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Q&A : Youtube & 2018 | heyclaire

Q&A : Youtube & 2018 | heyclaire

hi guys welcome back I hope that you guys are having a great start to your year so far I guess I should formally say Happy New Year because I know in my last couple videos I haven’t really done a sit down and talk to you all so I thought it would come back with a really nice chill Q&A and just catch up with you a little bit I know that in the end of last year a lot of us were feeling kind of negative or at least feeling of great sense of change and a lot of people in my personal life and then just also people that I think responded to my last video just all felt very much the same I think any beginning of the year is an awesome time to kind of re-evaluate things and change but there’s something about this year I don’t know about you guys but this year just feels really different but exciting I think more than anything so to start off today’s video I just want to start with some really light questions because some of them are a little deeper and we’re gonna talk a little bit more about some of the things that you know I was feeling at the end of this year and I think a lot of you just judging from your response to my last video are feeling the same so I wanted to touch on that take a little bit of time with that as well but to start off with Tiffany asked what’s your favorite song of the moment and if you follow me on Instagram you know that right now I cannot get enough of Miguel’s song told you so and a lot of times I feel like I identify with lyrics of a song and stuff like that but this one is mostly about the beat and the vibe that I get from it I just really love listening to this song every morning it just kind of I don’t know puts me in a good mood if you know of any other songs that kind of are in a similar vein please feel free to leave them as suggestions down below because I kind of just want to keep making a playlist of those kinds of songs and I do have a Spotify account that I have a couple of playlists public for you all so you can listen to some of the songs that I’m currently listening to a lot I will leave that again down below for you all but yeah that’s definitely my Selma moment and those of you who follow me on Instagram might be tired of hearing that next up page asks how’s motorcycle riding going and I get this question every once in a while because I did mention that I got my motorcycle license last year I think I got it in around June or something like that and I got so excited because I had always wanted to do it and it’s something that’s been on my bucket list like ever since I was younger I even a guy for a while who rode motorcycles for a living so I definitely was a round motorcycle culture and so yeah having the opportunity to get it was really exciting and fun but after I got my license I got into an accident and it didn’t scare me enough to keep me from ever wanting to ride a bike but I just knew that I wasn’t comfortable on it and I needed to find the right bike in order to learn properly and it’s kind of like a double-edge thing I don’t know if I want to spend a lot of money on a bike to possibly get into another accident and I just need to find the right bike to be on and you know this that and the other and I just haven’t put that time aside to figure all of that out it’s just not necessarily a priority from right now so nothing has really changed in my motorcycle riding nothing is improved and then I haven’t bought a bike or anything like that I don’t plan it on any time soon I want to buy a car first but yeah that’s pretty much how motorcycle riding is going I’m glad that I have my license but nothing has really changed happy news I wanted to know why you took your nose-ring out I find this question so funny because I mean granted I did kind of shine a light on it a little bit because when I took it out I posted an Instagram photo I was like if I told you that something was missing from this photo would you figure it out and it was my nose ring the thing is that I literally had no plans of taking it out I just was like one day looking at myself and I was like oh my god I’ve had this in for I don’t even know at least like 10 or 12 years and I don’t remember what it’s like to not really have it I don’t know that it makes a difference if I do have it I’m certainly the same person with and without it why don’t I take it out and try it for a while so I took it out and I haven’t really looked back since I feel like the hole is always gonna be there because I’ve had it for so long so I could always put it back in if I want to but right now I’m kind of just enjoying not having it it’s not really anything deeper than that I just figured why not okay so this is probably a good question to start diving into things what’s your direction for your channel in 2018 and beyond any surprises like a clothing line or more jewelry from you or a potential makeup collaboration love and miss your content thank you so much so I am not 100% sure where I want to go with my channel I think you know it always started with beauty and lifestyle that’s always gonna be kind of the foundation of what I start but it became clear that that wasn’t just what I wanted to focus on I think early on and I wanted to do more than just that so yeah I I don’t ever want to put myself in a box I hate having too many rules and I don’t want to be confined to this box either ultimately I just want to produce content that I enjoy and then I have fun with and that I think you might find useful whether it’s informational or whatnot I just I don’t think that I want to think too hard about it honestly this kind of actually ties into another question that I saw earlier which is how do you feel about the current state of the beauty community on YouTube or do you no longer feel connected to the beauty community and my response to that is not to pick on the beauty community by any means I think YouTube in general has