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Rie’s Somen Noodle Recipe • Tasty

Rie’s Somen Noodle Recipe • Tasty

Solman has a very very long history as long as I can remember I’d be eating Somen during summertime it’s usually sub cold and it’s a really great noodle so make something that I feel like a lot of non-japanese people wouldn’t recognize but this is staple dish in Japan during the summer time I can’t even remember how many times I a so named for my lunch it’s very affordable and everyone can make a home this is something you want usually see at restaurants it’s something you will see in home cooking it’s super easy and it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to boil my mom makes a lot during summer time it’s very refreshing it’s a very quick meal to fix so I think it’s a noodle for busy people summer it’s very thin and it’s also dried so it has a good shelf life usually it’s soft which meant to you so simple so many it’s just meant to you with scallion for this tasty Japan video email 4 different varieties of dipping sauce the most fun memory about so men that I have again it’s during summer camp in Japan we make a slide made out of bamboo so you can’t bumble in half and remove all the segments so you are making giant long slide then you pour water and slide the summit along with it and are you gonna catch the summer with your chopsticks I’m really good at picking Somen noodle so it’s a little bit tricky because summer is sliding in front of you so you have to catch it very quickly but I was very good at it also during the summer camp we made a dipping cup and bamboo chopsticks the style of Solman is called nagashi somen it’s just like a very fact if ‘ti you can make slide and play with noodles I think you can also find those kind of restaurant in Japan it’s really cool I wanted to recreate that experience here with Tommy from misty who it’s my work life we’ve been talking about for years but we have executed it we should really do it and make a video out of it for this recipe one of the ingredients is umeboshi which is like Japanese pickled fun it’s super sour but it’s very addictive for me when I think about mabashi it’s like when you look at lemon and a used holiday or your mouth feels a little strange we use it for rice balls and littles especially with older adults I think it gives a nice kick to the noodle dish also grated radish and umeboshi it’s a golden combination it’s like talking to Mooji and peanut butter and jelly the mabashi and grated radish is a great flavor combination that has been used for a very long time [Music] have you been swimming before if you have let me know if you haven’t go try it make a home and tell me what you think [Music] you

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  1. I haven't had dipping style somen in two-three years, will definitely make it for my partner this weekend!
    Meant for summer, but it's winter here. Always refreshing!

  2. Extremely Sorry!
    I'm unsubscribing cuz rie face thumbnail pops up in every tasty's video in my feed. I kinda cringe very bad.

  3. Somen noodles is a staple from my childhood. And to do this day I still eat it often. It’s always summer in Florida. 😂❤️🇯🇵

  4. Is it just me or everybody wanted to see those noodles being eaten…
    I wanted to know what happened to that leftover soup later.

  5. What’s the difference (if there is one) between soba and somen? I’ve had cold soba before and it looks about the same as what was in the video
    Is it just a different type of noodle?

  6. For everyone who was wondering about the somen noodle bamboo slide here’s a video as a visual representation


  7. I did! It’s so refreshing to eat it in Japan on summer. The summer in Japan is so hot, so when you eat somen, all of your body would cool down and feel nice.

  8. i like nagashi somen(流しそうめん)
    when i was 6-12years old
    i eat nagashi somen many time in summer time. it is good memory :D from japan

  9. I literally just had Somen with sour cucumber soysauce dip!! This is the only thing I can eat in this weather

  10. I tried nagashi somen at school. It was super fun when we all raced to try catching the somen from the bamboo slide!! 😂😂😄

  11. i literally just bought some somen noodles and got on here as soon as i could to see if there was a recipe and low and behold… RIE CAME THROUGH!!!!! thanks for always being there!!!

  12. Nobody:

    Still no one:

    Rei: I’m really good at picking somen noodles I don’t know

    That’s why we love Rie

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