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  1. Praying for Texas but the country is going to feel this one! Gas prices are going to shoot up being that Houston is a major refining hub for US fuel. And with the current president in office, he won't care when gas goes up to $3.50+ a gallon and never comes back down. Will be some very interesting times coming!

  2. As long as he stays President, he will wake up the U.S. on the mistake of his election. When he cut fundings of the very people that voted for him, thats when reality will start to sink in. We just have to weather this storm. Stay strong Harvey victims.

  3. The most important thing at the moment will be the rescue of the Harvey victims, of the pets and of the farm animals and the rebuild of their homes. The Wall between Mexico and the US- border can also be build, if the US would find out a good reason why Mexico has to pay for it. Maybe it would be helpful if the US could shows good will and doing also something in the favor of Mexico. In that case both made something good to each other. Both should get benefit. But at the moment the Harvey- victims are more important and emergency – help is already on the way. There are lot of voluntary helpers and these people actually should get an additional honor, because they're helping to save people's and animals life. And more help is underway. President Donald J Trump is working hand in hand with FEMA, the congress etc. to solve this disaster in the best way they can. Mr. Trump is doing a good job as US- president.

  4. Why are you guys giving Arpaio air space??? Bottom line…the man is a disease to humanity. I'm sure he enjoys the attention.

  5. I don't understand why there can't be a wall or a barrier. It helps. There are a lot of criminals coming across the border. That isn't racist.

  6. What is extremely sad is that when disasters like this happens it seems regular citizens give to aid the people more than the wealthy. But we don't hear of the wealthiest of the wealthy giving either. They have enough wealth to help any state when crises like this happens. Sure they may give a few thousand, when they have millions to spare. What about big corporations that can give medical supplies, food, toiletries, beds, blankets, water, etc. This includes celebrities. What's wrong with giving some of their time? Also, who handles the money and how is it distributed? How much really goes to the NEEDY and not the GREEDY?

  7. This only goes to show how careful we have to be regarding who we put in the White House. Time and time again this man told us who he was during the campaign and look what's happen in seven months.

  8. Well, what can you say. Trump needs to be removed from office. However, the prospect that Pence might become President is even more frightening. He is a smoother liar and I think almost "evil" in his intent and lack of compassion. He'll express words of deep compassion while his actions will gut assistance to the most vulnerable. He will cut taxes for the wealthiest while depriving women of healthcare.

  9. do anyone ever stop to realize the kind of people Donald Trump put in the category of quote end quote good people please pay attention to the people Donald Trump is saying good

  10. Concerning the wall. What a political ruse.
    Trump used it in order to leverage the ignorance, fear and greed of his base.
    He did this at the expense of our relationship with our 3rd largest trade partner. In 2016 we exported 2 times the goods & services to Mexico than we exported to China. We have a balance of imports to exports with Mexico. Whereas, we import twice as much from China than we export to China.

  11. Things happen for a reason, even though it is clear that the Devil is on Trump's side. The forces of goodness and the Lord's mercy is taking place in all this melodrama with Trump. The flooding , the Russian investigation, etc. etc.. The Trump evil deeds of many years, will come to an end for good.!!!! Pray for America and justice in the world . God bless.

  12. Prediction: After the storm is gone he will sign into law a tax break to Texas Billionaires and call that relief aid.
    Then he will announce that he has personally created a wall building company that makes the world's
    best walls and demand that congress pay them to build 'da-wall'.
    Nazi's on TV will declare that it is an example of his business brilliance.

    The world will mock our nation for our general stupidity, and they will be correct.

  13. NO ! the treasonous GOP will attach two amendments to Hurricane relief
    1. Veteran affairs considerations 2. Wall
    so when the Bill fails, Trump can blame Dem's for hating veterans so much, they are willing to sacrifice the welfare of hurricane victims to punish the VETs

  14. what happens when the Night King re-animates a dragon and burns down the wall? The USA has no zombie-dragon contingency plan D:<

  15. Donald Trump will choose to fund Harvey relief and then use it as an excuse to not build the wall. The wall means nothing to him. It's nothing more than a slogan to rile up his followers. Harvey has given him a perfect excuse to avoid fighting this stupid war (build the wall) that he cannot win. #ImpeachDonaldTrump

  16. This is his only opportunity to save face (if he even knows what that means): I can't build the wall right now because we're going to need to spend the $20 billion on helping Harvey victims. This would be a way for him to look patriotic, sympathetic, almost presidential /s

    If he can't bring himself to do the right thing and back off the wall, then he should try the pigheaded solution that might appeal to him: Think of the Mexican aid package as a down payment on his stupid wall (I think that would fall under the "other" category.