changed so much in the last couple years and currently with the state of YouTube I feel really uncomfortable sometimes saying that I’m on YouTube because I feel like there are implications with that that are not accurate for everybody if that makes any sense and I’ve always looked at YouTube as a form of a creative outlet and I’ve always wanted to enjoy what I do and produce and for the last couple years I’ve had a really hard time figuring out what it is that I still enjoy about this because I do like making videos and I do like sharing information with you guys and telling stories and I love interacting with you guys because you guys are so supportive and wonderful and I think that I’m very lucky to have you as a community and the thing that I think is so great about you guys in particular is that I think somehow we’ve created this awesome supportive community that understands that we’re all human and we all go through things and not necessarily every other person has that and so I never want you guys to think that I take that for granted and I don’t it’s just that my approach to my channel and YouTube in general has always just been that I want to enjoy it and have fun and produce stuff that I am proud of and I think so much of what we do now is about numbers and it’s a numbers game and I’ve never wanted that to be motivation for what I do so I guess what I would say about YouTube in general and people coming into this space where it’s like so oversaturated is like it’s such a competition now and I’ve never wanted to compete with anybody I’ve just wanted to be myself and enjoy what I do and focus on me so that’s that’s pretty much what I think I’m gonna be doing this year as far as collaborations and stuff obviously I was so excited about the majority collaboration and your response to that has been incredible and it definitely motivates me to try and look into creating other things what those things might be is a little unclear right now sorry the light keeps going in and out but that’s a fall for you but I’m not a hundred percent sure what I necessarily want to create or produce in the future but I definitely want to do other things because that’s fun and exciting why did Steffi move out I also wanted to see more Bruce in the kittens someone should start a band called Bruce and the kittens so first off obviously the kittens were adorable and seeing Bruce with kittens was just absolutely adorable but for those of you who were confused by the kitten appearance in my last video and didn’t follow me on Instagram when all of that was happening basically a friend of mine had a bunch of kittens had five kittens that were available for adoption because she had a feral cat that lived in the area and unfortunately in the area that she lives in coyotes often you know take away animals which is really sad and unfortunate but their mom got eaten by a coyote and so she was trying to find them all homes and and didn’t want to take him to a shelter obviously so I was about to leave for Ghana and I thought you know if the timing is right when I come back and they’re still available maybe I’ll come and try to adopt one and she was kind of running out of time to keep them and so Stef went over to see you know maybe if she got along with some of the kittens and and everything and ended up coming home with two kittens instead of one and they’re adorable they’re now known as pinky and tags but when I got back it just kind of became a lot to have three cats in the house and that kind of honestly set a little bit more of an urgency for her to move out so I loved having them there and obviously they were great entertainment and they do have an Instagram if you want to check it out I’ll leave a link down below they are much bigger now there’s still kind of stuff still posting like kitten videos and stuff because she was gone for like a month but they did grow up really fast but they’re still adorable they have great personalities and everything but yeah so that’s kind of the story with the kittens and yes step didn’t move out we’re still really good friends and we’re really close and we try to see each other as much as possible but yeah she doesn’t live with me and I’m on my own again so there we go okay so I think these questions I think kind of fit together in a way what are the biggest changes that have happened in your life recently and how do those affect your career channel etc moving forward change can be scary how do you personally go about embracing change as you go about the new year I think change is the biggest thing at any beginning of the year but especially this year like I was saying at the beginning of this video I’ve really embraced it’s obviously scary to realize that you have become a certain way and that you need to change to better yourself and to be a bigger person and to grow and be stronger I think more than anything I realized that you know any of the bad things that have happened to me or that I you know have kind of gone through and I don’t think you need to know specifics when it comes to that because ultimately the lesson is what’s important it’s not like what necessarily led up to it but I think that all the things that have happened for me in the last couple years good and bad have forced me to reflect on myself in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to if those things didn’t happen so I’m really thankful for that and and that’s the way that I have to spin it in order to make myself not go into a deep dark hole and you know feel really sad about it because the thing is it’s really easy to feel bad about something and feel negatively or think negatively and then keep thinking negative thoughts and for some reason I guess it’s cuz it’s you know a downward thing like it just is easy to slide down into that darkness and I I felt really dark and I felt really depressed for a really long time and I have struggled with the depression on and off since I was a teenager it’s not something that I’ve talked