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Pottery Barn Knock Off On a Budget: Pink Peonies Arrangement: Save $300!

Pottery Barn Knock Off On a Budget: Pink Peonies Arrangement: Save $300!

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
the Nines… do you love Pottery Barn floral arrangements? but don’t love the
sky-high prices for one? well on this episode I’m going to show you how to
save over $300 on this Pottery Barn dupe so stay tuned! Hello and welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time
we’re meeting welcome I’m so glad you could join me and I’m so glad you picked
this episode because I am so excited about what I am doing today… today’s
episode is in conjunction with The Latina Next Door’s “Look for Less
challenge”. so after you watch this video tutorial make sure you head over to her
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of great tutorials that I know you’re gonna also love. If you like learning
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me for that. Make sure you stay tuned with me to the very end because I have
an awesome bonus project and I’ll let you know where you can find that at the
very end so stay tuned for that so let’s get started with our project today I
don’t know if you’ve ever taken a gander over to Pottery Barn’s silk arrangement
section on their website or in their magazines but while I was there I found
the most beautiful pink peony arrangement… it was so pretty
and I looked at the price tag and it was three hundred and sixty nine dollars! you
heard that right $369. it
was so expensive and I just know that I would never personally pay that because
well I can make it myself and I want to teach you how to do it to save yourself
a little bit of money so what I liked about the arrangement was the beautiful
vase that it was in it had a beautiful crystal vase with like a little stem on
the bottom and then it these beautiful pink peonies I love
peonies there’s some of my favorite flowers peonies and hydrangeas are two
of my favorite flowers I just love them I love the way they look they’re so
romantic but at $369 I was like we can get that
look for less so I thought that this would be a perfect dupe especially with
Mother’s Day right at our front door this would be an amazing Mother’s Day
gift or even for your own home decor it’s beautiful pink peonies are amazing
so I’m gonna put all of my supplies in the description box below everything
that I use will be there so you don’t need to worry about that! now I had this
vase on hand I really lucked out I had found it at a goodwill a couple of years
ago I paid about $2 for it so it was super cheap and I had it on hand and
it was about the right size and had a similar design on it so for me this is
perfect… so go into a goodwill or your thrift store you’ll find tons and tons
of vases there it can’t be hit and miss then I’m gonna put a link below of a
similar type of vase so you don’t have to look too hard then I got this
candlestick from the dollar store and I did this already because I wanted it to
be really set up for this video is I took some e6000 glued the
candlestick to the bottom of the vase and now we have a very similar style
vase to the one from Pottery Barn and what I’ve done is I bought two I
bought two bunches of pink peonies off of Amazon and they were $18.99 for both of
them which is really good price because they were pretty full-sized bunches and
the quality of the pink peony was super-high it was really really high
beautiful peonies but then I knew I needed a little bit hot pink because if
you look at the original inspiration piece there’s a couple of more intense
hot pink peonies in that arrangement and what made it nice is that there was a
great big mixture so I went over to Michael’s and I got these and they were
having a 60% off sale so they’re originally $5 apiece and this was 60%
off making them two dollars a piece… so that is a really good price and then I
went over to Target after I bought all of my supplies and I found some that
were even a little slightly bit prettier than these one so I’ll also link those
down below because they were really pretty but they are five dollars apiece
so they’re a little bit more and I think they might be on sale right now for $3.49
so they are a little bit more pricey but they were so pretty and they were in the
hearth and hand section all we’re gonna do is it’s just a mounded arrangement so
I’ve taken my wire cutters and pre-cut all of the bushes apart and shortened
all the stems of the ones that we’re going to be using and we are just gonna
place them in and just create a nice mound. now what you’re gonna want to do is
you’re gonna want to make sure that you do some variation of height just very
subtly because what makes a really nice professionally designed one, design
mound, is when there’s like a variation of heights so let’s just arrange so you just want to make sure you spin
around and make sure it looks good on all sides so we’ll just make some
adjustments here and if one’s too long then just take it out and clip off just
