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Salvation is not just the once off event
where you believe in Jesus but then you are saved.
Salvation is a journey with Jesus , the Living God’
Jesus said:”Follow Me and I will give you eternal life.” Jesus gives eternal life to
those who. believe in Him, who receive Him and then obey and follow Him.
Jesus has requirements for those who follow Him and you have to be willing to
submit to those requirements, be willing to live the way that Jesus wants you to
live. If you want eternal life you have to turn away from sin from your previous
lifestyle of self-gratification, submit your life to Jesus and live in
fellowship with Him but you first have to meet Him. You meet Him on your knees
when you bow down before Him and you humble yourself before Him. You ask
forgiveness for your past sins, you invite Him into your life and you commit
to obey and follow Him, commit to live according to His words as they were also
recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You have to repent, stop sinning and be
baptized in water. You have to live holy and righteously. You have to work your
relationship with Jesus in prayer and He will reveal Himself to you if you take
Him seriously. If you obey His words then He promised
to give His Holy Spirit in you to come and be with you, to guide you and teach
you. Jesus Himself will come and dwell in you He is Immanue,l God with us. We have
to stay with Him listen, to His Holy Spirit and live in obedience to His
words and He will guide us every step of the
way, all of our life but if we turn away from Jesus, then we have deserted Him. He
will never leave us. Iif we do not stay with Him until the very end.
we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He said that those who endure until the
end with Him, they will have eternal life. Those who follow Jesus obey His words,
those which he taught and they listen to the Holy Spirit, they are led by the Holy
Spirit. They do what Jesus tells them to do, by His Spirit that lives in them and
that is how they follow Him. We do not follow Jesus by reading a Bible
practicing, religion or going to a church. We follow Jesus by a close relationship
with Him in prayer, always having him on our mind, listening to His Holy Spirit
that is given in us, obeying Him following Him, living holy and
righteously and submitting ourselves to Him living the way that he wants us to
live, that He guides us to live. We have to follow Jesus until the end to have
eternal life. It is a journey, it is a way of living, a new way of living living. for
the kingdom of God not for yourself anymore but in obedience to Jesus, fully
submitted to him as a disciple. Jjust to believe in Jesus is not enough, that does
not change anything. If we believe in Jesus we receive Him,
follow Him and obey Him until the very end and that his how you will have
eternal life. There is no other way. Jesus is the way.
Accept Him, receive Him, obey Him. Stay with Him until the end and you will
have eternal life. May Jesus bless you Jesus Christ is alive
and he’ll is real I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ so that you can know
him and follow him and have eternal life subscribe to my channel to learn more
about Jesus may Jesus bless you’

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