too much about just because it wasn’t something that I really realized as I got older still being an issue like I knew that every once in a while I felt lower than others but I didn’t feel like it was really a struggle for me at the time maybe I had enough distractions or was confident enough and myself at that point where I didn’t let it get down to those dark places but I think with a combination of things and I think maybe being a little blind to certain things in my own life in the last couple years it just kind of allowed me to go to a dark place and thankfully I was able to kind of realize where I was and that I was struggling and that I needed to snap out of it and I was able to kind of make those steps to find a way out and find you know a way to start feeling better about things and I’m still figuring out I think it’s one of those things that you have to practice it daily and you know each day is different but each day is a new opportunity to make yourself better and I think one of my biggest goals for 2018 personally is to just find that happy medium because I think the thing that most of you really identified with when I did my 2017 video Thank You 2017 was when I said that finding or being able to sustain as a consistent level of happiness it’s difficult when the foundation of who you are is unstable and the thing that made me realize that is I realized how I had kind of lost a lot of self confidence and I was really questioning a lot of things about myself and when you are already unsure of how you feel about yourself or you know your work or whatever it is it’s really easy for something negative to happen in your life to further knock you down when you’re already you know kind of there because I think that was the other thing about last year especially that I noticed was that I had some really awesome great times like say here’s the happy medium I’m just going to create like this hand graph for you guys but you know I had so many high highs but then as soon as I was done with that high or that event was done or you know that experience was done I would get really low and I wouldn’t be able to sustain just like being content with me like I would just get really dark and I’d be like there would be just this huge contrast in the happiness and the sadness and to be able to not fall below that line I think is my Ulta goal for this year and I think once you have that level of confidence and that consistency in your content and present that you know work doesn’t suffer as much and you know you can look forward to doing more things in the future and get excited about being more creative and producing more stuff so that for me for the last couple weeks and months has been something that I’ve been working on and something that I think I’m getting better at and I’m it therefore is making me more excited to be working towards the future though I kind of answered some of this already but Aaron asked what are your overall goals for yourself and how do you plan on achieving them fitness travel organization so like I said obviously being able to find that level of happiness and being able to sustain that kind of presence and and whatnot in in the new year is definitely a big goal of mine fitness wise I don’t really have too many goals I just want to continue to stay consistent I’m actually I mean if I can be proud of one thing last year other than you know being able to kind of get myself out of this dark hole but also I kept up with my fitness and despite being really depressed I still force myself to go work out because it got me out of the house and it got me to focus on something that I felt like I was still bettering myself in as far as travel goes I definitely want to go more places than I did last year I mean I’m so thankful that I get to travel period but I think for myself I’d just like to take even small trips around California and just like do a little bit more exploring and you know find reasons to just like go and do things on my own and not worry about you know planning too far ahead and stuff like that just to have more experiences would be great organization definitely is something that I want to focus on this year as well because I think more than ever I realized that your space and how chaotic it might feel is kind of like a reflection on how you feel on the inside so I want to organize things so that I personally just feel a little bit more at ease because looking at piles of stuff everywhere and you know I have like a product corner I just I hate looking at that corner I need to get rid of stuff because it’s just staring at me and saying give me a home okay okay so I think that that does it for today’s video guys thank you so much for watching I know that sometimes these things get a little deep I’d love to really hear your feedback and some of the things that you’re really excited about this year and some of the things that maybe you started to kind of implement into your routine to make you feel better about this year because like I said in my thank-you 2017 video like I’ve always tried to be like the strong individual person that you know promoted being okay with being on your own and I know a lot of people still to this day ask me about like breakups and dealing relationships and stuff like that and I want to be able to talk about those things and help you guys out because it is really important to be able to like stand on your own and be confident and be happy and I feel like I’m slowly getting back to that person and I hope that a lot of you guys are feeling that way too because ultimately it’s all about how you are able to deal with your own issues and your things and being confident in how you feel about things and not being afraid to feel certain things so yeah let’s let’s work on bettering ourselves together and support each other continue to do that and yeah I’d love to talk more about it so thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you next video I hope you have a great week bye

