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  1. I seriously think you are the most underrated TechTuber. I am baffled by your small subscriber and view counts. Your stuff is better than most of the big channels, and more informative a lot of the time as well. Keep it up.

  2. If you could buy the phone and the project lynda in one pack and get like a 5~10% discount,i would definitely buy that

  3. It will probably be too pricey, I would have little use for it, and it might end up being awkward. I don't care. Just the look of the thing makes me want it. Even though it's not a new concept, it seems so futuristic.

  4. Looks very usable, but also very limiting by being tied to one brand and product. Why isn't it already universal by now?

  5. Initially, I wasn't interested in this idea. But after thinking about it for a bit, I actually like it a lot. If this ever gets a full release, it would be a phone seller for me.

  6. Anyone remember Asus Padfone? It had a similar approach with 3 in 1 device (Phone, Tablet & Laptop). This looks like a more refined version of that.

  7. This is an insane usage! now if they would only upgrade the internal components over the years the dock would actually be a nobrainer buy for me and many others. This way upgrading your phone wouldn't mean making the laptop obsolete in next years upgrade.

  8. it will be great if it was supported with some benafits for some shooting games like cm5 or gta sa or that is the main reason for buying such a thing

  9. They'll be getting sued by apple if this becomes a money maker. Pretty sure apple patented this implementation a couple years ago

  10. If they want this to REALLY succeed, they should make it really cheap. Smaller batteries inside, maybe 32gb more storage, and a 1080p display. Then they could have a step-up model w/ all the goodies. I would buy the Razor Phone just for this!

  11. Only thing missing here is a bluetooth headset for private calls, which is hidden in a slot in project Linda when not in use. If you want to use it all the time, carry it with you, or if you use it only when the phone is docked, then you can store it in the slot when you are not using the laptop.

  12. Can you imagine the potential of this though… The processing power of a full laptop could be combined with the phone to make a beast of a computer.

    Your phone becomes the laptops hub

  13. Wow very nice . I hope it’s actually going to come out . I’d definitely would buy it . It’s everything in 1 . The razer phone does look like a nexbit Robin and they were very poorly designed . Great video.

  14. When is Android allow to get landscape home screen in phones, every time I see a glimpse i remember my old nokia n8 Symbian was doing that a lot of years ago and it's something i miss a lot, specially in above 5" phones, i know there are apps but all of them mess with the interface.

  15. You forgot to mention Asus PadFone, which I owned and kinda liked. Wasn't fast enough to use as a laptop though. Maybe the Razer Phone will be fast enough.

  16. This just made me a lot more interested in the Razer phone.

    If they release this, I will be onboard immediately.

  17. Hey Mr. Mobile, love your videos. Not sure if you've reviewed them but Sentio https://www.sentio.com is actually producing these to leverage whatever your phone is. I was in line to get one, but they've had some production delays that have forced me to move on. Having said that, I still love what they're doing.

  18. Don't forget clambook, casetop, and Superbook have also tried to create a phone-laptop. Superbook (after a 1.5 year delay) will actually have them available if everything goes right.

  19. I despise this idea, mainly because it has absolutely no identity. Samsung dex for example is specifically positioning it'self as a business device, where all information is stored on the phone or a cloud database connected to said phone. Meaning there could be a time where an office worker could head into work, plug in his Samsung and get to work, before going home and plugging into his own Dex to continue any work he has to do.

    This just doesn't really make sense, it's basically an android tablet with a keyboard attached, plus the somewhat neat idea of making the phone screen a trackpad. But who's it for? Not having a dedicated interface, or custom UI means that it's far too clunky to exist over simply having a laptop, meaning it has no place in business. Gamers will just use a PC or already existing laptop to play the far larger library of non-android titles, people looking for a small portable laptop will just buy a chromebook for half the price and get a much better UI. It just doesn't have a place other than being an advertisement to get people talking.

  20. I love this idea and I hope they will eventually sell these. I've been eyeing the Razer phone so when I feel i can afford it, i will buy the next model they put forth, and if they bring that sweet Linda, I might get that too if it's not too outrageous in price.

  21. This is so awesome. I can not even allow myself to get my hopes up. The padfone was super awesome. A phone that turns into a tablet that turns into a laptop that can also dock into a desktop. Each with its own battery. And what ever happened to Microsofts android runtime? That way you'd get windows and Android crossover?

    Basically I've found peace with Samsung sidesync. I use a Samsung s8 plus and along side my thinkpad x1 4th generation and its one cable dock… The only issue is samsung sidesync does work wirelessly but for best results wired always works better. Paired with Samsung allowing me to choose the audio output path is nice. Only gets sticky if I am using Bluetooth earbuds and they are paired to my phone and can't be paired to a 2nd device I have to manually pair them to laptop and then manually force audio output from phone to laptop.

    Regardless I can still zoom in and make my phone full screen portrait mode on my laptop. And can easily set up Google drive to sync a specific folder so it's already prepared in the event sidesync were to fail.

    All I want is with today's specs a padfone done right, batteries in each add on. Heck google made the pixel book. Why can't they make that modular. It was freaking Google who acquired Motorola temporarily that put the kibosh on my beloved lapdock. Those were the times. Razr maxx hd and my modified atrix lapdock but further android updates made it worse. Come on there's got to be some way to make this work!

    I'd also think a package would be fantastic. Earbuds and watch. And have it set so I could just have watch and earbuds only but the heart of the system be the phone docked into tablet.

    Damn do I want this Linda bad.

  22. While Samsung and Microsoft tried it with their docking system, Razer cleverly use the touchscreen as the trackpad. It makes the phone dock into the laptop body perfectly, without any deisgn is wasted. Great job, actually looking forward to it to bw available on the market.

  23. While I'm not exactly the target audience for this or the phone itself, I have to admit that I'm genuinely impressed with these efforts from a company that otherwise fails to impress me with the majority of their other products. I'm very excited to see more. Perhaps a smaller sized device for more practical usability as a phone; and DEFINITELY Project Linda coming to production. The few examples of modular phone/laptop I've tried were poorly done, poorly made, or both. Project Linda absolutely takes the cake on smart implementation and (assumed) build quality.

  24. this project linda and the dexbook are my favorite concept design. Now, the samsung dex are a great desktop 'replacement'. But, both project are still just that, a concept. Not sure why. No market? With mobile phone getting powerful, this kind of project might push the all-in-one mobile computing into mainstream. But, now Razer even close their Razer 3 department. BLeh ..:P

  25. Man this would have been sick, especially if it added extra crazy battery life. Literally turning a Razer Phone into a chrome book that can make phone calls.

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