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Review: NEW S’well Tumbler & Traveler Bottles + GIVEAWAY!

Review: NEW S’well Tumbler & Traveler Bottles + GIVEAWAY!

Hey, everyone! I’m Kate Schwanke and welcome to my Channel. I am super excited to be teaming up with S’well
to bring you guys this review today! I will be review their new Tumblers and their
Travelers. These are their newest additions to their
brand. And they are awesome and I cannot wait to
talk about them. And you will want to wait until the very end
of the video for a little something extra. So, let’s get started! I’m actually a huge S’well fan! I’ve been using their bottle for about 2 years
now, and they are my go-to bottle anytime I leave the house with a drink. First bottles I want to talk about are their
brand new Tumblers, so let’s have a good close up look at those! These are S’wells new Tumblers! These are triple-walled, vacuum insulated
tumblers and they feature a no-sweat grip, and a very thin rim for easy drinking. And these are very light-weight, which I really
love. And all S’well Bottles are BPA free and reuseable,
which is awesome. These currently come in the 10oz size and
the 18 oz size, and I have a 10oz here in the Yellow-Gold, which is perfect for the Holidays. It’s really pretty, it has a very stainless
steel look, but it is a shiny yellow-gold, so it’s really pretty. And then I have here, this is one of my favorite
ones, this is the Calacatta Gold, and it is more of like a rose-gold color, which is really
really pretty with a white background, but there’s a lot of pinks in there, this is a
gorgeous gorgeous color! As I mentioned, this is the 18oz, and this
is the 10oz, so hopefully you guys can see the difference in size. It’s pretty big. Also, I want to talk about their new packaging. This is their new packaging. It is a solid band, that goes all the way
around. It has all of the information about your cup. And you pretty much just lift the tab here
and it pulls right off. So, that is their new packaging. You guys may remember that S’well has in the
past, provided cardboard tubes for their bottles, but they are no longer using those in an effort
to be more Green. So S’well is all about minimizing the amount
of plastics and waste going into the landfills each year, so this step that they’ve taken
really helps. Their bottles and their new products will
be packaged using this band here and they will be shipped in a box with tissue paper. So, that is a little bit different than they
usually package, as you guys know, but I’ve received my bottles with no dings, or anything,
so they are doing a great job of packaging with enough tissue paper to protect your bottles,
so don’t worry. These new Tumblers will allow you to use them
at work or at home without a lid, or you can take them on the go with a stainless steel
lid that is sold separately. And the lid will have an opening so you can
use a straw with it, which I know a lot of people will love, because, like me, you can
use it to drink your iced coffee! So, that’s great! And you can use these with a variety of different
liquids. You can use coffee, wine, juice, soda, beer:
your choice. And these will keep your drinks hot or cold
much longer than your average tumbler. So something really great about…This is
the one that we’ve been using a lot recently, my husband actually used this and he put in
hot coffee and then we put in a whole ton of ice, and it actually kept the ice in there
for 4 hours without a lid on! And that was with hot coffee, so I think that’s
amazing. I purchased this one myself, so, I can honestly
say this works awesome and my husband and I were both really, really impressed with
how well this kept everything cold. So, next, I want to talk about my new favorite
bottles ever! And that is their Travelers! These are amazing, guys! I love them. These are S’wells new Travelers. These will keep your drinks cold for up to
24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours! Just like S’wells other bottles. And they feature an airtight lid, let me show
you guys. I love these new lids. You may notice mine has a little bit of dampness in it because I did have some
water earlier. But this really does keep your stuff nice
and cold or hot when you’re on the go. I’ve had ice last in my bottles for a good
portion of the day when I’ve used these. And my water stays cold all day long. So these are amazing and I love the new wider
mouth, I’ll show you guys one more time. It makes it a lot easier to put ice in. I know a lot of people with the other S’well
bottles, that was one of their complaints, is that you can’t put larger ice cubes in
there. These you can do that, so S’well has solved
that issue if that was your issue. And personally, it just makes it so much easier
and faster for me to be able to take this on the go, so I love that. And S’well actually has three different sizes
for these right now. They have 12oz, which is this one here. They also have an in-between size, the 16oz,
which I do not have. And then they have the 20oz. And I have the 12 oz here in Moonstone, which
has a really cool feel to it. And I just love the white, it goes with everything. And then they have the 20oz here in Flare,
which is a gorgeous Ruby Red. And if you’re wondering what the difference
is in width on the bottom of these bottles vs. a regular S’well bottle, I wanted to bring
out my 17oz and compare it to the 12oz for you. So, here is my 17oz and I’ll move my larger
one out of the way. This is my 17 oz vs. a 12oz. You will notice that the 12oz has a wider
bottom to it, so hopefully you guys can see that well. The other S’well bottles are thinner on the
bottom making them a little bit easier to put into your diaper bag bottle pockets and
things like that. I also wanted to bring this little guy back
out because you can enter to win this over on my Instagram! This is a 10oz S’well Tumbler and it has no
lid, but you can enter to win this over on my Instagram and I will leave the link down
below for you guys. This color is amazing! This is the yellow gold. Perfect for Fall, perfect for Winter and all
of the Holidays that come with that. Plus, you can put wine in here, you can put
soda, juice, water whatever you want to in here it will keep it nice and cold or hot. You can even put a cup of coffee in here. Plus they are super light-weight, which I
really love. So, make sure you go click my Instagram link
down below and enter to win! I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did,
please give it a thumbs up & subscribe while you’re here. If you guys have any questions or comments,
please leave them down below for me and I will try and get back to you as quickly as
I can. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I saw your video with the small traveler in the Be Sporty bottle pockets. Do you if/how the medium and large travelers would fit in the Jujube bottle pockets?

  2. How does the swell compare to the hydro flask. Been a long time user of the hydro flask and reciently someone lost there swell bottle at school and i foind ot and only have used it once.

  3. Yay! I LOVE s’well! My only problem is trying to get ice in there but that problem is solved with the new wide mouth!

  4. Thanks for ta great video! Do you know if their lids are BPA-free, too? They look like plastic to me. I have emailed S'well about it, but so far have not received any answer.

  5. Hi Kate,

    Can you pls do a review of how the Swell travellers bottle fit into Ju ju be bags and Lily Jade bags?

    Tks Jessie

  6. I just bought my first S'well bottle from target that has a flip top, so it's perfect for my kiddos too. I love it.

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  8. read reviews on these products. I'm seeing several complaints that have to do with the lids on the bottles

  9. The Calcutta Gold appearance on the S'well website has gold on the cup. And a rather light blue background. I ordered and got the tumbler in 10 oz. size in the Calcutta Gold and it is not gold at all. It is pink and Burgundy pink on a white background. No gold shimmer here.

  10. Hi Kate,
    Is it easy to clean the 12 oz. traveler with a regular sponge or does your hand not fit in it like the other bottles?

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