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Pottery Barn Knockoff On a Budget: Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan

Pottery Barn Knockoff On a Budget: Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan

Do you like to entertain or know someone who does? then you’re gonna want to stay tuned to this episode of designed to the nines because we are duping a Pottery barn barrel top lazy susan, but we’re doing it for a fraction of the cost. So to stay tuned Hello and welcome to Designed to the Nines… I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting, welcome! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial so much that by the end you hit the subscribe button and turn the Notifications on because I bring weekly tutorials with all things to do with the home and I would really love it if you joined me. Today is part two in a three-part series where I am knocking off pottery barn items that were on their Mother’s Day gift list While Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and these would make excellent Gift ideas for your mom, for your wife or you… give a little gift to yourself! They would be great as wedding gifts or for your own home So make sure you watch it no matter what time of year it is because these are really awesome projects I’m so stoked about and they’re all Huge savings that I mean, all of them are saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars together So today’s dupe. I went over to Pottery Barn and on the Mother’s Day list There was a monogrammed lazy susan tray that was kind of like a wine barrel top I’m like, that would be really fun. Not only would that be really fun to have, but that would make a really good dupe. I knew from the get-go, the monogram would be probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. I knew that no matter what I did I would probably have to make the monogram darker than the original and that was okay because I could still get definitely the essence of it… but I didn’t realize, like, what a challenge that would be and I did a lot of homework for you guys to say he’s some trouble. So I have this little Sample piece of wood just to show you, give you an idea of all the little different ways I wanted to give you guys but the easiest method with the best result That was like something really user-friendly that you could do without a lot of headache and hassle This is actually my first attempt my first idea with wood burning You’re gonna need to practice a little bit better to get a really awesome result So I might keep working on that one and maybe even give a nicer wood burner I tried so many different methods But the method that I came up with and the method that I’m gonna recommend to you is awesome. I’m so excited I really think that it’s going to have a great result. So what it entails Oh, I’m gonna link for the funniest tutorial It was hilarious that I watched on this technique. It was like this guy… I don’t even remember, what was his name? So the first thing you need to do is design your monogram. I went to Canva and created it. I think it’s Times New Roman font It’s like the identical font that Pottery Barn uses… and I got it about the size that I want Then what you need to do is reverse the image so when it prints out it prints out the reverse of what you need… the trick here is you need to get shipping labels or some kind of avery paper labels. I’ll put all of the supplies that I use in the description below so You know where to get it. You pull off all of the stickers and all of it. So you all you’re left with is The wax paper itself. There’s people who do the wax paper technique for me. I found it It was too flimsy. And when I fed it through the printer it just kind of ate it up So that did not work for me and I would not recommend that The next step is if you have a laser printer at home, you can do this at home I went to Staples and I gave them my paper… they were so nice! my local Staples here were so nice and so helpful. And you get an image that looks like that… so I’m going to cut mine down smaller. I want it to run Kind of with the grain and I’m taking into consideration that there are handles on the side Okay, so this looks to be pretty centered and what I’m going to do real quick is I’m going to just kind of hold this down and make a couple just very subtle Pencil marks that I’m going to go back and erase later. You probably can’t see that on camera But I can kind of see where the pencil markings are and that will just give me an idea of where to place The medium that I’m going to be using. Now the medium I’m going to be using is Liquitex matte gel. Medium you’ve seen me use Mod Podge and some of my other tutorials. I’m a big fan of Mod Podge Mod Podge has an image transfer Product. I did not like it at least for this application It would make the paper stick really bad, and I just I just wasn’t that fan of the best result I’ve gotten I did a lot of research on it was this Liquitex product. I got mine off of Amazon Such a good product. I love it. And that’s what we’re going to be using I got Kind of a I think it’s like a one-inch craft brush. You want it to be in good condition… You don’t want it to be beat up. So we’re gonna take our medium We’re gonna be kind of generous with it at first We’re gonna get it into the area that we’ve marked here And I actually kind of go both directions just So it gets really worked into the wood This is too much we can’t leave it like this So now we’re gonna go with the grain of the wood and kind of remove some of this So we’re left with a nice smooth base for our Monogram I set that aside and then we’re gonna take our monogram Line it up again… And you don’t want to wiggle this around too much you want to kind of Set it down and then once it’s down Rub it in not too hard but with enough pressure that it sticks and Then as this dries, we’re gonna want to come and check back to make sure there’s no Wrinkling or anything and if so kind of smooth that out, we’re gonna let that sit for about two hours So I’ve set the tray Aside while the image transfer dries and sets up and I think I forgot to mention where I got the tray I got the tray at Hobby Lobby. It was 40% off for $24, it was beautiful. It was big. It was sturdy The color of the wood was beautiful and I knew that that would be a really good match for our project So the original was actually a lazy susan and I won’t get to that part later I know that that’s a tray, but we are making it into a lazy susan… now I needed to solve the problem of the metal edge banding. So I went into my local Home Depot I brought my picture with me I kind of went searching for some kind of metal strapping I thought I would find something there that would work and I was right. I found several things that I thought would work There was a section of just metal strapping that was very similar But then when I showed it to a certain Home Depot worker He’s like I know the perfect thing for that and he’s like our pallets come attached in galvanized steel, that was very similar to that. He’s like I cut that off every day and I’ll just give you some for free I was like, “Free?! sweet!” So this is free. You can buy some metal strapping if you’d like or go into your local Home Depot kind of tell them what this is Tell them they get it off with the pallets and see if they’ll give it to you for free now The only problem is when he told me about it, I didn’t realize that it was gonna have all these kinks in it So What I have decided to do because there’s just no way to flatten those kinks out so what I am doing is there’s these little bit longer sections that are maybe like six to eight inches and I am just going to take some tin snips and Cut very carefully and try to do it as straight as possible with my tin snips and I’m just gonna cut these little sections out and we’ll just put them side by side all the way around the tray and I think it will look just fine and it will definitely Serve our needs So we’re going to need about eight of these metal pieces to go around my tray because I’m leaving the handles exposed If you wanted to cover those up Then you would need about ten so we can leave them as is they’re kind of cool the way they are But to be true to duping it as close as possible I’m going to do a little Glaze over the top of mine and all I’ve done is taken some leftover black pants that I had from my front door you could use craft paint or whatever you have on hand and I watered it down because I’m just gonna do a light glaze over it you don’t need that much, but we’re really gonna just wipe it on just the one side that’s gonna be exposed and then take a paper towel and Dab it off You can leave a little bit of the paint to kind of just give it an aged patina But it’s just as simple as that. Okay. So our Metal is dried And so is our monogram So I am ready to pull this back and reveal the monogram and cross your fingers and hope That everything went well, and that it looks good. So Everybody hold your breath right now All right The moment of truth hopefully, we made craftdaddy proud. I’m gonna pull it up very slowly I’ve got this upside down. I’m gonna rotate this so we can See it the right way. So far so good though… Very slowly I think we did it Awesome! I have a DIY wood polish that I’m doing over on my IG TV channel that works with this that I’m going to be using on this and I’ll put that over the entire thing so it should smooth it out and Have a nice even finish on the entire tray So my original plan was to screw these metal edge banding on but the metal is too thick it’s too dense and It’s just not gonna work. So new plan We’re gonna line it up in the middle and I am gonna just glue it down with some e6000 and take some little clamps that I got from the dollar store to kind of hold it in place and It will be fine I am so excited and stoked about how this is going so far. It’s been 24 hours our edge banding has dried with the e6000 and even though we didn’t end up using the first technique I thought That’s the way DIY goes is you have to think outside the box. You have to be able to problem-solve We have a few of those seams butted up against each other and honestly It’s probably fine to leave it like that, but I thought it would look a little bit more finished if we took a thumbtack which I just have in my house some silver thumbtacks and Put a little bit of that watered down black just to also give it kind of that aged patina And we’re just going to push them in in between the seams Honestly, if you wanted to stop the project right here and call it good you could just have a serving tray But we are duping the lazy susan version over a Pottery Barn. So we’re going to turn ours into a lazy susan how I’m going to do that is I ordered a lazy susan off of Amazon we are going to attach this to the bottom and We’re just gonna screw it on I’ve got some so this part one’s like six bucks six or eight bucks. I don’t remember and I’ve got four half-inch screws and we’re just gonna attach this with screws. Okay… It works! Look at that! We did it, okay So we now have a lazy susan These edges are kind of sharp and we don’t want it to scratch up our wood Surfaces if we were ever to put it on a wood table or something else that could scratch so I just cut out a black piece of felt and we’re going to just hot glue that down and then you’ve got protection for our wood table It is done. You guys! I think this is a pretty good – I don’t know. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you think this is a good do the savings are awesome And I don’t even mind that the monograms dark instead of light if you liked what you saw today Consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the notifications on because I bring you weekly Tutorials on all things to do with the home and I would really love it if you joined me Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for next week When I bring you part 3 of the Pottery Barn Mother’s Day look for less dupes. So stay tuned for that next Monday.

