deuteronomy 18:15, Moses’ own teachings,
he told of me coming, a prophet among the
own, of your own, a man, in other words,
an only begotten child. Even Moses foretold
of His coming, all of the prophets spoke
and foretold of His coming. Have you searched it,
have you researched it? Have you investigated? They hadn’t, because they
certainly did not believe Him. “And ye will not come to me,
that you might have life.” You’d rather die, and friend, that’s just how it melts down. 41, “I receive not
honor from men, “but I know you that you have
not the love of God in you. “I am,” that’s the
sacred name, beloved, “I am come in my Father’s name, “and you receive me not, “if another shall
come in his own name, “him ye will receive.” Do you know why they
will receive him? Because he is
truly their Father. He’s the Antichrist, and
that’s who they’re looking for, and that’s who
they’re gonna find. It shall come to pass,
search the scriptures, there’s no secret it
was written long ago, and it’s coming to pass
exactly as its written. Turn on ahead, if you would, to chapter seven
in this same book. Chapter seven of the
great book of Saint John. Verse 41. They’re trying to figure
out who Christ is, okay? Big mystery, all they
had to do was read, all they had to do was
search the scripture. Verse 41, as they continue, “Others,” trying to
understand who He was, “Said this is the Christ, “but some said shall
Christ come out of Galilee? “Hath not the scripture said,” we’re gonna do a little
scripture research, haven’t the scriptures said, “That Christ cometh
of the seed of David, “and out of the town of
Bethlehem, where David was?” David’s country, where even Rachel, the mother
of Benjamin and Joseph, died. Bethlehem, and Christ
to be born there, the Savior of the world,
but wait a minute, Jesus was from Galilee,
He was from Nazareth, and Nazareth sits
plum smack dab, as they say over in Oklahoma,
smack dab in lower Galilee, and that’s His home,
that’s where He’s from. Search the scriptures,
well, the scriptures do say He’d be born at Bethlehem,
and you know something? He was, but His
mother and His father, His mother went from
Nazareth to Bethlehem, the house of bread, when
you say Bethlehem, Beth, and lehem, bread,
the house of bread, and He became the bread of life. They did go there,
and He was born there. Now hang on, ’cause
I’m gonna test you just a little bit here, okay? I wanna know how
your mind works. “So there was a division among
the people because of Him.” I mean, He was
definitely a Galilean. 44, “And some of them
would have taken him, “but no man laid hands on him.” Because of His teaching, because of the light. “Then came the officers to the
chief priests and Pharisees, “and they said unto Him why
have you not brought Him?” Why haven’t you brought Him in? Arrest Him. “The officers answered never
man spake like this man.” You go down there in that
crowd and try to arrest Him the way they’re listening
to Him and loving Him. 47, “Then answered
them the Pharisees, “are ye also deceived?” Is He converting you? 48, “Have any of the rulers “or of the Pharisees
believed on Him?” Question, you Know, this is
what they were really afraid of, He’s gonna empty out our
church with these miracles and all this going on if
we’re not careful, okay? 49, “But this people who
knoweth not the law are cursed.” And what it means, these
stupid people that don’t know this is a Pharisee
talking, a lawyer, got it all down man’s way, said they don’t know
nothing, that’s what. 50, “Nicodemus saith unto them, “he that came to Jesus by
night, being one of them,” in other words,
he loved the Lord, he studied with the
Lord, he knew the truth, Nicodemus did, though he was
a Pharisee of the Sanhedrin. “Doth our law judge any
man, before it hear him,” don’t we give
everybody a chance? “And know what he doeth?” Should before we judge Him, shouldn’t we find out
what He’s doing wrong and check it out? Our law demands that we do. Verse 52, “They answered
and said unto him, “art thou also of Galilee? “Search and look, for out of
Galilee ariseth no prophet.” Search those scriptures
and find out for yourself, and he’s indicating
you stupid people that would not know any better. “And every man went
unto his own house.” Well, that kind of
blew it, didn’t it? Nowhere in the scripture
are you gonna find that out of Galilee
cometh a prophet. Now, the Galileans
were common folk, there wasn’t any higher
uppity-ducks there, okay? The rich people all
lived closer downtown, I mean, these were mostly
farmers, carpenters, and run of the mill,
kinda like you all, some of you, most
of us, common folk. And they just weren’t
that highly thought of if you were looking for high
muckity-duck type material. Aren’t you glad you
don’t fit that mold, you know, a high muckity-duck? That’s what’s wrong