a little bit at a time and that way you don’t overdo it and what I like is that
I have some of these little tight buds mixed with some that are kind of medium
and some that are fully blown just like you would with a real peony how you I’m
so excited about this so you want to disperse all the colors and the textures
and you can see that there’s varying heights of the peony as some are poking
out a little bit more than others some are tucked in a little bit more than
others and that gives it just kind of a more natural, fun look. so overall I’m
really happy with how this turned out now that we’ve got it arranged the way
we like it what we’re going to do is we’re going to lift this out and put it
in another vase or pitcher or something that can kind of hold the shape while we
work on the fake water okay so all we’re gonna do is I’m gonna sacrifice this I
got this at the dollar store if you have a plastic cup that will work as well so
what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna use this entire amount of water what you’re
gonna want to do is mix equal parts and they say on the package to kind of do it
down the side so it helps with the air bubbles when you do it this pour it in
this way we want to get all of it the contents in and it has to be equal
otherwise the curing time will take longer might create more air bubbles so
while we mix this for three minutes I was just wondering if there are any
other things you would like me to dupe out there? any
designer items that you would love to see me dupe? if so let me know in the comments
section below I’m always looking for ideas of things that I can dupe for you
guys so if there’s something from like Ballard Designs or Pottery Barn or some
other place that’s just really expensive and you’d love to see a dupe on it hit
me up in the comment section below it’s time to pour into our vase now as
we pour it into our vase we want to be very careful to avoid the sides the vase
because if so we’ll get on the side so we’re gonna aim for the center also you
want to make sure that it’s clean and free of any water or dust or anything
because anything that’s in there will be in there for good so we’re going to pour
our fake water in very very carefully right in the center so now I’ve tried
this with an epoxy before and it just takes so much epoxy and it’s just not as
pretty so you really want to do stick with the water kit now we’re giving it
very carefully gather our bouquet out of the temporary container and we’re gonna
gently set it in and make sure all the stems are inside the vase and then just
very carefully set it into place now it is a little bit a little bit forgiving
so if everything doesn’t pop right back into place we’re just gonna make a
couple of modifications before it sets up because it actually takes about 8 to
10 hours to cure so we’ve got a little bit of wiggle room you don’t want to
move it too much you know just because you can make a mess out of it but you
know pushing things in or just making small adjustments that’s quite alright
so I am really excited with how this is looking overall this is less than
thirty-six dollars so we’re gonna let So we’re going to let this sit up and cure. all right I am done with my arrangement
I am super happy with how this knock off turned out what do you think do you
think it’s a good dupe let me know in the comment section below
I’m I’m thrilled with it but I’m really interested to get your thoughts on
whether or not you think this is a successful dupe or not now I promised
you a special bonus project I have done the little sister arrangement also
another Pottery Barn Dupe and I’ve done it for less than $10 if you want to see
how I did that you want to check that out on my new IG TV channel over on
Instagram I’ll put the link in the description below and make sure you hop
on over there to Instagram to see that because I’m gonna be doing more of these
episodes and tutorials that will work hand-in-hand with Instagram over on IG
TV if you don’t want to miss out on a thing… follow me here follow me on
Instagram and we’re gonna have so much fun it’s gonna be a party it’s gonna be
great so lots of fun things going on here at Designed to the Nines… of course
YouTube will be my main home for all of these wonderful projects but you there’s
going to be lots of projects but they’re gonna kind of go back and forth and I
got some announcements… a challenge coming up in the next few weeks so
you’re gonna for that… if you liked what you saw today
hit the like button let me know in the comments let me know either way maybe
you don’t think this is a good dupe… I don’t know let me know… anyways I
really do appreciate your feedback and your support so subscribe to my channel
turn the notifications on and we will see you each and every week with all
kinds of things that have to do with the home. Thanks for watching… see you soon!

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    I can't believe that vase was at a thrift store. It was crystal?

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