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Salk architecture – study detail

Salk architecture – study detail

(peaceful piano music) – My name is Lily
Robinson, I’m an architect and a tour guide here
at the Salk Institute. The courtyard is flanked
by 36 individual studies housed in study towers. These provide a quiet place
for scientific contemplation for the PI’s, the principal investigators or senior level scientists. The towers at the east end
of the building contain heating ventilation and
other support services. At the west end there
are six floors of offices overlooking the ocean. Together there are 29 separate structures joined together to form
the Salk Institute. Kahn refer to the labs as
the stainless steel areas where you do your experiment,
while the studies are a more humanized space
that Kahn referred to as the oak table and rug area. Access to these studies are
in an open air stairwell with travertine treads
and a special detail on the stainless steel handrail. The towers are arranged so that each study has a view of the plaza and the ocean. This is accomplished by
an angled concrete wall which allows a clear view
of the Pacific Ocean. Customer teak windows slide open to capture the prevailing breezes and allow for natural ventilation. Sunlight is controlled
through teak louvered shutters custom designed by Louis Kahn. Each study has a private
restroom with slate, wood, and mirror. The interior of each study is customized with white oak panels,
bookshelves, and casework. When a PI is assigned a study they choose the perfect desk, seating,
lighting, artwork, and area rug. This is truly what Kahn meant
by an oak table and rug area. (peaceful synthesizer music)

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