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  2. Awesome job NataLee! Your tray turned out gorgeous, just as pretty as the Pottery Barn version! What a neat tip for creating the monogram. And I love that it’s a lazy susan!

  3. You had me at pottery barn..ould you use a brand for the lettering? We have one or would it burn to deep.

  4. Omgoodness, your tray turned out AWESOME!! I actually like the darker monogram than the original from pottery barn! Thanks for doing all the homework for us!! I am so going to try this! 😊

  5. I love that!! What a creative idea! It looks just like the pottery barn tray. Love a free handout too!! Beautifully done!💗

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  7. Oh my goodness Natalee that turned out so awesome!! I love yours better, really I do. I was nervous too when you were pealing back the label. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea. I love watching your channel. God bless you.

  8. Super cool! Very nice job. Like the darker monogram! Like the metal sides better too! Awesome ❤️👍🏼

  9. I have to agree with the others, I actually like yours better than the original. I love the rich color of the wood on your lazy susuan-tray. And the metal edge looked great with the black wash. Well-Done. Thanks for sharing!

  10. NataLee,
    I am a new subscriber to your channel. I am going back and viewing your previous projects.
    Your are so creative. The Lazy Susan looks awesome. Even though, this is one of your older projects, you sparked a fire for me to try and do one. I would love to try and do a hanging light like you did in the very first video, but I hate tuna. I guess; I could make chicken salad, and I could used the cans that the chicken comes in.
    Did you say that you are an interior designer on one of your post?
    What does your name mean, or how did you come about? (Designed to the Nines)

  11. I just returned a tray yesterday to Target that would be PERFECT for this. It even has the handles just like yours! Here's the link to this tray:

  12. Hi Natalie, I know I am late to the "party of dupes". Sorry about that. I love love this. It is so high End! It looks better than Pottery barns! It is so AMAZING. It is Stunning! Wow! ❤❤❣👏. Love it. Great tutorial!!

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