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Pottery Barn Decor Ideas On a Budget: 7 Cost Saving Ideas!

Pottery Barn Decor Ideas On a Budget: 7 Cost Saving Ideas!

Coming up on this episode of Designed to the Nines… I’m going to tell you a seven cost saving
tips on how to decorate like pottery barn on a budget. If that sounds good to you, stay tuned. Welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m NataLee Callahan
and if this is the first time we’re meeting and you enjoy home decor and DIY videos then I’d ask you to consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the notifications
on because I bring you weekly videos on these topics. Oh, pottery barn. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I don’t know about you, but every time I get
a pottery barn catalog in the mail, it is like Christmas morning. I just love it. It is filled with beautiful ideas and inspirations. I think the reason that most people really
have a love affair for pottery barn is because it is classic, it’s timeless. You know that if you buy something from Pottery
Barn 10 years down the road, it’s still gonna be in style is still going to be classic and
it also has a very inviting and comfortable feel. Having said that, I know that pottery barn
can be out of a lot of people’s budgets, So… what I’m doing today is I’ve compiled my seven
tips on how to decorate like pottery barn on a budget. I’ve got some great cost saving tips for you
that are gonna help you get that classic comfortable, Wonderful Pottery Barn look that we see in
the magazines. You don’t need to take notes. I compiled a printable and stay with me to
the very end and I will tell you where to get this printable with all of my cost-saving tips. All right, tip number one. When you think of Pottery Barn, you need to
think clean yet comfortable. Now my house is not 100% clean all the
time. I have kids, I have a family, we’re busy and
I got the best piece of advice a long time ago that somebody said to me, if your house
always looks like a picture out of Pottery Barn magazine, then they’re a happy family
does not reside. One thing that is true with pottery barn is
it has a very comfortable and relaxed feel. You feel like you can cozy up with a blanket
and a book and just and just feel so comfortable and that is definitely something that you
want to strive for is a home that is clean, yet very inviting and very welcoming to your
guests, to your family, to your friends and free of like cluttered corners and stuff. I am super guilty of this at times. Definitely I made like Marie Kondo… Marie? I can’t remember her name… Let me know in the comments section if you
know who I’m talking about, you know you know who I’m talking about. I need her to come to my house and help me out. Okay. Point number two texturize… texture adds so much interest adds so much dimension and it really adds to that. inviting, comfortable feel. Pottery Barn does this with baskets. They do it with the glass and metal and florals
and throws and pillows. If you’ve got something smooth, you want something
a little bit more rough with a little bit more texture, you can do this with patterns,
so play around. I’ve got some really good videos on how to
select fabrics. For your houses. I’ll put the link up there as well below. So to save money on textures, shop places
like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and home goods and, and target, you can really beef up your texture
without spending a lot of money on that. Which brings me to my third point. Neutralize pottery barn is infamous for having
really neutral and muted tones. Um, they do little pops of color here and
there, but they definitely have muted tones, muted pallets, especially in their large scale
pieces. So if you’re shopping somewhere other than
pottery barn, you’re to want to make sure you buy solid colored large scale items in
like whites and creams and taupes and beiges muted tones. You know, of course they bring in their low
leather club chairs, they have some leather sofas and things like that. So keep that in mind if you’re shopping. Um, some discount places, any punches of colors
should come by way of accessories, including like pillows and artwork and florals and things
like that. They have a neutral walls. Here are a couple
of my favorite pottery barn paint colors. I will also put the names in the description
below. These ones are fantastic, but the pottery
barn paint Palette is a very limited and they put a lot of time, energy and effort into
picking very tasteful colors that you can almost not mess up. So I highly suggest that when trying to pull
off that pottery barn look is to pick paint colors, take them to your local home improvement
store. So what I really love about pottery barn catalog
is when you go through and you’re looking at these pictures, you can find really interesting
objects and items including like some really cool looking pottery and some really cool
accessories. Which brings me to my next point. What they are really known for is their very
unique and interesting accessories. Most of their accessories will really trigger
a conversation, make a statement and one way I like to save money on accessories that kind
of have that pottery barn vibe is hitting up flea markets, hitting up thrift stores,
hitting up antique stores and really finding cool pieces with a lot of meaning. Also you want to bring the outdoors in by
way of flowers and greenery, botanicals and really they bring a lot of natural elements
in. Also, when you’re accessorizing, you really
want to try to do it in groups of three if you can, three’s or fives, odd numbers. You want to make sure you have gallery walls
with family photos maybe that are all kind of in an antique finish and cohesive. Let me know in the comment section below if
you’d be interested in me doing a gallery wall that’s in the pottery barn style. That’s not tacky. That’s not cheesy. That’s a little bit more tasteful. This brings me to my next point. Number five, go big or go home. Less is more and bigger is better. You walk into a pottery barn store and you
see huge lanterns, huge pieces. They’re oversized, they’re big. They make a statement. Oversized mirrors, oversized furniture, oversized accessories. These are all pinnacle looks for Pottery Barn
