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  1. Thanks sooooo much! Very informative and thurough. I was going to replace the ballast & bulb as one but now im goong to replace the bulb only.

  2. If it's bad it won't light, or will attempt to light, come up briefly, flicker, & then go out. In order to confirm you would need to remove the lamp door and use a piece of card or something similar to depress the lamp safety switch. Then turn the TV on and see if the lamp lights (dont stare into the lamp and remember to keep your hands out as it is a high voltage when it starts!). If the lamp is working, but you are not getting a picture on your screen, then you need to check other parts.

  3. As for when its going to fail, it is really anyone's guess. Hours of use are one of the best signs. Bulbs generally work for 6000 hours, and after that, you are on borrowed time. Most TV's will alert you when you hit a certain time limit. It may continue past that alert but usually it will appear to be dimmer. Some types may be rated for more or less time, it depends on the bulb type and manufacturer. If you are close to your limit, you may want to have a spare lamp on-hand, just in case 🙂

  4. I have a Mitsubishi WD60C9 and my son and I were watching TV and it went pop and we lost the picture. After about 10 minutes we tried to turn it on and the led light went green on the tv to turn on but we heard a whirring sound and then that was it and it turned off and the led turned red. Do you think it is the bulb that went out on it? I've had the tv for almost 2 years now. Please let me know you think it may be. Thanks

  5. jgamn23: Red LED light typically indicates a blown bulb. You can either replace the whole lamp or save more money by re-using your original lamp housing & only replace the bulb, using this video as a guide. Click the link in the Description to purchase the bulb from ShopJimmy(dot)com! Call 1(877)881-6492 if you have further questions. ~frank

  6. I had fell asleep with my Mitsubishi model one one night, (I've had it since 2010) and I believe there were power outages that morning…It came on, then went off, about 3 times before I got out of bed to turn it off. Once I went to put it to use, I heard what sounds like a bulb exploding… 🙁 picture went out and it went straight to noise. After I a few attempts, I assumed that the bulb was out, but what would cause it to go to noise? Is there a more expensive issue at hand?! Please help

  7. So I went through the process of switching the bulb out and followed the directions to the T, but it still hasn't fixed my problem. Still have sounds but no video. What are the steps to troubleshooting before I go to the TV store and have them fix it?

  8. I ordered a $60 lamp with housing from ShopJimmy that came super fast. Then I came here and found out how to install it . I paid a repairman $255 to replace the lamp. He charged $155 for the lamp and $100 for labor. Didn't find out my $200 extended warranty didn't cover replacement lamps until it blew! In 3 yrs nothing else ever went wrong with my 65 inch tv. Lesson learned. I'm so grateful to Shopjimmy which I found when I decided not to pay another $255!

  9. Hi, John! These bulbs are actually OEM-compatible. To alleviate any potential quality concerns, we back them with a one-year warranty. And, if you're in the US, we ship them free 2-day delivery!

  10. I don't know…Mitsubishi sells the complete bulb and cartridge for 99.00.
    For me, it's worth it to spend the difference and just slid the cartridge in.

  11. Hi John. We also sell the complete bulb + housing (cartridge) for $65.99 with free 2-day shipping in US. Just like the bulbs, these complete lamps are OEM-compatible, are rated for 6,000 hours, & have a 1-year warranty! search 915b403001 on our website(shopjimmy(dot)com) for details!

  12. @ozrallyguy: We've never seen this done before. I don't think there are bright enough LEDs for this on a single LED still. Anything is possible, though! Retrofitting a DLP TV with a single LED white light source would mean having to fool the DMD board into thinking the ballast was operating correctly & firing, plus you'd have to make a custom power output for the LED. You'd also need a reflective housing to smooth out the light and remove "hotspots".

    If you can hack it, we'd love to see it!

  13. Just replaced my lamp. I had the green timer light blinking then the red lamp light would be on. I could hear my cable station audio but the screen was black. I ordered a replacement bulb with the housing, eliminating the need to follow all of the steps in this video. Cost an extra $10 but all you do is take one screw out off the back, unscrew the old housing unit, pull out the old and put in the new and tighten the screws. Takes 2 minutes if you get it with the full housing unit.

  14. This is waht I was told:
    The LED light engine actually blinks them in sequence instead of using the color wheel, that's why it won't work

  15. If a part is out of stock, you can click the big button that says "Sign up to be notified when this product is back in stock." You will receive an email as soon as we get the items back on the shelf!

