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Sabyasachi Inspired DIY Sari, Puja Thali, Gajra & Sandals for Karwa Chauth | #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Sabyasachi Inspired DIY Sari, Puja Thali, Gajra & Sandals for Karwa Chauth | #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Why happened? Why are you so sad? It’s your first Karwa Chauth But this time I am empty Handed I won’t be able to get anything for you Come here dear Yes Mom see it’s your first Karwa Chauth I want all things perfect its just a Karwa Chouth Maaji will buy anything from the market what do you mean by anything My Puja thali looks most beautiful every year in society now this year your thali must be the most beautiful now how will I tell her.. that husband hasn’t enough money now what to do?? worry not my child I’ve the solution to your problem and what’s that?? just head on to DIY Queen channel you’ll get the solution to all of your problem there just need 1,00,000 Likes in return and make our channel to be Subscribed by others as you want…Mata so hit 1,00,000 Likes and do SUBSCRIBE to our channel hubby didn’t have enough money and have to make our mother-in-law happy so let’s decorate Pooja Thal at home itself so for this we need cut the chart paper as per the size of the plate and then paste over it likewise paste the laces let’s decorate it a bit more for which we need paste these small mirrors on the plate like this cut this ball chain and paste it all around the mirror paste these pearls too again paste these ball chains all around likewise decorate other items too still you are sleeping how did you got ready so fast surprising..you were sleeping..and when you got the time to bought all these stuffs from the market and this belt is looking so beautiful from where did you bought it you go and enjoy the video all the pooja stuff is ready and its turn to get ready ourselves let’s make something inspired from Sabyasachi this sari is looking so good this one is also nice Ok I’ve this type of sari so now let’s decorate it we just need a beautiful lace for this stitch this lace all around the sari corner just like we stitch sari fall make a fold like this towards the corner and stitch this gives a finished look to our border sari is ready.. now will gonna to make a matching belt and we need these stuffs stitch the dori all around the four corners of the lace put all these stuffs in thread like this likewise make some more now attach these latkans on all the four corner and my beautiful waist belt is ready this will add more beauty in my Karwa Chauth sari its not essential to choose exact same sari you can decorate any of your sari like this these sandal are available online but so expensive there so now let’s give our old sandals a brand new look for this we need cut this fabric in sandal’s shape you can write any quote of your choice I’ve written “Patakha Dulhan” to give it a funny look now decorate it using pearls now cut the lace as per the size of the fabric and stitch on either side of this likewise prepare its second side as well now paste it like this on the sandal now to make it more attractive here we’ll attach these anklet bells here likewise prepare its second side as well and when you’ll be ready for Karwa chauth before having a sight on moon people will look at you. likewise you can decorate any of your favourite sandal

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