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Savory Easter Pie (Pizza Rustica)

Savory Easter Pie (Pizza Rustica)

– The rich, meaty, colorful. Oh the weave it’s so
pretty, look at that weave. Hey, I’m Matthew Francis
a Tasty chef and producer and here is my family’s
recipe for pizza rustica. You start off with making the dough. Pizza rustica is a savory pizza pie filled with eggs, Italian
cheeses, and cured meats. The way I know it is from
my great grandma Lulu, who is like the matriarch of my family. She’s a beast, she is a force of nature, and I think she gets that from her mother and from her grandmother. These little, strong
Italian women who just did not take any (beep). And, I think they’d be proud to see this if they didn’t critique
me on how I made it. When I was a little kid, I didn’t know other
people made pizza rustica. We call it Easter-piz. I don’t know if it’s just
because my family’s just lame and we shorten it ’cause
we’re lazy, but it’s funny. Look how smooth that is,
that’s a perfect texture. (playful music) Love me some meat, man. You get some sweetness from the ham, spice from the pepperoni,
saltiness from the salami, and a little bit of funk
from the prosciutto. Everything balances out together. See that texture, it’s
not too wet, not too dry. Look how much this dough rose, and, bloop. Now for my favorite part, I
love kneading pizza dough. I know many families decide to make a sweet or savory pie crust for this dish, but my mother’s side has passed down this pizza dough recipe to make, I think, the best pizza rustica there is out there. Don’t get bogged down with the specifics, it’s okay if your families
recipe is different than mine, and that’s the beauty of food. Take what you love from that
dish and make it your own. My family will always
make pizza rustica on either Good Friday, or Holy Saturday, and you have to wait until
Easter Sunday to eat it. Because, in the olden
days of Italy, meat was a luxury or people would
be fasting during lent. And my grandma had to wait
until a special occasion, like Easter, to have pizza rustica, which means now we all have to wait. I know it’s unhealthy, but guess what? That’s why you have it just once a year, because it’s so frickin’ good. Enjoy it. Try your best to get a good looking edge. I’m not perfect, my mom’s
way better at it than I am. Then grab some egg wash
and give it a little bit of a brushy brush, and
into the oven she goes. Every kid in the family
has a separate job to do, and grandma Lulu, she’ll
like have her arms crossed and she’ll like walk across
the kitchen and look over and be like, “more parsley.” Oh my God, that could not look better. I left my hometown to
go to culinary school when I was 18, so for the last four years, I actually haven’t been able
to make this during Easter. When I cook family recipes, it makes me feel like they’re
in the kitchen with me. Try pizza rustica, you’re
going to appreciate your loved ones so much more. This is why I love cooking so much, because it’s about telling
a story through food. (laughter) Nailed it, it’s great. Just gonna take this to
go, thank you very much. – [Voiceover] Oh yes! (playful music)

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  1. You wake up in the notte and you find this tizio in fondo at your bed smiling at you and saying "I made you pizza rustica with pepperoni. Love me some meat, man!" What faresti?

  2. ok i want to do this. i just dont know if i can find all these different types of cheeses though, like how many different kind of cheeses were there? 3? 4? and then all the deli meats too gosh

  3. 22 years old and is a producer and chef for an cooking social media website

    I'm pushing 30, what am i doing with my life…….

  4. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  5. please do a video on turkish food or dessert, you can make sütlaç ıt is a dessert in turkey thats is made from rice it’s easy to make
    i’m sure people would love to try it

  6. My family are from Naples, they wouldn't eat this shit in a million years, especially on Easter. They'd be cooking Minestra di Pasqua, Agnello, & Carciofi e patate soffritti amongst other beautiful Italian dishes. Italian food is healthy, this thing he has made it not healthy or Italian in the slightest!

  7. Hi, hope you have a great day ahead. I am a teen who has recently started a cooking channel. I hope you give my channel a chance. Thank you!!!

  8. We call it Pizza Chiena, and use hard boiled eggs instead of raw. It makes more of a layered pie instead of a quiche-like consistency.

  9. MATTHEW THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! It's a catholic thing to eat meat on Sunday easter.. dang this is so good

  10. Generations after generation you always hear that its the women who bear the family through. So. What the heck happened to the men? Jeez after gens! Women still work the brunt. What the hell happened to the men? 😕

  11. I love your channel and am always impressed with your creativity. It's great to meet you and hear the story behind the yummy recipes ! Have a blessed Easter !

  12. This looks so good. Thanks for sharing your family tradition! (And all y'all making fun of his lithp can get bent.)

  13. They have to wait until Saturday or Sunday because if you're a Catholic you are not allowed to eat meat on Good Friday…

  14. Matthew:When I make family recipes,I feel like they're here with me

    My imagination:Oh hey Mo-oh she aint here….

  15. Can we get him a script to read with more words that start with the letter "S". Or at least get him to say it's Duck Season and Rabbit Season?

  16. I love this recipe, my family doesn't use provolone we use the basket cheese, and we don't use fresh parsely but I like the fresh parsely… We use sopressata n a little bit of salami more ham ratio so the pie is less oily but this looks almost as good as mine, lol sorry I have to love mine till I try and taste yours but two thumbs up for that awesome basket weave!!!

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