  16. I agree. I bought bulb with catridge first, when it went out within 2 months, shopjimmy sent me a replacement "bulb only". I followed this video to put the bulb in housing, except when it says (1:15"") "Carefully unlock the housing clips and slide the housing pieces apart". I broke the clip on one side, and the plastic on the other, and the housing became useless. It could be that the plastic housing pieces became brittle from the heat. Just my two cents!!

  17. I just watched this video, but I did not buy just the bulb… I ordered the whole housing plus bulb… is there anything that I should know about installing this any different than if I was just installing the bulb?

  18. @Eduardo CisGau – Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions or problems along the way!

  19. so, in the begining 2 screws were unscrewed, to remove housing. so if i buy bulb in housing, is it 2 screws to change?

  20. @cheeseballpictures – That is correct. If you have the same DLP TV model as the one shown in this video it will be the same amount of screws to change your lamp. If you have a different model, the number of screws can differ. It is typically around 2-3 screws. Replacing the entire housing, is typically easier, but costs a bit more as well. You can click the annotation links in the video to find your bulb. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance buying. (877) 881-6492

  21. I have a Toshiba Theater view model TZ61V61 the image is all black except the middle of the screen where it is about 2 inches and stretched from one end to the other can you help me with what the problem could be

  22. @Stephane Sevigny – I would recommend bringing the TV to a local repair shop. Unfortunately we do not have parts for this TV. Thanks and please let us know if you need any other help! (877) 881-6492

  23. @Stephane Sevigny – I would recommend bringing the TV to a local repair shop. Unfortunately we do not have parts for this TV. Thanks and please let us know if you need any other help! (877) 881-6492 This repair will require some electrical testing and that is why I am recommending that you bring the TV to a repair shop.

  24. @Juan Manuel Aguilar – If you connect the cables wrong, the bulb will blow. Sometimes the leads can be different lengths, leading to the two different connections. Thanks and please let us know if you have any further questions.

  25. I connected the bulb and turned the tv on and it stayed on for a few minutes and then it went off and the bulb did not blow…what would be the cause of this?

  26. @SixxfoBoi – What lights are showing in the front of the TV? Please reply with this information and we can reply with a recommended fix. Thanks and you can also call our customer service for further assistance, if you prefer. (877) 881-6492

  27. Whilst watching television, the screen went black, and I heard a pop from the inside of the television. The bulb has blown, yes?

  28. Over the years the width of the picture has increased on my rear projection Mitsubishi to the point that it isn't all contained within the screen. I'm finding that a lot of TV programming content is being cut off at the side of the screen. Is there a way I can fix this?

  29. I have a Mitsubishi Model #WD73737, Serial # 108356.  Picture is beautiful but have lost my red color tone, makes people look more orange color.  Green it not bright anymore but blue is perfect.  What is wrong, can you help?

  30. my Mitsubishi lamp looks different than all the wd-73c8 that ive seen. the lamp cast is round and has a one inch round lense below the bigger eye looking lense( lamp) that's above it.

  31. hi i have the WD-65737 mitubishi model tv, and i am getting the white and black pixel dots. will this dip lamp fix that problem?

  32. @Jake Holthaus we had a similar incident with ours and I called the company and was to told to press the reset button and it did the trick.

  33. Please help!  I ordered a replacement bulb however the wire harness is not in the same position as my old bulb.  I followed the ordering instructions by entering the model number of my mitsubishi tv.  Now what???  ugh 🙁

  34. Thanks. This was great! I bought a bulb from you because of this video (for your marketing dept) AND I got it with the case so I didn't have to go through all the steps.  Simple plug and play. However, next time I will try to save some money and use your video. Great detail. 

  35. Hey, Jimmy. I've got a question. I'm about out of options. I have a Mitsubishi WD-62327 and it won't come on. I replaced the DLP chip in back, as it had a vertical red line on the display. But I don't know if this replacement did the trick, as it won't come on now. According to an online guide, this thing needs a new bulb. But we changed out the bulb already with a new one, and it still won't come on. We power on, and then we just get a blank screen, an amber lamp light, a flashing green light as it cools down, and the steady red lamp indicator light from then on, meaning the lamp needs to be changed out again. Could it be something else? I put it all back together correctly. You're our last hope. What the h*** is wrong with this thing? We're not going to pay 400 bucks to get it fixed. If it's a lamp, cool. We'll change it again. If it's something else, off to the dump she goes.