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  1. It's nice to see "more" of you than last year. I love how you are trying to get the most of your life/issues and hearing from you the clarity after the storm.
    I went throught a break up over a year ago and it hit me really hard as I didn't let myself "live" back into the dating world for 10 years….and after this amazing (or I thought so!) relationship came along I was happy as I've never seen/experienced before. Part of it was I was more mature, confident and then the brake up just came unplanned and found myself under this black cloud following me happenning thing after a much bigger one….Anyway I would love to hear how you're or dealt with it for as long it lasted.

    By the way I also would of like to know how's your mom doing. I know that was also so important and I'm sure has somewhat to do with what you've gone through.

    Sending you warm hugs and hope in 2018 to hear and know more about you!

  2. Hey Claire,
    This video was perfect. I switched off for a moment and sat by the radiator and just listened to you speak. It was so comforting, from just your comments about the cats to life advice, I really enjoyed listening to every second. It was nice to just listen to you talk away and be so at ease. This vid has helped me reflect, and realise ultimately that everything is okay. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE, EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T REALISE IT!! Wishing you the best x

  3. it's so great to see this side of you. i love it because it's so real and super educational on people that are going through the same thing.
    I've been working on being emotionally independent; for example, i'm in a long relationship and it got to the point where i depended on him telling me that i look good to feel good and i felt that i lost my personal identity (not his fault). i started concentrating on myself which was harder than i thought, realizing what makes me feel good and centered. like you said, i stopped apologizing and embracing what makes me me. many people may not realize this but it's also the little things that count. i bought metal straws and every time i sip, i feel like a fucking badass cuz my straws wont end up in the noses of sea turtles. fyi i'm not saying that people who use plastic straws are bad. it's just the little things that count.
    anyways, i love these type of videos from you claire, i can honestly say that you inspire me to be a better me. you are a great inspiration overall, whether it be creative wise, lifestyle, makeup etc. i wish you the best.
    much love xoxo

  4. I'm in the middle of watching the video and just had to tell you this: I looove the videos in the style of the "thank you 2017"-video. Maybe you could try to still do beauty favourites or OOTD or home decor videos but it your cool artsy style! Like really cool edited. Haven't seen that so much on YT and it would fit you and your channel I think 🙂
    Just in case you needed some inspo for 2018 – greetings from Austria 🙂

  5. Claire, you are magic. Thank you for being perfectly candid and open about what's been on your mind this past year and the start of 2018. Watching and listening to you has been such a comfort and this video really exemplifies this aspect of your channel and content, which I love. Thank you, so much. Have a beautiful and restful remainder of your week. <3

  6. 2017 really sucked for me. I was ill/not feeling myself for much of the year and losing a dramatic amount of weight. The walk in clinic doctor misdiagnosed me and it took a few extra months to realize I had Graves’ disease /hyperthyroidism. Now I have a family doctor (haven’t had a family doctor in years) and the medication I’ve been prescribed has really helped. I feel fantastic now and I’m planning my trip to Australia in February (I nearly cancelled this trip in early December because I felt so sick!). I am glad you are out of this “black hole” Claire! I hope we get to see more fun vlogs and creative videos because you are the best YouTuber out there!! 👍👍👍👍

  7. Been a subscriber for years, I subscribed first for your aesthetics, always loved your fashion, your apartment, makeup etc. But now I realize I really enjoy listening to you just talking. Make videos that your feel like making. Do what you enjoy, grow, and your audience will grow with you. I think you are a really good talker, smart, open. Something I would really enjoy is maybe you traveling and make videos about that place, the culture. Or your thoughts on whats interests you. Happiness, the clothing industry, cats whatever haha. Wishing you an amazing 2018 < 3

  8. You are loved, and you're doing great. Thanks for being real and vulnerable and honest <3 Also a song rec! I think you'll like "Confidently Lost" by Sabrina Claudio. I had a funky "self-discovery" year in 2017 and it was my anthem 🙂

  9. I think it's great when a person talks about their depression. People can begin to feel like their not alone and it can bring a community together. I, too, have dealt with depression since a young age and I never had the chance to face it/work on it until the past year. Last year, I, too, had to deal with the high highs, and then going to the low lows. Recently, I've volunteered at a mental health community center (mainly because of school). The center advocates for creativity, expression of art, and well-being. There, I felt like I was in a "safe space." In other words, I would be able to talk or feel the way I do without the stigma or judgement of society. It helped me understand my depression a lot more. If anyone lives in the LA area and wants to learn more about this community center, feel free to ask me questions. Anyways, thanks Claire. <3 you.

