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PRIESTLY CLOTHES | Bible Study | Exodus 28-29

PRIESTLY CLOTHES | Bible Study | Exodus 28-29

This is Spoken Gospel. We’re dedicated to seeing
Jesus in all of scripture. In each episode, we see
what’s happening in a Biblical text and how it sheds light
on Jesus and his gospel. Let’s jump in. A priest is an individual who
represents others before God. The laws in this passage detail
what the priests are supposed to wear, especially when they
enter the tabernacle. Each piece of clothing serves a
point and communicates a truth. For example, the 12
precious stones that are set in the priest’s chest piece
represents the 12 tribes of Israel. This was a symbol to all
the people that the priest was entering into God’s
presence on their behalf. But the clothing is not
only symbolic, but protection. God says the clothes would bear
the punishment the priests deserved. So, if a priest went into God’s
presence without these garments on, they would bear their
own punishment and die. The same is true of
sin and food offerings. They pay for the sins of the priests, so
that they may enter into God’s presence. That is why the priests were
commanded to lay their hands on these sacrifices
before they were offered. It was a visible sign of
their sin being transferred. But the sacrifices were not only
there to pay for the priest’s sins. They were also part of the
priest’s ordination and swearing in. These special sacrifices set them apart
to do the work God laid out for them to do. The good news here is that God is
making a way to live with his people. This is all worth it
because of God’s presence. But Jesus is our better
priest in so many ways. Jesus did not need any special
garments to enter God’s presence because he was already perfect. On the contrary, he gives us his garments
of perfection, so that, like the priests here in Exodus, we can enter into God’s
presence when we are clothed in Christ. When we wear the
clothes of Christ through faith, he takes our punishment and brings us
into the presence of God unharmed. Jesus did not need to offer a sacrifice
for his own sins because he was sinless. So, he gave himself as
the perfect sacrifice to be our sin offering before the
Lord, so that we might enter in. The priests had to constantly
offer sacrifices for their own sins. But Jesus offered one
sacrifice for all, so that we could have one priest
forever interceding for us. And as the priests here were appointed
to their role through specific sacrifices, Jesus was appointed to his eternal role by the
merit of a better offering – his own flesh and blood. Through Jesus we are made
acceptable and holy before God. Now we can dwell with
God and be his people. Furthermore, through this one high priest,
Jesus, all believers are made into priests as well. Because we are now filled with
the presence of God – the Holy Spirit. We are now called to represent God to
the world, shining the light of his holiness by sharing the good
news that made us clean. I pray that the Holy Spirit
gives you eyes to see the God who longs to dwell with you,
and Jesus as your great high priest.

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