with Iran today, the muckity-ducks are ruling it, the high religion is they
turned it over to the preachers, that’s always a mistake,
always a mistake. But I mean, here we got it, it’s written right
there in the Bible. No prophet would ever
come out of Galilee. Now, the question is the
reason I’m testing you, who said it, who
made that statement? No prophet would come? That Pharisee said that,
do you believe him? Do you believe a man saying
that wants to murder Christ? Could you be had that easy? Or would you rather search
the scripture for yourself and see what it says
concerning Galilee? I think I prefer the
Lord’s word, I truly do, because the Lord’s
word is always true, and it’s always complete, and I sure am not gonna
listen to a Pharisee, especially one that would
call most people stupid. Well, they do have
some knowledge, concerning God’s word I mean, there are not that many
biblically up to it, high tech type Bible
students in the world today. Most people are
biblically illiterate, but most people at
least have enough sense that you wouldn’t
listen to a Pharisee. You might listen to the Lord, you might listen to
one of His disciples, but you wouldn’t
listen to one of them. So let’s go to Isaiah 8, let’s go back to the
Old Testament a minute, to the prophets, and let’s see what they
might have to say about this. Isaiah 8 in the Old Testament. Let’s search the scriptures and let’s check this
Pharisee out, okay? That’s what you wanna do,
because I want you to know, were they lying, or what? Would they lie? If they’re trying to murder
the Lord Jesus Christ, you wanna be real careful that
you don’t listen to somebody that’s that mixed up, that
confused, and that ignorant, because they’re surely
following Satan. Okay, let’s see what the
Lord says about Galilee. We’re gonna go back to eight, and let’s pick it up in
the 19th verse if we can, Isaiah 8:19. “And when they
shall say unto you, “seek,” that’s search, “Unto them that have
familiar spirits,” do you know what that is? That’s some wizard, that’s somebody way
out in boom boom land, familiar spirits
are wizards, fakes. You don’t ever go to
one of them, do you? No, no, no, no. “And unto wizards that
peep,” you learn a lot there, “And that mutter, should not
a people seek unto their God? “For the living to the dead?” Do you wanna live,
or do you wanna die? “To the law and
to the testimony, “if they speak not
according to this word,” that’s God’s word, “It is because there
is no light in them.” They don’t have it, so
don’t listen to ’em. Don’t listen to somebody
that doesn’t have any light, that’s especially somebody that would wanna
murder Jesus Christ, there’s sure no light there, so don’t listen,
there’s something wrong. “And they pass through it,
hardly bestead and hungry, “and it shall come to pass,
that when they shall be hungry, “they shall fret themselves, “and curse their king and
their God, and look upward.” Well, they missed
the whole boat. You start trying to,
I think I’ll call my, what do they call them? My seer, and see what they think the moon might say
about me today. Well, naturally the moon
is where a lunatic goes to listen to lunar stories. 22, “And they shall
look unto the earth, “and behold trouble
and darkness, “dimness and anguish, and they
shall be driven to darkness.” Do you know who the
prince of darkness is? It’s Satan, you don’t
want and nor do you need any part of that, so
you seek the light, Jesus told you, He said hey, old John the Baptist brought
you, if you would, light, but I bring you
even a bigger light. Now, let’s find
out the truth, 9:1, “Nevertheless the dimness,” that’s to say even
that darkness, “The dimness shall not be
such as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly
afflicted the land of Zebulun,” Zebulun means a habitation, something that’s
supposed to be inhabited. “And the land of Naphtali,”
Naphtali means wrestling, and boy, they’re wrestling
the truth back there, those Pharisees were. “And afterward did more
grievously afflict her “by the way of the sea,
beyond Jordan, in Galilee.” Now, underline it, we’re
in Galilee, you got it? Those Pharisees said that
never would a prophet come out of Galilee, what
do the scriptures say? “In Galilee of the nations.” Verse two, what about Galilee? “The people that
walked in darkness have
seen a great light, “they that dwell in the
land of the shadow of death, “upon them hath
the light shined.” That’s speaking
directly of Christ. They told you the scriptures
didn’t say that, didn’t they? So you see here when you
search the scriptures, you find out a prophet did come
from Galilee, it’s written, it’s written right there. “Thou hast multiplied
the nation, “and not increased the joy, “that joy before thee according
to the joy in harvest, “and as men rejoice when