  36. thank you so much for this video. I ordered the part and replaced it myself saving hundreds of $ of a TV repair man. I was aprehensive about ordering such a fragile part online to have mailed, but it came in perfect condition. Thank you so much!

  37. It work! I order my part from Jimmy n I followed the direction. It was so easy,but when I turn off the tv the lamp is still on. Help me! The only way it will go off if I unplug the tv.

  38. What is the purpose of taking the bulb out of the housing, just to put it back into the housing? To verify the bulb is the right size? Isn't there any other way to verify the bulb is the proper size?


  40. Any idea what size the back plastic cover screen screw is? I need to replace it cause it was lost in the move.

  41. I replaced the lamp in my Mitsubishi 73" Wd-73735 tv it worked for a while and then i turned it off and when i turn it back on the lamp lights up on the front with a orange blinking light what could be the problem ?

  42. Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes, we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments section. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech support, please visit FixYa.com or contact your local TV repair shop. Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

  43. Just replaced the bulb in my 5 year old Mitsubishi 65" DLP.
    Wow!  What a great picture.
    The brightness had faded over the years.  It does it slowly, so I hadn't noticed.
    Was about to buy a new LED 4K.  Not now.
    note; Don't buy a cheap bulb.  Get an Osram or Philips.  It's worth the few extra $.

  44. I need HELP!! I have a Mitsubishi WD-60638 60-Inch DLP HDTV (2010 Model) and when I turn the TV on the indicator light (turns green) that the power is on. But nothing is on the screen. Just stays black. How do I know if I need to change the bulb? Could it be something else?

  45. I was going to buy a new TV but decided I'm going to try and fix my tv one last time! order the part from you guys and BAM my baby is working again! thank shopjimmy!! ☺☺👊

  46. worst instructions ever. there was no reason to take it apart. in the process broke of clip and now it won;t stay together. just put it in handle on left. it's that easy. now I have nothing

  47. I just ordered a bulb from watching this video, I will update status once it arrives. To be continued…………………………..

  48. I have a 73 and 92 inch Mitsubishi dlp TV and never had a bulb burn out until I transported them via Uhaul truck ,.If you ever have to move big DLP tv ,remove lamp before transport because vibration of truck loosens up filaments inside bulb! Thanks to these videos, I was able to figure out the problem and ordered the parts from shopjimmy cheap and fast delivery

  49. I GOT A NEW LAMP COMPLETE WITH HOUSING For $19. FROM SEARS ONLINE, just removed entire assembly and put in new. Make sure door is on tight enough to trip safety switch & in ten min its working fine…. Also be sure all dust is cleaned out for proper cooling tho or you will shorten lamp life & have overheat problems. Works For Me!! W/B

  50. do yall sell the replacement screws for the housing? I forgot to use a cup lol and lost a screw that holds housing together

  51. i never took the thing completely apart, whereas there is NO NEED to. Once you open the housing, just loosen the 2 screws holding the one edge of the bulb, whilst taking the other side bracket completely out that has the one screw. The plug DOES NOT need to be disassembled/removed from the sider of the housing either! I left it right where it was once I took the screw out from it to open the housing. I removed wiring, low on bulb first, and let the screw rest in the loop mount mid air while I used pliers for the top wire. Using food grade gloves, I only grabbed the butt end of the bulb, and lifted out of the housing. I put the New bulb in the same way, and put everything back together in less than 5 minutes. I hope this shortcut from all the ridiculousness parting the complete unit out prevents all the lost parts, and the what wire went where insanity.

  52. I have a Toshiba 50 inch lamp blower so I bought a new one installed it and after 10 min. it blew any ideas on what caused it?

  53. I have a Toshiba 50 inch lamp blower so I bought a new one installed it and after 10 min. it blew any ideas on what caused it?

  54. Hola jimmy yo ya cambie la lámpara de mi tv Mitsubishi wd 60735 y trabaja muy bien pero cuando la apago después de unos minutos la luz verde aparece en la señal de la lámpara quisiera saber k código es pues no aparece ningún cambio de color Solo parpadea 82 veces en verde

  55. im no expert at wires but qhat kind of plug or wire do you need too
    connect with the lamp because i have this replacement lamp and i was trying to make a powerful flashlight with it 😀

  56. Good video your smart to use gloves to change the lamp most ppl dont then the lamp blows up from finger prints good job bro

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