  10. Totally agree with you on a lot of points! Also BONDAX – GOLD is similar to the Miguel song that you are obsessed with!

  11. I just love the way you talk!! You have such a sophisticated vibe and always have deep meaning in everything you say! Let’s all strive for Happiness in 2018🙌🏻💪😘😘😘

  12. I agree about the clutter. This month I'll have been in my place for a year but there is still a lot that hasn't been put away with intention. I would also like to learn about konmari or other ways to simplify my life. I think i will have less stress and save money once I get rid of what I dont absolutely love. I'd love to hear anyone else's experience with decluttering/ minimizing.

  13. My favorite part on this video is from 9:25–13:47 … this is so on point, Claire. And I am definitely going through the same stuff.

  14. One of my big things this year is 31 “good deeds”. I turned 31 in December and was feeling like I needed to do more with my life and know that I gave back to the community. So before my 32 birthday I’m going to try to volunteer/do “good deeds” 31 times. I donated blood, donated money to fire relief and volunteered at a nonprofit so I have 28 more to go! I know I’m very fortunate to have the life I have and felt like I needed a way to spread love and good vibes (especially with all the crazy stuff in 2017).

    I love that you always share you’re feelings and what’s on your mind. Love watching any/all your videos and can’t wait see what 2018 has in store!

  15. Motorcycles, yes!!!! I started on a Honda Rebel 250, it's an excellent starter bike. Bought it used, super cheap, and learned from there. Start in large empty parking lots and then take it around the block, then practice busier streets, and you'll be a motorcycle boss in no time! I was the same, they kinda give you your license after 2 days, which looking back is crazy to think about, and I also had a wreck but it didn't scare me enough to stay off. But once you build your confidence, it's incredible getting out there on the road. It's the best therapy in the world!

  16. I absolutely agree with you regarding 2018 feeling different! This month alone I've felt a lot of positivity and growth exuding from a lot of people… like we all just kinda shifted gears? Anyways, we're so proud of you and thank you for inspiring us with every video! ❤

  17. Thank you for talking openly and honestly about depression and so many other important topics. I really do feel like you create a space on your channel and social media that allows for really good dialogue about these things.

  18. How tall are you? I’m around 5’3” and I’m interested in learning to ride a motorcycle but it’s hard to find one for someone my size. And I have quite a petite frame so not sure if I can handle it. Any thoughts/model recommendations?

  19. i've also been listening to Miguel's new album, it's sooo good! i think R.LUM.R – Close Enough might be similar but less funky :')

  20. You’re the only youtuber that i’ll followed constantly. The reason for that is because you are so real and your contant is realistic. It doesn’t matter what you post it’s always very creative and inspiring

  21. love your honesty and realness, claire!! i hope you share your fitness/health tips because i see those abs, girl!! 👀🙌🏽

  22. You’re such a lovely and interesting human. I love listening to your thoughts! Look forward to more of your video creations

  23. Consistent exercise has been a goal of mine this year, because I realized since I started going to spin classes a few months ago, my anxiety and depression have improved. I think it has something to do with how you’re engaging in something that’s just for you and not worrying about being with other people. It’s important to remember that you can take time to care about yourself and I hope to keep reminding myself that this year!