they divide the spoil.” Skip all the way
down to verse six so that you nail this
and don’t ever forget it. “For unto us a child is
born, unto us a son is given, “and the government shall
be upon His shoulders, “and His name shall be
called wonderful, counselor, “the mighty God, the
everlasting Father, “the Prince of peace.” And they would tell you
that never would a prophet come from Galilee and it’s
not written in the scripture? They lied, but the question
is is how easy can you be had? Who do you listen to? That’s called rightly dividing that scripture that
you’re searching. Who’s doing the talking? It’s just like many
people will preach sermons from the book of Job, and
after you get past Job 2, you got 38 chapters
of ratchet jaws that know nothing
about the word of God. And people preach
great sermons on it, it’s written in God’s word. God didn’t say it, though, it’s for your edification
to know better, to watch who you listen to, to search the
scripture for yourself. Hey, did Jesus
forewarn us of this? Did He tell us hey,
they’re talking about me back there in Galilee,
I want you to nail this, you have all heard
that the devil, Jesus went up into
the wilderness to be tempted of the
devil 40 days, 40 nights, do you know what was one
of the first things He did after He was tempted
40 days and 40 nights? Turn with me to Matthew 4, first book of the New Testament,
let’s go to chapter four. This is the chapter in which
Satan, as a matter of fact, you can go up to verse 10
just to anchor yourself, to synchronize your
mind with this chapter. Verse 10 reads, “Then
saith Jesus unto him, “get thee hence, Satan,
for it is written, “thou shalt worship
the Lord thy God, “and Him only shalt thou serve.” Get behind me. He just got through
breaking down the devil, then go on to verse 12, this is where our searching
the scriptures begins, verse 12 of Matthew 4. “Now when Jesus had heard that
John was cast into prison, “He departed into Galilee.” Got it? Galilee. Not written anywhere that a
prophet would come from Galilee, said by who other
than the Pharisees. 13, “And leaving Nazareth,”
Nazareth is in lower Galilee, “Leaving Nazareth, He came
and dwelt in Capernaum,” which is in upper Galilee, right at the head of
the sea of Galilee, “Capernaum, which is
upon the sea coast,” well, it said it right
there, didn’t it? “And in the borders of
Zabulon and Nephthalim.” There it is again. They said this
wasn’t in the Bible. I mean, who are we to believe? Well, Jesus is doing the
talking here basically, I’m gonna believe
Him, how about you? As far as I’m concerned,
He is the living word, He is the scripture. “That it might be fulfilled “which was spoke by Esaias
the prophet, saying,” we just came from there, okay? “The land of Zebulon,”
that’s to say a habitation, “And the land of Nephthalim,” which is to say a
wrestling going on there, “By the way of the
sea, beyond Jordan, “Galilee of the Gentiles.” There she is, bright and light. “The people which sat in
darkness saw great light, “and to them which
sat in the region “and shadow of death
light is sprung up.” You got eternal
life if you take it. Guess where from, Galilee,
of course it’s written. “And from that time Jesus
began to preach, and to say, “repent, for the kingdom
of heaven is at hand.” And it is still,
beloved, for you. How old are you? Well, you’ve hardly
experienced 100 years of it, minus many years
for some of you, so you’re just a
short timer here. And even if you’re 100,
that’s still a short timer. And He’s coming, He’s returning, and He has this all set,
and it has been forewritten, but He has also made promises. Never let anyone deceive you, nowhere can it be
proven that a prophet wouldn’t come from
Galilee because it says Christ Himself would
come from Galilee, and the first act He did
after putting Satan off and telling him to get behind
me, get out of my sight, was to remind you that
He did come from Galilee. By going both to lower
Galilee, Nazareth, and to upper Galilee, Capernaum, do you know what
Capernaum means? Capernaum means given, it’s
one of His favorite camp outs. Okay, where do I wanna go? 1 Corinthians, I wanna
go to 1 Corinthians. And this concludes this
lecture, search the scriptures. Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 2, and verse 15 when we get there. Went past it, got Romans. Pick it up in verse
six, 1 Corinthians 2:6, search the scriptures. “Howbeit we speak wisdom
among them that are perfect,” this word perfect translates
mature, none of us are perfect, but we do mature, we don’t suck on a baby
bottle, Christians, and we do finally get diaper
trained, or potty trained, and we mature up into good
strong Christians, hopefully. “Yet not the wisdom of this
world,” not this world age, you don’t want wisdom of this
world, how to get by in it. Well, it’s okay to learn