  17. As much as I HATE to agree, even a little, with Mike Pence – southern states tend to be low tax havens and don't put any of their money aside for things like this that they KNOW will happen eventually. It's nice living where it is warm almost all year – but it comes with costs! You don't like floods? Move to Michigan, or Wisconsin, etc. You don't like the droughts out west? Do the same.

    I hate to be this blunt, but a large percentage of the people suffering from this voted for the policies that made their suffering likely. It was the same with Katrina. The Army corps of engineers told them for years that the systems they had in place were inadequate, but they would not vote for the taxes to fix it.

    At least California has the decency to prepare for the earthquakes they know are coming. The amount we spent as a society on the 1988 earthquake is nothing like what we have spent on foreseeable disasters in the south. Sorry, but as a Michigander, I get sick of southern states using no unions, low minimum wages, low taxes, etc to take jobs from my home and then expect us to bail them out every time they need it while they vote for the policies that make the rescues more needed and more frequent.

  18. Bozo Chump have clearly achieve successfully "Building a wall"…a wall between americans and guess what? without spending a single penny. tRUMP with his disgusting mouth has clearly divided this nation. What a disgrace of human being! No impeachment, no resignation! Put him in a rocket and launch him to another spar system.

  19. I read many comments here about trump a racist kkk white supremacist from many stupid brainless americans with an IQ below the ground how he become racist kkk white supremacist when he have a jewish son in law he always praise martin luther king and he apointed black in his cabinet he has many black mexicans asians employees liberals are so stupid people who believe that they know everything in this earth but they know nothing just hate and anger when you defeated them you are just anti trump because you are liberals and you hate trump because your liberal ideology and your evil leaders is defeated by trump and his supporters im glad my country is done on liberalism who destroyed my country ones

  20. People are losing everything they own, some even losing their lives. Donate to help. Time, money, water, food, supplies anything you can spare. Just go online or to your local charity. Stop playing petty political games.

  21. I fear the US will fall much like other big powers have throughout human history, typical human nature to repeat ones errors, not in the specific policies but in the lack of human motivation to improve life for all.

  22. "Hey, talk about 'underwater'… my Trump International Hotel &
    Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan was a complete financial disaster for me. So I
    feel your pain, Houston. Believe me."
    — President Donald J. Trump,tomorrow

  23. Whenever a convicted man goes to the Wall, taking the black, all his sins are forgiven. Like it was supposed to happen for Tyrion.

  24. I would be surprised if there are much funds left after all the money being funneled into Trump resorts for his golf weekends the past 6 months.

  25. I speculate – Trump pardoned Arpaio because he knows where dirt is buried.                   Fact – Trump does for Trump and no other reason. His priorities are always self serving. Time will tell if his wall comes first. It'll depend what he thinks is more to his benefit for next election or some simple redirection on his next scandal.  Maybe he'll start a war with N. Korea to really gum things up.  Watch this space……………

  26. Who else would build the wall except Mexicans…they do all our mason work in AZ. I hope they use poor quality cement that crumbles. At the Anti Trump protest in Phoenix my sign said No one is above the law, Not Trump, Not Arpaio. The good ol' boy club days are over in Phoenix. We voted Joe out.

  27. Europe welcome all Harvey victims, should they decide to run for their lives like the Middle-Eastern refugees USA keep blaming us for letting in….Plenty of heart and room for everybody in need.

  28. past presidents were sure to pardon their buddies.. i agree trump would not have pardoned him otherwise. but dont lie they all pardone their buddies some pardoned flat out criminals

  29. CNN forgets that Trump personally went over to hurricane victims last year while Obama was playing golf. http://www.snopes.com/donald-trump-lumberton-nc/

  30. If government is a reflection of society and society is made up of people that means we are all scum like Trump. It's time to stand up and get rid of this fool. People have become complacent and America has been castrated.

