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Rare & Spacious High-floor 5 Room HDB Unit In Jurong East | #UrbanAgents Home Tour (2020)

Rare & Spacious High-floor 5 Room HDB Unit In Jurong East | #UrbanAgents Home Tour (2020)

Today we’re gonna showcase a very unique 5I model which is a HDB 5-room model in 228 Jurong East, Street 21 What I like about this unit itself is that it is located on the high floor and it’s actually overlooking to a greenery view of the Chinese Garden And in fact, it is within close proximity walking distance from the Chinese Garden MRT station And entering in into the unit itself you can actually have a balcony You can put in all your shoe rack or even bicycle And when you enter into the living hall space this whole entire area spans across 122 sqm and this is huge for a 5I model in today’s context I’d say that is because when you hear about 5 room you’ll always think of a smaller size of 110 sqm and it only consists of three bedrooms But here, you’ll have 4 bedrooms, living hall, dining area plus the kitchen and 2 bathrooms Alright, entering into the master room you can’t help but to feel that this whole space is so enlarged and spacious Because what the owner has actually done is that he actually removed the central dividing wall between the adjacent common room and the master room Therefore, you can actually put in your mini living hall, man cave or an entertainment room beside your master room or even a study area I’d like to say that being on the high floor has its own advantages because you have perpetual unblocked views on both sides of the unit and therefore the whole place is windy and also naturally bright because of the natural lighting that filtered into the house Alright, I’m gonna show you the other two common bedrooms In fact these two common bedrooms actually enjoy the view towards the Chinese Garden greenery and the size itself being the mirror image of each other you can actually put in a queen-size or a king-size bed together with a dresser table and study desk at the corner Entering into the kitchen space you’ll feel that is actually long and wide at the same time You can put in a breakfast table while you can actually hire an interior designer to do up like an open-concept kitchen with more storage space in the kitchen cabinets on one side of the wall, and at the same time because of the huge window panels you can actually do heavy duty cooking for you to easily ventilate the area The location of Block 228 Jurong East, Street 21 has its own merits This is within 5-minute walking distance to the nearest Chinese Garden MRT station If you forget to bring your umbrella, not to worry because it’s a sheltered walkway throughout your journey If you are feeling hungry, you can actually walk down to the nearest food centre You want to do your grocery shopping? You can actually visit the nearest supermarket or even the wet market which is within the same vicinity If you need more information and details do not hesitate to call me at my mobile number I’m Sean from UrbanAgents and see you next time

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