how to get by in it, but it’s not true
wisdom, is the point. It’s how to do your
brother before he does you is the wisdom of
the world, okay? “Nor of the princes
of this world,” who are the princes
of this world? Well, one of them just
got through telling us that no prophet would
ever come out of Galilee, that is written. It’s not, they lied to us, so you sure don’t wanna listen
to the princes of darkness. “That come to nought.” I don’t know, does your
life come to nought? I hope not, I hope you’re
searching the scriptures, I hope you’re doing it right, I hope that you
can’t be tricked, I hope that no one can use you, that you’re sharp
in the simplicity in
which Christ teaches. Verse seven, “But we speak the
wisdom of God in a mystery,” who is it a mystery to? The unlearned, those
that don’t believe. “Even the hidden wisdom,
which God ordained,” translated foreordained,
from before, “Before the world
unto our glory.” He had His election, He wants to use, you know
why He can trust His elect? Because they stood against
Satan in the first rebellion, He knows you, He knows
what you did there, though you can’t
remember it, He does, therefore He can trust you to
stand against the false Christ and against false teaching
and amount to something, not come to nought, but
to be a child of God. Is it a great deep mystery? Not if you search
the scriptures. A child can understand it,
it’s very, very simple. Verse eight, “Which none of the
princes of this world knew,” they don’t wanna know. “For had they known it, “they would not have
crucified the Lord of glory.” They wouldn’t have, why? They would’ve been
on the other side, the kingdom would’ve
come in right then had they all believed,
had we all believed. Nine, “But as it is written,”
you can always count on that, “As it is written,
eye hath not seen, “nor ear heard, neither hath
entered into the heart of man,” that’s in your mind, “The things which
God hath prepared for
them that love Him.” You can’t even imagine, beloved, the beauty, the
love, and the wonder that God has set aside for those that won’t be had
by false teachers, that He can count on for
receiving His revelation of how it shall be
at the end, why? Because you searched
the scripture, and it gives you that truth. You do not listen to
the prince of darkness, nor the traditions of man, but you listen to
the word of God, and you rightly divide it
whereby you’re not listening to some Pharisee, but you’re
listening to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Verse 10, “But God
hath revealed them “unto us by His spirit,”
that’s the Holy Spirit, gives you unction
to know it’s true. “For the spirit
searcheth all things, “yea, the deep things of God.” He knows them, and do
you know something? Even the deep things of
God are the simplicity of His teaching, it’s
not complicated, why? It makes common sense, because everything He does
makes common sense, why? He’s always fair and He’s just, if you deserve to go to hell,
guess where you’re going? No big deal, but you have the choice of
saying I don’t wanna go there, I repent, I wanna
do what’s right, and you’re ever
living, that simple. “For what man knoweth
the things of a man, “save the spirit of
man which is in him?” Your own spirit can
pretty well know yourself, if it doesn’t, if you’ve
got about 15% of yourself that your own spirit and
mind can’t figure out, you got a problem, okay? You really need to
search the scriptures. “Even so the things
of God knoweth no man, “but the spirit of God.” God knows all things, but searching His scriptures
at least gives you a good start to know Him and to
receive His blessings and His leadership that you’re
not gonna be taken wrong. Our Father is in control, our
Father needs His elect, why? Because He chose them,
and He wants to use them, and when they search
the scripture, and it can’t be had by
Satan or any of his people, then He’s got somebody
He can work with, that He can count on
working in the field, why? They search the scriptures, they’re solid in
that simplicity. Heavenly Father, we
thank you, Father, for the privilege
of serving you, thank you for being
with us this day. Father, we thank
you for the letter, the scriptures that
guide and direct, and Father, we do love you. Use and guide all these, we ask in Yeshua Jesus’
precious name, amen. – [Announcer] The Mark
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13:8, many will be deceived. There is no need for
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he sure loved that boy, that was, I don’t like
to say his favorite wife, but the wife he actually
fell in love with first. Lisa from Louisiana, “Who is the disciple
that Jesus loved “in referring to the scripture
concerning the cross?” It was John, John was the
disciple Christ loved, and you know when you study
