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Restoring Wood Furniture : How to Remove Wood Furniture Blemishes

Restoring Wood Furniture : How to Remove Wood Furniture Blemishes

We start off with it sanded really well and
it finished up with two/twenty paper and any imperfection is out of there. For instance,
it you have, just let say this piece, had some big dins in it where it was damage from
a moving company or some like that, we would take a rag say like a clean rag like this
and have it in water and we lay it down so you have a big din right there and you lay
it down there and you take a regular iron and you would just iron through that area
right there and that steam from that iron would raise that thing out of that wood and
pretty much level with the top and it’s ready. You’re ready to sand everything and get all
that stuff back down where it’s supposed to be. But that’s one way of doing that and
then once if you used any steam or any water or for instance, lets just say a drop of sweat
from your brow fell down on here and you have a little spot like that, well, you just go
ahead and wipe that off and what happens is you forget about that until you go to stain
it and then you go to put stain on here and all a sudden, right in that one little spot
where that water dropped, it’s dark. It just absorb right into there. So, if you every
get anything like water of any sort dripped on there or if you steam one little area,
you need to steam the whole top or you need to just take a wet cloth which I had to do
on this one because water got on it and I wiped down the whole top with water and then
re-sanded it again otherwise you’re going to have that stain go right into those areas.

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