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Rechargeable Bedside Mood Lamp under $22

Rechargeable Bedside Mood Lamp under $22

What is up, guys? Welcome to ClearHD,
My Name is Ome, and today we are going to review,
BEROSS Smart Light – Mood Lamp. This is my favorite Mood Light,
It’s really easy to use, and is very simple. This is a dimmable Mood Light,
with touch sensitivity. You can touch the top,
to change color, or change the brightness. In default this light will change through
light continuously, but if you touch the top once, the light will
freeze at your chosen color. It’s rechargeable with micro USB, so you don’t
need any other batteries for it to work. I really love this Mood Lamp and would recommend
you guys to try it out. Well thanks a lot for watching guys,
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