and honestly, I kind of really like that. and I’m trying to do that a little bit more. Instead of having lots of little things just
having like wow factor on fewer things. So keep that in mind. Now this would not be “Designed to the Nines” tutorial if I didn’t talk about my sixth point, knock it off. Now I have a whole host of knock off videos
and I’ve knocked off ton of pottery barn items at Ballard designs, Williams Sonoma and you
can be assured that there will be more to come. What I think is really important when I’m
doing a knockoff though, and you’ll notice that my knockoffs are not always like the
cheapest. You could probably go out there and find some
less expensive pottery barn knockoffs. I always tried to do my knockoffs as inexpensively
as I possibly can while still maintaining a level of quality because when it comes to
pottery barn, there is a feeling of quality. Um, it’s nice. So knock off some of the accessories. I’ve got a ton of tutorials and I will link
them up here as well as putting them in the description box below. My last tutorial, it’s not a pottery barn
item. It was a Ballard Designs item, but I use tuna cans. I mean, but you would never know. So you’ll get creative think outside the box
while still making sure that it’s something that you’re gonna want to have around for
awhile. But if you’re going to invest the amount of
time and money into it, I’d rather spend a little bit more and have something that’s
going to stand the test of time rather than doing something really cheaply that it’s just
going to end up in the trash. So that’s my suggestion when it comes to knocking
off accessories, because pottery barn is such a timeless classic look and because everybody
wants to be like them. There are some knock off furniture out there. In fact, in my home in Maine, we have a couple
of sofas that really look like a pottery barn item. They aren’t. I got them on, I got them secondhand on Facebook
marketplace. I think I spent $100 on the couch and $50
on the love seat. I gave it a fresh look by dyeing the slip covers, slip covers are really common
with pottery barn. All in all I had like $200 into both the Sofa
and the love seat and they look a lot like something that you’d pick up from pottery
barn. And then of course Ikea has their Ektorp
sofa and a lot of times you can just get straight up lucky and find an actual pottery barn item
on like the marketplace or craigslist or someplace like that. So just look around, see what you can find. And this brings me to my last point. Point number seven. Sometimes original is the best. So yes, even I actually buy pottery barn items
and here’s a couple of ways you can save money. You want to watch for things to go on sale… checks their clearance section. Today I went on my field trip to pottery barn and
they had a floor sample sale. They were all in really good condition and
you could find a lot of really good deals that would be like buying something at a discount
furniture store, but you could get the actual original. They offer a lot of coupons online
and they’re always constantly running sales, so sometimes just fork over the dough. I’m a little partial to their Luciana medallion
duvet cover. I’ve had it in my Maine home. I purchased it in a different color for my
home here. I’m not going to show you that today because
that’s going to be coming up in future episodes very soon. I’m going to be working on my master bedroom,
but yeah, there’s ways to save money. You can score really amazing deals. You just got to keep your eyes open. Sometimes forking over the extra dough is
worth it because it’s going to last you longer. It’s going to be quality. It’s something that you really love, so why
not treat yourself and then just try to find coupons, try to find sales. Save money that way and treat
yourself to an actual genuine, authentic pottery barn… that you just love. I’ve purchased it in the past and I’ll continue
to purchase it in the future. I’ll probably never buy like a floral arrangement
or anything like that from there just because I know that I can make something almost identical
for so much less. So you kind of just have to pick and choose
and decide what pieces you’re willing to spend money on, what pieces you think that you can
get a similar look for less. And when you’re all done, what’s most important
is that your home speaks to you. You have to live in it, it’s your home. All right, so that’s it for these tips this
time. But you’re gonna want to stay tuned because
I’ve got a whole bunch of projects coming up and a lot of them will continue to be knockoffs
of Pottery Barn… imitation they say is the best form of flattery. Right? And so we’ll continue to do great. Knock offs. All right. Now as promised, the printable for this, I’m
going to provide the link below in the description box. It just goes kind of over the ideas that we
talked about. Um, if you have any questions or you want
me to make a specific tutorial on a pottery barn item or another topic, let me know in
the comment section below. Always looking for great ideas for videos
for you. Thank you so much for watching. Here’s a video that I think you’ll like and
one that youtube suggest to make sure you check those out and hopefully I’ll see you
again next week. So see you soon.

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  1. I like to joke that I have Pottery Barn taste on a Walmart budget! I agree with your tip about buying some things that have the Pottery Barn "vibe," but splurge when you can. I have a 12 piece place setting of their "Emma" dishes, the serving pieces, some of their aged silver pieces (for my hutch) as well as some frames. I justified those purchases by being frugal in other areas of my home AND I know that the items I've chosen are timeless and will last for years. I love your videos—I could listen to you all day!

  2. Great tips – I would like to see the gallery wall – I live in a house in the north Georgia mountains and it has a wood ceiling and wood window/door facings etc. Not quiet 'cabiny' but close. We like more casual since we've retired ( was traditional before).

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