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Reinventing famous buildings: Interior Architecture students & SANDitecture

Reinventing famous buildings: Interior Architecture students & SANDitecture

>>So today we’re here doing SANDitecture. We have had to basically take a famous building and reinvent it by picking out the main features of it.>>SANDitecture is a first year Interior Architecture event. It’s actually I guess the hands-on experience of understanding that design thinking process.>>So today we’re actually building a sand sculpture out of the World Arab Institute which is a building in France. So we’re just making our own recreation of that I suppose.>>The forms themselves are quite abstract but we weren’t looking for replicas of the building, we were looking for I guess an idea about the building.>>We did not expect to be doing stuff like this so early on. We were expecting to basically to be sitting in the classroom, learning how to draw lines and things like that. But second week and we’re straight out here doing some real practical work.>>The idea of getting them to do it so early is that we actually teach them a design thinking framework that instead of like listening to lectures and being in the classroom, we get them out of the classroom and actually engaging in that design thinking framework hands-on.>>When they told us we were doing the SANDitecture I was very taken aback. I was like I know nothing, what are you trying to get me to do? Yeah it was very unexpected.>>We’re all enjoying getting the practical hands-on experience. It’s a little bit different to what we were expecting as Interior Architecture students, but it’s really great being able to understand the exterior of a building so then we can then look at it from the interior.>>It’s almost like one of those Survivor things you know, they chuck them together and make them like work hard in the heat and they’re all stressed and they have to have leadership qualities and stuff in their team or it doesn’t work.>>Yeah we’re getting along really well which is helpful because we do have to spend the whole day with each other, in the heat, sharing snacks and having shared drinks is really great.>>Since we’re all first years none of us actually know each other, so this allows us to form friend groups and we might not stay friends throughout the whole four years, but we’ve got, you know, we can still start to form lifelong friendships.>>Getting this practical experience is really important for students, it gets them out of the studio, working with teams, working with other people in their year group and that practical experience is so valuable for them at such an early stage of their studies.>>Yeah it’s fun!>>Yeah we’re really enjoying it.

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