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Rae Dunn – Hunt With Me –  TJMaxx  (2019)

Rae Dunn – Hunt With Me – TJMaxx (2019)

hey everyone welcome to my channel I am
Laura Brennaman and I’m getting ready to go on a Rae Dunn hunt are you ready to see what I got I got
two things I got the pen set one of the pen sets this one says take note doodle
and brainstorm hope these right well I’m gonna be going to a convention a
business convention in September and so duckies notebooks one says create one
says dreams and feedbacks oh yeah you know the one item that I’m already
thinking am I gonna regret this the dream board so what caught your
attention I’d love to hear down in the comments be sure to LIKE comment and
subscribe and share with your friends that love redone all right we’ll talk to
you soon bye

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