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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon & Chris Move Furniture

Burnie: Do you wanna hear a funny story? About… something that happened at my house while we were gone? So, I’m moving but so in my old house I have a media room where it has a screen on the wall and it has a projector and all this stuff so I said, “Brandon, I don’t have any place to put this big screen, this projector, in my new house… Do you guys wanna take it? You can also have the couch in there.” He says “Sure!” I say “The only thing is, you have to go get it ’cause I’m gonna be outta town, and I need you to move that stuff outta there” so he goes “okay.” My wife explained what it was like to have Chris and Brandon show up at our house, move a couch, and disconnect the projector from the post She went up there, and they had the couch- They had the couch sideways up against the door- Like SIDEWAYS! She said “You have to turn it end to end to get it through the door And he’s like “Oh, Okay” Brandon: NO!
*room laughs* Brandon: Do you really think that happened?! There’s like “DURR HOW DO WE GET THIS THING URR” Gus (As Chris): NO FIT Burnie: Then they couldn’t get it out, they were ready to give up and she goes “Why don’t you take the legs off?” and Brandon says “You can do that?!” Brandon: NO!
Barbara: *laughter* Burnie: So then she watched- she said she watches Chris try to unscrew… the legs with a screwdriver, and she had to tell him on every leg; “Other way” to screw, because he kept screwing right to- to loosen it! They finally get the legs off this couch, they can’t get it through the door, so my wife suggests “So why don’t we just take the door off the frame?” So then in – somehow in the process they punch a hole in the wall Jack: *laughter*
Gus: Really? Burnie: Yeah. Then they try to get the projector down, and that has *two* screws, so they can’t do that, Burnie: so…
*room laughs* Brandon: We got the projector down… Burnie: Yeah, but the post is there and the cables are all like… Burnie: frayed out,
Barbara: *laughter* Brandon: We just didn’t know how much to take! Burnie: I just imagined Brandon in the room, punchin’ holes in the wall; (as Brandon)”I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TAKE!” *room laughs* Burnie: I came back, and I’m like “What the fuck happened in this room?!” I wonder if they didn’t take the door off the hinges they’d still be trapped in the room? (As Chris) “Water…”

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