  24. I just recently started uploading videos and they make me really excited. I’m looking forward to just continuing to create and express my creativity through my channel. I feel like I started having kids young and it made me somewhat lose my identity. I wasn’t able to do much that was solely for myself, I always had being a good mother in mind and what would benefit my kids. This year I want to do more for me. My creative side has been dormant for long enough, I want to free her and let her live for a while 💜

  25. Please don’t stop your inspirational videos like this, I love them and they really truly help. Would love to see your lifestyle and book /random favorites as well as continue to see your travel diaries ❤️

  26. Always so happy to see you back with another one Claire. (: I've missed you! You've always been a huge inspiration to me regarding putting out consistently beautiful and thought provoking productions (I have a few of your works in my 'Visual Inspirations' playlist)! Regarding your last point about chaotic spaces, I've only recently realized that about myself too. I'm currently reading the 'life changing magic of tidying up' as per everyone's rec on YouTube and am hoping to implement the methods mentioned in the book to organize and reset my life! I'm about to go through round 2 of purging my closet since the start of the new year!

  27. Couple of years ago I moved from my parents to a different city to study in a place I've always dreamed of. I am very happy about this decision to move, but as a result of this big change, the 2017 became the year of uncertainty in who I am. The question of my identity – that was the most difficult issue of last year. I felt I wasn't there, with my family, anymore (in a sense I was before. I still feel the strong connection with all of them, I still love them very much, but I don't feel like "their baby" anymore) as well as I wasn't fully here, in my present life. So last year I struggled with these highs and downs you mentioned, and I suppose the reason was pretty much the same – I lost the foundation of who I was. But at the end of the year I finally started to re-discover myself and somehow got to the point of permanent happiness, no matter where I am – home or away. I don't know how long it will last, but it seems that something fundamental changed in my approach to myself and it will inevitably influence my 2018. So I look in the future with excitement and happiness, and I have a strong feeling that nothing will be the same anymore. And now I don't feel scared about it like I did before in the face of big changes. I feel that every thing is so right and balanced that it can't be expressed in words, and I am so happy!
    Thank you, Claire, for sharing your unique personality with the world. Your videos inspire to think deeper, to feel stronger and to love this life no matter what. We all love you!!! May your 2018 be the year of re-discovering the fundamentals of your life that will lead to inner balance.

  28. A friend and I were talking and I told her how much I disliked my job and the people I work with and her response was “why do you still work there?” So along with your thoughts on 2018 I think there is great opportunity to make big changes this year in our lives and communities. Thanks for trying to make a positive change (if it’s only in yourself), because that’s what matters most.

  29. i just love your honesty and how genuine you are. how you present yourself and how you get the word out there about you (and your channel) makes us see how true of a person you are. you’re uniqueness makes us love you more. please continue to make great content as per usual because that is what keeps us coming back to your channel. i hope that you have a great year ahead of you. i love you and bruce! :*

  30. Loved watching and listening to your video. It's motivating to hear you speak about gaining positive motivation and moving past fear and psychological lows. Always love your aesthetic..i looked up the necklace; such pretty jewelry. Beautiful inside and out.

  31. I loved this video for so many reasons, but mostly for your honesty and ability to manage sensitive topics, whether they’re something you can identify with personally or just in general. I have my share of dark days, but it is encouraging to hear how you were able to keep your focus on your fitness or physical health to help manage those times. Every time I see you doing Pilates, it makes me want to try it, but I struggle with the courage to do it. If I can make it happen in 2018, then it will be a small victory for me as well as an outlet for those darker times. Kind of feel like I went on a bit of a tangent there, but please know I’m grateful for your thoughts and your ability to reflect and consider life’s missteps as lessons learned.

  32. Hey Claire! I've been following you for 5 to 6 years now and you have always been a source of inspiration, and I'm really excited for what the future holds for you and to see how you continue to grow!

    As for some self-care routines, I've recently started journaling (which you already do if I recall correctly), meditating, and picking up little odd habits/skills.

    I know everyone and their great-grandmothers have already talked about this, but Headspace is totally worth a shot. Over the years, I have trained myself to stop thinking altogether lest I push myself into a dark hole, and this has really impacted my creativity. They teach the user how to be at peace with their thoughts, and this is really helping me to find some peace and enabling me to be creative again.

    I have also started doing film photography and figure drawings just for the heck of flexing some synapses that have been in disuse because I was feeling so low for so long. These little hobbies take little to no effort so I treat them as a break from all my other things in life, and they really do help me step away and gain a new perspective.