  31. Katrina >>>>>>Harvey = 12 years; rebuilding and repair of Texas and Louisiana = 12 years and many billions in costs. And, factoring in man made climate change as proven and nothing done to reverse it + it will no doubt worsen at each cycle = inevitable national bankruptcy in maybe thirty years or so.

  32. If there is anyone who apposes to trump and deems him unfit to govern us, hear this. Trump has broken laws written in the constitution one very big law is called the Emoluments Clause*. The Emoluments Clause was made up to prevent the corruption of government by being influenced by gifts from foreign powers of any kind. These gifts include real estate, items, artifacts, and in trumps case, money. We all know he owns quite a lofty amount of hotels around the country and around the globe.this is not only a direct violation of that law, but it is evidence enough to be impeachable. Along with obstruction in the Russia case against him, these laws are what enables not only Congress, but *The People the right to impeachment. Why the congress hasn't impeached him yet, no one knows, but you can influence their decisions by signing the *Impeach Trump Petition*. As well as signing the petition if you want to help out more you can call you local office holder and ask them to request an investigation. Sadly that is all us citizens are able to do, but if enough show the support for his impeachment they'll be sure to listen.
    Just click this link to join the fight: https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org

  33. Ridiculous all those republicans who voted no to help Sandy Survivors stating the nonsense that there was a lot of pork attached to the bill (proved false already) yet they will let Trump take the Harvey recovery money that (congress is willing to approve) to built a Trump pork wall. Hmm

  34. This is a lose, lose, lose situation! Trump is president, lose, impeach him and Pence is president, lose, get rid of him, Ryan is president, LOSE!

  35. Well he wants to cut 1 billion from disaster releif funds but hey he donated a million. So I'm guessing his followers will praise him.

  36. Tell me , why is Trump not before the courts , for breaking the constitution and not just the law . This action defines Trump As FASCISTS World Wide . This does the USA no favours

  37. I just love Donald Trump, he's the funniest person around at the moment, closely followed by my country's leader, "Teresa May" lol… Carl

  38. The plot thickens….well anyways I still support Trumo since he represents my values: Fundamentalist narcissist hillbilly mysoginist pathological liar, Trumpo 2020! BTW my uncle has sht down some latinos, do you think he might get pardoned?

  39. Catching up on missed "Last Words" I nearly skipped over this one because I thought it to be already old news. Well, turned out it wasn't but is actually containing quite a few still interesting points and arguments. That, I guess, speaks to the quality programme Lawrence O'Donnell continues to deliver.

  40. Why do liberals play this game with other people's lives? Why do they add to bills to pretend they are caring for Harvey's victims when instead they are concerned about votes? This isn't going to change people's minds.

  41. Clinton is AMAZING and CNN is really not spreading fake news, or do they??

    As long as you as individual don't start think for your self you are actually going through life supporting wrong and dangerous people by believing main stream media. The modern channel of propaganda. Clinton is for eg. a puppet following big corporations agenda. But she, and others did the mistake to underestimate Trump and they never saw him as a threat. From start CNN has spread fake narratives as The Russia story. They have without any hesitations named Mr Trump wrongly as racist, sexist, etc. how come Hillary hasn't been investigated by media despite a number of serious crimes. So if you are a leftie or not doesn't matter. We need to put a real working democratic system in place and that starts by saying no to fake news and information. Stop CNN spreading hatred and fake news and just try to see for your self by impartially find out the truth for your self. You will first be chocked as we all did.

    Examples of Hillary scandals

    1. Rigged Primaries
    2. Seth Rich
    3. Vince Foster
    4. State secrets on her private mail
    5. Increased her private fortune with 300 million on a 186 K salary
    6. FBI reports scandal
    7. Paula Jones
    8. Saudi Scandal
    9. Benghazi scandal
    10. Etc etc

  42. I can't remember the POTUS ever pardoning someone 9-10 mths after becoming the president. Don't they usually do this on their way out?

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