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Scott Jordan Furniture Sofa Beds

Scott Jordan Furniture Sofa Beds

NYC’s premier source for top quality sofa beds Our motto: quality furniture served with care At Scott Jordan Furniture we offer New York’s widest selection of top quality sofa beds Many people associate sofa beds with uncomfortable contraptions with an annoying bar in the center Not from us…ever All of our sofa beds are both comfortable to sit on… …and comfortable to sleep on select from mattress options from the very comfortable… …to the supremely plush Equal in comfort to any high quality mattress All of our sofa beds employ “easy to open”… …and easy to close mechanisms Select from dozens of styles in 6 mattress sizes all offered in your choice from hundreds of performance fabrics – luxury weaves – microfibres or from a collection of the world’s top quality leathers available in our very short lead times we also have some of the most popular models in stock available for immediate delivery Our delivery times range from a normal 28 days for Comfort Sleepers… …to 8 to10 weeks on custom imported models. Some of our best sellers are in stock…in our warehouse…ready for immediate delivery Check our website for availability…ScottJordan.com In NYC most sofa beds need to be disassembled for delivery… …because of tight spaces, narrow hallways and small service elevators All of the the sofa beds that we offer are designed for dis assembly. Our trained delivery technicians are experts at the process. We’ll delivery your sofa-bed into your home – guaranteed Before deciding to buy any sofa bed, we think it would be in you interest to visit our showroom Discover a new level of style, comfort and quality We look forward to your visit

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