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Rajapack UK | Geami WrapPak in action

Rajapack UK | Geami WrapPak in action

We have put a lot of love and care into Claudia&Julia. The business s very dear to us and we have tried to show this to everyone who visits our website. And above all, to those who buy from us: we always strive to provide detailed product descriptions, put a lot of thought into our photos and provide the highest level of customer service to anyone who calls. Of course, this care must also be reflected in the parcel that the customer receives. We have always believed that the parcel should feel like a present and have always known that Geami was the best option to help achieve this. We loved Geami at first
sight. We loved it because it has a very rustic look that was in keeping with the Claudia&Julia brand, and felt that this system was made with us in mind. But, It also has lots of
other advantages. To begin with, it is recyclable and saves on storage space against other packaging materials: it does not require tape or a seal, and is very easy to pack, provides a wide range of packaging options, both for small and large goods, as well as for different shaped objects, and it has great protective qualities.
Not only does it effectively protect goods from scratches, it also absorbs shock. We are really pleased with it. It’s also helps our customer loyalty. Many customers write to us on a wide range of topics: with queries or comments, to share their recipes and to say how much they like the Geami system.
Some have even used it to make crafts with their children,
that they reuse the wrapping when they need to send a package themsleves, or that they’ve used it to wrap up delicate objects in their homes.
The truth is that we are satisfied because we can see that it is a well-liked system and everyone
says it feels good to unwrap the present, or whatever they have bought,
and like that it is recyclable. They like being able to recycle both the box and wrapping together..

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