John, and when you read John, and you see how gentle
and how patient he is with God’s children, you
couldn’t help loving him. Many times as he would write
in the epistles of John, little children,
it’s the last time, it was that gentleness
that he wrote in, and he was a man of love. Christine from Illinois,
and she’s 14 years old, “I just thought I
would ask if it is true “that you have to
get the Holy Ghost “before you can go to heaven.” Well, you have the Holy
Spirit, I like to say spirit, because God’s not a spook, okay? I know it’s translated
that way in places, but I prefer it is pneuma
like spirit, like the wind, like you can’t see
it, but He’s there. Yes, any time, as it is
written in John 3:16, God so loved this world that
He gave His only begotten Son, that whomsoever would believe
upon Him would not perish but have eternal life,
in believing that, and believing He is
the only begotten, He enters you anyway,
you have the Holy Spirit, it is His spirit, and as
He would say in John 14, that disciple He loved,
if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, and we want to dwell
with you and in you. Now, don’t ever let
someone convince you that you must receive one
specific gift to be saved, that’s not true, that’s
a false teaching. The Holy Spirit chooses some
as pastors, evangelists, teachers, and all
types of gifts. The word gift in the
Greek is charisma, and when HE gives you the
charisma to do a thing, and those gifts that He
gives are without repentance, as it is written in Romans 11. In other words, once He
gives you a gift of teaching, He’s not gonna take
it back, you may fall, you may fall short and so forth, He’s gonna get you back in line, you’re gonna shape up,
and you’re gonna teach. Or if you’re an evangelist, you’re going to be an
evangelist, and so forth. Not everybody has
all of the gifts. Now, some of the gifts,
let’s say such as languages, there is no way that you
can be in the ministry, I’ll use myself, I rarely
ever do that, over 50 years, you cannot help but absorb
languages, which is tongues. And so therefore you have
the gift of languages whereby you can better
understand the word of God. The word tongues as it is
utilized as a gift, charisma, means a tongue that is
a different language, one that is foreign to your
native tongue or language. In other words, if you were born to an English speaking family, and you’re taking
God’s word forth, let’s say if you were gonna
take it to Cita de Mexico, then you would have to absorb
the gift of speaking Spanish, and then when you went
to Cita de Mexico, you would be able to
teach the people there the true word of God with
feeling and with emphasis, you would be able to
explain Jesus to them. So there are many gifts,
and when God gives you one, thank Him for it,
but to go to heaven, all you have to do is believe
on the only begotten Son, and you’re heaven bound. Jerry from Arkansas, “My question is should
women wear long hair? “I missed that part of your
answer one day not long ago “because my patient was ill.” Well, let’s cover it again. It’s not in reference to hair,
it is talking about a veil that a woman should
have a veil over her, and it goes as hair, because
it would say in a later verse it’s a shame for a
man to have long hair, speaking of 1 Corinthians 11. But verse 10 of 1
Corinthians 11 tells you why a woman should keep the
veil over her, and it’s Christ. The veil of Christ, the Holy
Spirit, must be over you, in verse 11, because
of the angels, it’s talking about the day
of vengeance just before when the fallen angels
come to this earth. They like women, and just
as they did in the garden, they’re going to be seducing
women again, if it be possible. And that’s why the woman should
have Christ over her head. Lee from California, “My question is concerning Esau, “you said Esau’s faith came
about because of what he did “in the first earth age, “but the scriptures say
before they had done anything, “good or bad, God’s elected
plan might continue.” That is true, while
they had done nothing good or bad in what? In the flesh in the womb, but it didn’t say anything
about from before, because that’s why
God made the choice, God doesn’t automatically brand
someone, they deserved it. Okay, I’m outta time,
I love you all, why? Because you enjoy studying
our Father’s word, most of all, God
loves you for it. We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings, if we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God and He will always
bless you, most important, hey, stay in His word, every
day in His word is a good day, even with trouble, you know why? Jesus Yeshua, He
is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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world in His hands ♪

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