    Anyway, I didn't mean to give you my life story; just thought I would share with you what has been helping me grow recently, and I really hope you achieve everything your beautiful soul deserves <3

  33. Love ur makeup in this video! What lipstick and blush & contour u did on this look? You always look gorgeous in ur videos and I look forward to watching more n more ur videos in this new year 2018. Love u Claire :xxx

  34. Your channel is pretty much the only one that makes me gain energy instead of reducing it. I think it's due to your honesty and all this isn't so shallow nor fake. Thank you for that and my prayers will be with you beautiful xx

  35. I started seeking professional help this year. I too have struggled with depression since my teen years. It took me a long while, but I decided it was about that time to get professional help. Unfortunately, my cat passed away recently and that was a huge trigger for me as well. I can totally relate to the high & low mood spectrum, and not really having that constant balance of content. Definitely trying to better myself this year and the years to come. Thank you Claire for sharing, we are not alone in this.

  36. I love the content you produce but the best of all is that I genuinely seem to like you as a person if that makes sense. It's great that you are changing as your channel grows and also how us as subscribers are changing and growing at the same time. It's like a synergy with all parties creativing a positive and supportive community! Yayy!

  37. "Being able to sustain a consistent level of happiness is difficult when the foundation of who you are isn't stable" – thank you for putting my thoughts of 2017 in one sentence. 🙂

  38. I heard that last year was the year of Kali, the goddess of destruction. But she destroys for better things to come and to move forward, letting behind all negativity. When I heard that lately it opened my eyes about last year and why this year already feels so clean and calming as if some kind of basic trust is in the wind conveying the feeling that all will be good again. I thought maybe you like that thought as much as I do. Loving your energy, Claire ♥

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  41. I loved this and desperately needed to hear it. Last year was the same for me – extreme highs and rock bottoms. I'm trying to find a balance, rather, create one, because I have emotionally and mentally been sabotaged by myself and unsuccessfully handling some of life's bumps. I hope the best for you, and thank you for sharing your poetic insight on self-bettering <3 xoxo

  42. I've said it before but you really are the big sister I never had that I look up to and take your life advise ❤️❤️❤️

  43. When you were talking about change and improving yourself and how different and exciting 2018 feels – I can relate so much! It seems like you were reading my mind when you spoke about this year forcing you to reflect on yourself and change in order to better yourself… 🙂

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  45. Listen to the band Bad Suns, their radio on Pandora is very much so the summer, chill, vibey type music. I love it and its very very good!

  46. Cant't put in words how much you mean to me Claire!
    You've just made me feel a lot better for so so many times by now
    So thankful for your content and just the fact that you are you ❤

  47. I appreciate you so much Claire, I appreciate that you are willing to go deep into the talks. It is my favorite thing when I hear from you and about what you're going through because in that, I can see the strength and growth shine through. I relate to a some of the topics you brought up, it feels really great to know some of these things are not uncommon and that we and you have us to grow together.

  48. you are so awesome and so articulate. I hope you continue to find a way to keep us connected to you…whether it is on IG, a blog, or some other thing like patreon.

  49. i think also one way to keep the happy medium is to not post on social media AS SOON as something happens. because you feed off the feedback so you get higher. But if it's delayed you get to enjoy the moment "just to yourself"

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  52. I love that you're so insightful and genuine! You're such a positive energy to have around even on a platform such as youtube. Love ya!!

  53. Hi Claire. I just came across your video. And It’s like I had a lightbulb moment. Thank you! My 2017 is like yours. I got a great up and then the next moment, I would get so emotional and dark. Now your 2018 goal would be mine too. Thank you for sharing your true self to us. Let’s be happy for ourselves together 😉 Thank you again and support you xoxo

  54. I related alot with you in this video. Im just really struggling getting out of my dark place. It feels suffocating and knowing that I need to get out of it but not able to because I truly dont mnlw how. I hate the feeling of questioning my self worth. But Im a walking facaude, I look like im ok but im not. How can you get out of that?

  55. Thank you so much ! This made me realize that I'm not the only one struggeling with that dark place. I love to see more of these Q&A with you.

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  57. I went back to this video (who am i kidding, all of your videos) while I am feeling like I am in a rut. Something about the rawness that you provide gives such an intimate feeling and makes me feel like I am not in this alone. You have always been one of the realest youtubers in this space and I am grateful to have found you Claire!

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